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Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 107

Welle Wahnsinn 107
Artist Titel
Jamala 1944
Rubber Oh Nothing
AUA Post Human Blossom
Wallice Little League
Paula Jivén Say That (Radio Edit)
MCHg feat. Schneebrunza & mehrYEAH Göb Im Schnee
Roy Bianco & Die Abbrunzati Boys Bella Napoli
Loop Fermion
Jaws The Shark Still Young
The Crystal Method, Hyper & Iggy Pop Post Punk
She Drew The Gun Panopticon
Perennial Food For The Hornets
Chilli Jesson St. Vitamin
James Leonard Hewitson Stable
Werwe Speed Of Light
The Dubrovniks You're Gonna Get What's Comin'
Andy Shauf Satan
Bandicoot Mynedfeydd
Phantom Limb Dumbo Returns
Lucy Dacus Kissing Lessons
Charlotte Rose Benjamin Satisfied
Police Car Collective Mike
River Alone Again
Just Mustard Still
Puppy Shame
The Mary Veils Eyes
Shannon & The Clams Year Of The Spider
The Snuts Burn The Empire
Cold Comfort Suck My Blood (Please Don't)
Nico Play Discoteca
Diogo Strausz Flight Of Sagittarius
Personal Trainer Key Of Ego

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12. März 2022 | 13:00

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