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Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 68

Welle Wahnsinn 68
Artist Titel
Sad Penny Pissing
Manuel Normal Imma Mehr Wolle
Stahlschrank Egal Ist Sehr Gut
Pantayo V V V (They Lie)
Tourist x The Range Last
Spunsugar Happier Happyless
The Luka State Real Thing
Run The Jewels Never Look Back
Asuquomo Feel at Home
Enchanters High Heel Roller Skates
Personality Cult Telephone
Slut Easy To Love
Bush Bullet Holes
Folly Group Fewer Closer Friends
Ten Ven Talk To Me
Swanmeat Teenage Idol
The Regrettes Red Light
Steven Wilson Personal Shopper
The Pack A.D. Give Up
Underground Lovers 'The Passer-by'
Skuldpadda Wild Card
Kae Tempest Unholy Elixir
Pippa feat. Neuschnee Tagada
Blutjung & Herzig Marie
Chaney Little Bit More
Doves Carousels
The Big Moon Your Light sure to wear flowers in your hair...


29. Aug. 2020 | 13:00

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