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Artist Titel
Snakefinger The Spot
David Gray We’re Not Right
Peeping Tom We’re Not Alone (Feat. Dub Trio)
Om Version
Mr. Oizo Monophonic Shit
Jon Spencer Bues Explosion Confused (Sansano)
Doo Rag Bam
Thurston Moore Cantaloupe
UNKLE Powder Man (Feat. Chris Goss & Twiggy)
Rollins Band Liar
At The Drive-In Rascuache
Trans Am Firepoker
The Jesus Lizard Mouth Breather
The Curse Of Sahara Altar Of Sacrifice
Bobby Conn (I’m Through With) My Ego
Le Tigre Let’s Run
Mucus 2 Je N’suis Pas Désolée
Les Robespierres Maldicao
Ghostpoet I Grow Tired Bute Dare Not To Fall Asleep
Evil Superstars 1.000.000 Demons Can’t Be Wrong
Negativland Deliberate Sabotage (Live)
Blood Safari Everything I Touch Turns To Shit
Spiritualized Electricity
The Clash Hitsville U.K.
Sex Pistols Satellite
Primal Scream Autobahn 66
Bauhaus Bela Lugosi’s Dead
Pink Grease New Breed
Graham Coxon Who The Fuck?

Playlist v. 29.11.23 - 18-20 Uhr - mit DM


29. Nov. 2023 | 18:00

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