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Verzerrte Gitarren aller Art, ob Strom oder Akustik, spielt keine Rolle, Hauptsache es quitsch und schäppert richtig. Moderation: Mike, the one and only, verwöhnt Euch Genre: Postrock, Psychedelic, Spacerock bis Indie-Alternative-Rock


Tierische Songs

Guided By Voices :: Bulldog Skin
The Bird And The Bee :: The Bird And The Bee
Mogwai :: I Chose Horse
Brant Bjork And The Bros :: Lion Wings
Yo La Tengo :: How Some Jellyfish Are Born
Super Furry Animals :: Golden Retriever
The Besnard Lakes :: Albatross
Fleetwood Mac :: Albatross
Pavement :: False Skorpion
Catfish Train :: The Panther
Temple Of The Dog :: Call Me A Dog
Wolfmother :: White Unicorn
Foo Fighters + Jack Brown:: War Pigs (live)
Cows :: Camouflage Monkey
Fu Manchu :: Godzilla + Mongoose + The Falcon Has Landed
16 Horsepower :: Coal Black Horse
Weird War :: Destination Dogfood
Eagles Of Death Metal :: Poor Doggie
Sonic Youth :: I Wanna Be Your Dog (Live)
Yo La Tengo :: Tired Hippo
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks :: (Do Not Feed The) Oyster + Animal Midnight

Citizen Animal - Band

Eagles Of Death Metal :: Poor Doggie
Doves :: N.Y.
Beaver :: Dolphinity
Gorilla Biscuits :: New Direction
Super Furry Animals :: Valet Parking
Gwyllym & The Raspberry Flavoured Cat :: Gloria
Guitar Wolf :: Kawasaki Z11 750 Rock´n´Roll
Jellyfish Kiss :: A.C.801A
Fishbone :: Swim
Dear Wolf :: Fly
Wolfmother :: Where The Eagles Have Been
Cat Power :: Nude As The News
Catfish Train :: Golden Dawn
Camel :: Lunar Sea
Black Cat Music :: Hearts Of Chrome
Rhinoceros :: Apricot Brandy
16 Horsepower :: South Pennsylvania Waltz
The Cows :: Chasin´ Darla
Hookworms :: Opener
The Bird And The Bee :: My Fair Lady
Bee And Flower :: Homeland
Dinosaur Jr :: Get Me

YLT - There´s A Riot Going On

Yo La Tengo :: False Alarm
Yo La Tengo :: For You Too
Yo La Tengo :: Friday I´m In Love
The Velvet Underground :: All Tomorrow´s Party
Yo La Tengo :: Ohm
Yo La Tengo :: Pass The Hatchet, I Think I´m Goodkind
YLT Is Murdering The Classics :: Baby´s On Fire + Raw Power
Yo La Tengo :: Above The Sound
Yo La Tengo :: Little Eyes + Styles Of The Time
Yo La Tengo :: The River Of Water + Big Day Coming (Demo)
Yo La Tengo :: Acera Or The Witches´ Dance
Jad Fair & YLT :: Texas Man Abducted By Aliens For Outer Space Joy Ride
Yo La Tengo :: Our Way To Fall
Yo La Tengo :: Deeper Into Movies
Condo Fucks :: This Is Where I Belong
Yo La Tengo :: Tom Courtenay + I Heard You Looking


Surrogat :: Meine Generation
HAL 9000 :: Smoke My Magic DS
Vibravoid :: Eruptions Of The Green Sun
Udo Lindenberg :: Germans
Bernadette La Hengst :: Widersprüche
Die Goldenen Zitronen :: Fin de Millinaire
Kettcar :: Im Club
Tocotronic :: Die Welt kann mich nicht mehr verstehen
Die Sterne :: Ein ganz normaler Tag
Blumfeld :: Verstärker
Variant 411 :: Cleaning The Atmosphere
Veranda Music :: My Love Get Up
Das Weeth Experience :: HBS 38
End Of Green :: Noise Breath
Asstereoidiots :: Bullshit Radio
Union Youth :: Everything too Short
Desmond Q Hirnch :: Arrangement Incompl.
Red Aim :: Phoenicopterus
The Royal Servants :: Work Part II
Guru Guru :: Pow Wow
The Notwist :: Johnny & Mary + Kong

...very british...

Interpret :: Song
The Cooper Temple Clause :: A.I.M.
Sterephonics :: Dakota
Spacemen 3 :: Starship (Live)
Seachange :: Forty Nights + Do It All Again
Joy Division :: She´s Lost Control
PJ Harvey :: Rub`Til It Bleeds
Future Of The Left :: Lapsed Catholics
Aereogramme :: Indiscretion # 243
Hookworms :: Towards
The Stone Roses :: I Am The Tesurrection
Primal Scream :: Rocks
Super Furry Animals :: Valet Parking
Gallon Drunk :: Two Clear Eyes
Ultrasound :: Same Band
The Charlatans :: The Only One I Know
The Voices :: ...You Broke A Heart I Gave To You
The Cult Of Dom Keller :: Broken Arm Of God
Lupine Howl :: 125
Biffy Clyro :: Semi-Mental 4/15ths
McLusky :: Alan Is A Cowboy Killer
Franz Ferdinand :: Take Me Out
Elbow :: I´ve Got Your Number

14 Grad unter Null

Interpret :: Song
Rocket From The Tombs :: So Cold
Arizona Amp And Alternator :: Where The Wind Turns The Skin To Leather
Guided By Voices :: Frostman
Nada Surf :: Icebox
The Dandy Warhols :: Colder Than The Coldest Winter Was Cold
Thurston Moore :: Frozen GTR
Dover :: Cold
Cinderella :: Long Cold Winter (Live)
Jet :: Cold Hard Bitch
Ian Brown :: Ice Cold Cube
The Verve :: A Northen Soul
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club :: Cold Wind
Black Mountain :: Heart Of Snow
Pixies :: Winterlong
Moon Duo :: Crystal World
Friends Of Dean Martinez :: The Winter Palace
Quicksand :: Freezing Process
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks :: Cold Son + Real Emotional Trash
Granfaloon Bus :: Cold Morning
Yo La Tengo :: Winter A-Go-Go


Song :: Interpret :: Original
Widersprüche :: Bernadette La Hengst :: Die Goldenen Zitronen
Speeding Motorcycle :: Yo La Tengo :: Johnston
Range Life :: Future Pilot aka VS Colditz :: Pavement
Roxanne :: Bauchklang :: The Police
Black Hole Sun :: Paul Anka :: Soundgarden
Pale Blue Eyes :: Sodadtream :: The Velvet Underground
Superfly :: Synthesonic Sound :: Curtis Mayfield
Sharp Dressed Man :: Beardhead :: ZZ Top
King Of The Road :: Giant Sand :: Miller
Warpigs :: Calke :: Black Sabbath
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath :: Anthrax :: Black Sabbath
Whole Lotta Rosie (Live) :: Guns N` Roses :: AC/DC
Walk This Way :: Run DMC :: Aerosmith
Stuck In The Metal :: Eagles Of Death Metal :: Stealers Wheel
Here Comes The Sun :: Voodoo Glow Skulls :: The Beatles
Last Night :: The Ditroit Cobras :: Last Night :: The Strokes
Pirate Love :: D4 :: Johnny Thunders
Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walkd :: At The Drive In :: Pink Floyd
Call The Doctor :: Bardo Pond :: Spacemen 3
Planet Caravan :: Pantera :: Black Sabbath
I Am One :: +44- :: The Smashing Pumpkins
Fuck The People/Revolution :: Cut In The Hill Gann :: Kills/Spacemen 3
Raw Power :: Yo LA Tengo :: Iggy Pop & The Stooges
Für immer Punk :: Rainald Grebe :: Die Goldenen Zitronen
Alles war Holz :: Klaus Beyer :: The Beatles
Thriller :: Aereogramme :: R.Temperton (Michael Jackson)
Here :: Lunchbox :: Pavement


Song :: Interpret :: Original
Home :: Bardo Pond :: Pavement
Save A Prayer :: Eagles Of Death Metal :: Duran Duran
Rocket :: The Bravery :: Smashing Pumpkins
Things´ ll Never Be The Same :: Bowery Electric :: Spacemen 3
Yoo Doo Right :: Bassman :: Can
Let´s Get Funky/Black To Comm :: Cut In The Hill Gang :: Hound Dog Taylor/MC5
I´m A Man Of Constant Sorrow :: Soggy Bottom Boys Feat. Dan Tyminski :: Traditional
No One Knows :: Inara George :: Queens Of The Stone Age
Lions After Slumber :: The Veils :: Scritti Politti
Ghost Town :: Hot 8 Brass Band :: The Specials
Never Never Gonna Give You Up :: Cake :: Barry White
Hands Up! :: Walking Concert :: Jeffery E. Johnson
Lovecats :: Paul Anka :: The Cure
Blue Marble Girl :: Giant Sand :: Howie Gelb
Hurt :: Johnny Cash :: Nine Inch Nails
We´re Underused :: Quickspace :: Pavement
Shadowplay :: The Killers :: Joy Division
Money :: The Pinapple Thief :: Pink Floyd
Jazz Is The Teacher, Funk Is The Preacher :: Oneida :: James Blood Ulmer
Invvader Ace :: D4 :: Guitar Wolf
Summer Babe :: Julie´s Haircut :: Pavement
Pale Day :: Midwest :: Motorpsycho
Fuzzy :: My Own Ghost :: Grant Lee
Pale Blue Eyes :: Sodastream :: The Velvet Underground
Dog Meat :: Condofucks :: Cyril Jordan/Chris Wilson
Here :: Thindersticks :: Pavement


TransAm :: Orlando
Euro Boys :: Down The Road Of Golden Dust
Cozy Powell :: Dance With The Devil
35007 :: 20 09
Beaver :: Dolphinity
The Voices :: As Long As I Die Before You. I´ll Survive
Yo La Tengo :: The Love Life Of The Octopus
Mogwai :: Mogwai Fear Satan
Lupine Howl :: Mexican Cantina
Das Weeth Experience :: Tusk
Friends Of Dean MArtinez :: Nile Blues
Beastie Boys :: In 3´s + Eugene´s Lament
Psychic Ills :: Western Metaphor
Dan Deacon :: Guilford Avenue Bridge
Grandaddy :: Under The Western Freeway
Kyuss :: Jumbo Blimp Jumbo
Moon Duo :: Mirror´s Edge
Primal Scream :: Shoot Speed/Kill Light

New / Neu

Breeders :: New Year
Pretty Girls Make Graves :: The New Romance
Jud :: Nothing New
Mogwai :: New Paths To Helicon Part 1
Jimmy Eat World :: Your New Asthetic
Interpol :: The New
Moon Duo :: New Dawn
Les Thugs :: New Day
Jason Lytle :: Brand New Sun
The Verve :: A New Decade
The Tears :: Brave New Century
Chavez :: New Room
Joy Division :: New Dawn Fades
Velvett Fogg :: New York Mining Disaster 1941
Living Colour :: New Jack Theme
The Strokes :: New York City Cops
The Dandy Warhols :: Love Is The New Feel Awful
Gasgiant :: New Day Rising
Ministry :: New World Order
Beastie Boys :: The New Style
Mclusky :: Hymn For New Cars
Air :: New Star In The Sky
Peter Licht :: Neue Idee
Neu! :: Negativland


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