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VU 919

Artist Titel
Die Goldenen Zitronen Mexico e. EZLIN
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion High Gear
Holly Golightly I Can’t Be Trusted
Shellac Il Pornostar
The Assterioidiots Dirty Rock
Beck Soul Suckin’ Jerk
White Denim Radio Milk (How Can You Stand It)
Bauhaus Dark Entries
The Oblivians The Leather
Dead Moon Black September
Countdowns Got Ot Goin’ On
Dead Moon 54/40 Or Fight
The Gories Hey, Hey We’re The Gories
Lobsterbomb Dragonfly
Mucus 2 Can’t Do Nothing For Ya
Country Teasers Been Too Long
The Nation Of Ulysses Gimme Disaster
Dead Combo You Don’t Look So Good
Russell Simins Feel The Emotion
Bobby Conn & The Glass Gypsies We’re Taking Over The World
Pink Grease Peaches
Suicide Ghost Rider
The Jesus And Mary Chain Hit
The Kills Cheap And Cheerful
PJ Harvey Meet Ze Monsta
Misfits Static Age
Sonic Youth The Empty Page
Pornophon Kaputt
Can Deadlock
Golden Vitamin G
Royal Trux Deafer Than Blind
Mr. Bungle Sweet Charity
Lupo Borax Modsoup
Supergrass Lenny

Playlist v. 26.04.23 - 18-20 Uhr - mit DDD


26. Apr. 2023 | 18:00

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