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Purling Hiss Yer All In My Dreams
Holiday Ghosts Again And Again
Frankie Cosmos Wayne
Boz & The Boz Men Drag Strip
Alan Vega Video Babe
Dave Okumu The Cost
The Avalanches Wherever You Go
TV Party Mary
Bare Wires Family Heat
The Strokes I Can’t Win
Ulrika Spacek Everything, All the Time
Gang Of Four Contract
Arthur Smith Just Joshin’
Ween Japanese Cowboy
Cola Water Table
Ghost Woman Comes On
Xylouris White Chicken Song
Angel Olson Eyes Without A Face
The Flaming Lips Silver Trembling Hands
The Smile The Smoke
Kurt Vile Like Exploding Stones
The Fall I’m Going To Spain
101ers Silent Telephone
Bobby Vinton Blue Velvet
Pat Boone Moon River
Isolation Berlin Lisa
Ja, Panik On Livestream
Ugly Hurons Stay Ugly
Misfits Hate Breeders
System Of A Down Chop Suey!
Helmet Biscuits For Smut
The Notwist Is It Fear?

Playlist v. 17.05.23 - 18-20 Uhr - mit EO


17. Mai 2023 | 18:00

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