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The Black Keys Tell Me Lies
The Honeydrippers Impeach The President
De La Soul Buddy (Feat. A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, Queen Latifah, Monie Love)
Cypress Hill Insane In The Brain
Coldplay We Never Change
Pavement We Dance
Dead Trees Punch For Punch
Little Joy Brand New Start
Rocket Freudental Witz Komm Raus!
Ton Steine Scherben Mole Hill Rockers
Chuckamuck Der Laden An Der Ecke
Der Nino Aus Wien Es Lebe Der Schlaf
Devo Hubert House
The Brentwoods Everybody Buri Buri
Cesar Concepcion El Club De Las Cuarto Patas
Kale w/Orchestre OK Jazz Tika Nedeka No Te
Los Locos Del Ritmo Que Voy A Hacer
The Reekers Don't Call Me Flyface
Duke Ellington Virgin Jungle
Tyler, The Creator New Magic Wand
Thom Yorke Impossible Knots
Tobacco Stretch Your Face
M.I.A. Paper Planes
Kate Tempest Theme From Becky
Freundeskreis FK10
The Grouch Every Day Is Saturday
Lord Finesse Here I Come (Remix)
Mankind Vom M Zu Dem A
Tommy Guerrero Terra Unfirma
Major Lazor Get Free (Feat. Amber Of Dirty Projectors)
Beastie Boys Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win (Feat. Santigold)

Playlist 03.07.19 - 18-20 Uhr - EO


03. Juli 2019 | 18:00

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