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Verzerrte Gitarren aller Art, ob Strom oder Akustik, spielt keine Rolle, Hauptsache es quitsch und schäppert richtig. Moderation: Mike, the one and only, verwöhnt Euch Genre: Postrock, Psychedelic, Spacerock bis Indie-Alternative-Rock


Musikalische Sommerloch

Interpret :: Titel
The Raveonettes :: Do You Believe Her
Arab Strab :: Revolution
The Evil Superstars :: Satan Is In Yoru Ass
Hockeynight :: Sunset Eyes
The New Bomb Turks :: Hammerless Nail
Surrogat :: Love Baby
Die Goldenen Zitronen :: 0:30, gleiches Ambiente
Dead Meadow :: Everything´s Going On
35007 :: Powertruth
Motorpsycho :: Psychonaut
Arcade Fire :: The Month Of May
The Faces :: Around The Plynth
Swell :: Trouble Loves You
Neil Young :: Sample And Hold
Coud Control :: Death Cloud
Soft Machine :: Out-Bloody-Ragous
Merury Rev :: Black Forest (Lorelei)
Chavez :: Peeled Out Too Late
Alice In Chains :: Them Bones
Sundial :: Star Baby
Soundgarden :: Rusty Cage
Mogwai :: Hunted By A Freak
At The Drive-In :: One Armed Scissor
The Verve :: No Knock On My Door

Rückkopplung und sonst nichts!!

Interpret :: Song
Bardo Pond :: Flux
Primal Scream :: Shoot Speed/Kill Light
Elbow :: Neat Little Rows
Ricochets :: When The Shit Hits The Fans
On Trail :: Every Nwe Direction
Cloud Control :: Meditation Song # 2
Hockeynight :: Renegades
Tame Impala :: Desire Be Desire Go
Weird War :: Destination Dogfood
Lowrider :: Riding Shotgun
7Zuma7 :: Over&Over&Over
Motorpsycho :: Überwagner Or A Billion Bubbles In My Mind
Aereogramme :: Indiscretion # 243
The Verve :: A Nothern Soul
Low :: Nothing But Heart
Arcade Fire :: Half Light II (No Celebration)
Rufus Wainwright :: Do I Disappoint You
Chavez :: You Must Be Stopped
The Raveonettes :: Attack Of The Ghost Riders
35007 :: Undo + Big Bore
The Warlocks :: Bleed With You Baby

Jochen´s (Awaken) letzter Wille,...spiel die letzte Rille!

Interpret :: Titel
At The Drive In :: Catacombs
Blur :: Essex Dogs
Chavez :: Relaxed Fit
Dead Meadow :: I´m Gone
Eagles Of Death Metal :: Miss Alissa
Future Of The Left :: Lapsed Catholics
Guided By Voices :: Alright
Hellacopters :: Psyched Out & Furious
Interpol :: Leif Erikson
Jawbox :: Absenter / Cornflake Girl (Coversong)
Kyuss :: Spiders And Vinegaroons
Lowrider :: Ode To Io
My Bloody Valentine :: Soon
New Bomb Turks :: Wrest Your Hands
On Trial :: Going North
Pussy Galore :: Hell Spawn
Quicksand :: Transparent
Rivals Schools :: Sweet
Spiritualized :: Feel Like Goin´ Home
Tool :: Faaip De Oida
Unsane :: Swim
Vito :: Calm Down
(Weird War :: Put It In Your Pocket)
Yo La Tengo :: Take Care
Zwan :: Come With Me

Southside Festival 1999 - 2011

Wie die Zeit vergeht...vom Beginn im Jahre 99 bis heute 2011, das berühmt-berüchtigte Southside Festival, hier die Playlist der Rückkopplung vom 14.06.11
Interpret :: Titel
Mogwai :: Rats Of The Capital
Sigur Ros :: Glösöli
Portishead :: The Rip
Cloud Control :: Meditation Song #2
The Subways :: Rock & Roll Queen
Boysetsfire :: Last Years Nest
Converge :: Blind
Sick Of It All :: What´s Goin´On
Two Door Cinema Club :: Undercover Martyn
Kasabian :: L.S.F. Lost Souls Forever
Elbow :: The Birds
The Wombats :: Tokyo
I Am Kloot :: Monkeys
Glasvegas :: Geraldine
The Kills :: Love Is A Deserter
Eels :: Souljack Part 1
Jimmy Eat World :: Lucky Denver Mint
Jimmy Eat World :: Big Casino
Lykke Li :: Get Some
Arcade Fire :: Wake Up
Arcade Fire :: Emty Room
Foo Fighters :: My Hero
The Chemical Brothers :: Block Rockin´ Beats
Beatsteaks VS. Turbostaat :: Frieda und die Bomben
Queens Of The Stone Age :: Mexicola
Beastie Boys :: No Sleep Till ... SOUTHSIDE!!

Die ersten Flugversuche der Rückkopplung, danke Albrecht Berblinger

Artist Titel
Band Titel
Foo Fighters Learn To Fly
Slo Burn Pilot
Air Kelly Watch The Stars
Spiritualized Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Flaoting in Space
Black Lipstick Grandma Airplane
Artist Titel
Band Titel
Foo Fighters Learn To Fly
Slo Burn Pilot
Air Kelly Watch The Stars
Spiritualized Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Flaoting in Space
Black Lipstick Grandma Airplane
Elbow Bitten By The Tailfly
Pavement Heaven is A Truck
Grandaddy So You`ll Aim Toward The Sky
Euro Boys Gallery Oslo (A Long Day´s Flight `Till Tomorrow)
Yo La Tengo Tiny Birds
Grinderman Honey Bee (Let´s Fly To Mars)
Space Magic Fly
Joy Division Atmosphere
The Jesus And Mary Chain Yout Trip Me Up
The Flaming Lips Pilot Can At The Queer Of God
Fu Manchu Superbird
The Dandy Warhols Ride
The Besnard Lakes Albatross
Guided By Vioces Everywhere With Helicopter
Dinosaur Jr. Start Choppin
Howe Gelb Satellite
The Tears Apollo 13
Elbow Flying Dream 143
Yo La Tengo Green Arrow
The Dandy Warhols Pete International Airport

The Rückkopplung

Inspirit von dem Film "The Spirit of Noise" heute in der Rückkopplung nur Bands und Songs mit "The"

Playlist Dienstag 17.05.2011
Interpret :: Song
The (International) Noise Conspiracy :: Capitalism Stole My Virginity
The Warlocks :: Come Save Us
The Work :: Speak Your Mind
The Raveonettes :: Attack Of The Ghost Riders
The Hives :: Tick Tick Boom
The Presidents Of The United States Of America :: Lump
The Baptist Generals :: Goat Driver
The Velvet Underground :: Pale Blue Eyes
The Breeders :: No Aloha
The Smashing Pumpkins :: Bodies
The Music :: Getaway
The Verve :: No Knock on My Door
The Tears :: Autograph
The Dandy Warhols :: The Dandy Warhols´T.V. Theme Song
The Jesus & Mary Chain :: The Living Dead
The Flaming Lips :: The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
Song :: Interpret 2te Stunde der "The" Rückkopplung
The Bones Of You :: Elbow
The Suburbs :: Arcade Fire
The Distance :: Cake
The Toll :: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
The Nuisance :: Barkmarket
The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies :: Faith No More
The Hawk Kills The Punk :: No Means No
The Lord Hates A Coward :: Future Of The Left
The Key :: Senser
The Best Of Jill Hives :: Guided By Voices
The Crystal Lake :: Grandaddy
The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret :: Queens Of The Stone Age
The Reaper :: Beaver

Kopf oder Zahl

Die Glücksfee Jochen (Awaken) hat durch Münzwurf entschieden, die 1. Stunde der Rückkopplung ist "Zahl" ab 23 Uhr dann nur Titel und Bands mit "Kopf"

Playlist Stunde 1 "Zahl"
Interpret :: Titel
Aereogramme :: Indiscretion # 243
P.J. Harvey :: 50ft Queenie
Chavez :: Flight `96
18th dye :: Play W/You
Euro Boys :: 99
Jud :: Act 2
D4 :: Rocknroll Motherfucker
Ministry :: Psalm 69
Tool :: Fourty six & 2
The Besnard Lakes :: Life Rarely Begins With Tungsten Film #1
Vibravoid :: (She´s Just) 13
100 Watt Smile :: Number 7
Hammerbox :: When 3 is 2
35007 :: Zero 21

Playlist Stunde 2 "Kopf"
Interpret :: Titel
Monstermagnet :: Negasonic Teenage Warhead
The Verve :: Brainstorm Interlude
Madrugada :: A Deadend Mind
Mark Lanegan Band :: Head
Nine Inch Nails :: Head Like A Hole
Helmet :: Ironhead
Foo Fighters :: Headwires
Gobblehoof ::Headbanger
Hammerhead :: American Rampage
Eagles Of Death Metal :: Keep Yoru Head Up
The Flaming Lips :: Brainville
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club :: Head Up High
Rage Against The Machine :: Bullet In Your Head
Peter Licht :: Kopf Zwischen Sterne

Tja, dass kommt dabei raus wenn man vor eine Sendung eine Münze wirft.


Interpret :: Song
Spiritualized :: Medication
The Stone Roses :: Breaking Into Heaven
Future Of The Left :: The Lord Hates A Coward
Dead Meadow :: Ain´t Got Nothing (To Go Wrong)
Ricochets :: Depressive Side Of Town
Tame Impala :: Runway, Houses, City, Coluds
Black Lipsticks :: Grandma Airplane
Built To Spill :: Untrustable / Part 2
The Breeders :: Saints
Nebula :: Instant Gravitation
Queens Of The Stone Age :: Someone´s In The Wolf
Unida :: Wet Pussycat
Madrugada :: Belladonna
Dozer :: Calamari Sidetrip
Mark Lanegan Band :: Methamphetamine Blues
Jawbox :: Savory
Shudder To Think :: X-French T-Shirt
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead :: It Was There That I Saw You
Arcade Fire :: Month Of May
Faith No More :: Naked In Front Of The Computer
Soulwax :: Any Minute Now

Musik, Gitarren, Verstärker, Feedback,...

Interpret :: Song

Primal Scream :: Shootspeed / Kill Light
The Cooper Temple Clause :: A.I.M.
Super Fury Animals :: Run! Christian Run!
Oasis :: Can You See It Now?
Elbow :: Neat Little Rows
Kasabian :: Stuntman
Foals :: Titan Arum
Happy Mondays :: Playground Superstar
Fujiya & Miyagi :: Elektro Karaoke
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead :: Will You Smile Again For Me
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead :: Monsoon
Rival Schools :: Good Things
Rival Schools :: Used For Glue
Rival Schools :: World Invitational
Hockeynight :: Tubin´
Pavement :: And Then (The Hexx)
Chavez :: Relaxed Fit
Unsane :: Body Bomb
Fireside :: Let Rasputin Do It
Arcade Fire :: Month Of May
Tame Impala :: It Is Not Ment To Be
Wolfmother :: Sundail
Tame Impala :: The Bold Arrow Of Time

3er Pack

Band :: Titel
The Jesus & Mary Chain :: Inside Me
The Jesus & Mary Chain :: Blues From A Gun
The Jesus & Mary Chain :: Sugar Ray
Dead Meadow :: The Whirlings
Dead Meadow :: Get Up On Down
Dead Meadow :: Good Moanin'
Tame Impala :: Desire Be Desire Go
Tame Impala :: Jeremy's Storm
Tame Impala :: Alter Ego
The Besnard Lakes :: And This is What We Call Progress
The Besnard Lakes :: Disaster
The Besnard Lakes :: Life Rearly Begins With Tungsten Film #1
Motorpsycho :: Überwagner Or A Billion Bubble In My Mind
Motorpsycho :: Radiance Freq.
Motorpsycho :: Cluster's Last Stand
Fu Manchu :: Evil Eyes
Fu Manchu :: Godzilla (Live)
Fu Manchu :: Hell On Wheels
Nebula :: To The Center
Nebula :: Aphrodite
Nebula :: Let it Burn
Earles & Jensen :: Just Faff A Laugh: The Yoghurt Machine


Rückkopplung abonnieren


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