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Neu, frisch, verrucht. Und dann auch noch Musik...


Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 118

Welle Wahnsinn 118
Artist Titel
Guerilla Toss feat. Neu! Zum Herz
Wild Pink ILYSM
Another Magic Don't Hold Back
The Steens Heaven
Kid Kapichi Rob The Supermarket
Romano Schrei Der Wildnis
Oliver Gottwald & Anajo U
Ben Harper Need To Know Basis
Junior Simba Hair Like You
Tropical Fuck Storm Ann
of Montreal Nightsift
Bush More Than Machines
Daisy Brain Small Matters
Interface Plastic Age
Anish Kumar Steamroller
Dylan John Thomas If I Didn't Laugh
Laura Veirs Seaside Haiku
Whitmer Thomas Rigamarole
Night Moves As Innocent Looking As Candy
Raison Still No Future
Das Kinn Menschen 1987
Hooveriii See
Fazerdaze Come Apart
Unloved feat. Raven Violet Turn Of The Screw
Spacemoth Round In Loops
Djo Gloom
flyckt Jonny Boy
Bad Noons Bruisers 222
The Paranoyds Single Origin Experience
Crack Cloud Tough Baby

Psychotrip mit einem kleinen Pony...

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 117

Welle Wahnsinn 117
Artist Titel
Fontaines D.C. In Ár gCroíthe Go Deo
Marlon Williams River Rival
Renforshort feat. Travis Barker We’ll Make This Ok
Royel Otis Oysters In My Pocket
Fake Palms Visions
The Düsseldorf Düsterboys Ab Und Zu
1000 Robota Gift
Danger Mouse & Black Thought feat. Michael Kiwanuka Aquamarine
Wu-Lu Scrambled Tricks
Dina Summer feat. Kalipo & Local Suicide Revenge
Oscar And The Wolf Dancing Machine
Robyn Hitchcock The Shuffle Man
Rianne Downey Devil's Gonna Get You
Hans. Be Grateful
Snow Strippers Genocide
Anthrax Got The Time
Crows Closer Still
Miszczyk feat. Bile Sister The Ecstatic Dance
Emily Stranger Devil In Me
Perfectparachutepicture Silhouette
Karies Wehe Mir, Wehe Dir
Special Interest Follow Me
TVAM Double Lucifer
Oliver Sim GMT
Gilla Band Eight Fivers
Dungen Nattens Sista Strimma Ljus
Level Head Comet
Panda Bear & Sonic Boom Go On
Myd Domino
The Black Angels Firefly
Morrell I Don't Adore You

Lauter kurze Lieder...

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 116

Welle Wahnsinn 116
Artist Titel
Pauls Jets Die Dunklen Prinzessinnen Der Nacht
Humour Yeah, Mud!
The Snuts The Rodeo
Ätna Autobahn
Minimal Schlager Forbidden Fruit
Beach Bums IDGAF
Tim Burgess Typical Music
Costa & Quanta Diskokat
Wet Leg Too Late Now (Soulwax Remix)
Broadcast Forget Every Time
The Mars Volta Graveyard Love
Benjamin Biolay Rends L'Amour!
Oliver Malcolm Baby Don't Go
PeterLicht Die Transsylvanische Verwandte Ist Da (TokTok Remix)
Gallops Boolean Who?
Blondie I Love You Honey, Give Me A Beer (Go Through It)
Chaos Emeralds Losing My Cool
Jane Inc Human Being
Art d'Ecco Until The Sun Comes Up
Metric False Dichotomy
His Lordship All Cranked Up
Mt. Joy Evergreen
Farce Trophy Wife
Spellling Queen Of Wands
Motherhood Tabletop
Máni Orrason Dreama
Moreish Idols Hangar
of Montreal Blab Sabbath Lathe Of Maiden
Novaa Indigo

Hören und Schwören!

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 115

Welle Wahnsinn 115
Artist Titel
Ural Thomas & The Pain Gimme Some Ice Cream
Laura Veirs Eucalyptus
Mollie Coddled Guilt Trip
Brezel Göring Hol Dynamit
The Kings Of Dubrock Verbrechermethoden
TV Priest It Was A Gift
Loose Articles Kick Like A Girl
J.Rocc, LMNO & Key Kool L.A. Anthem
Mr Jukes & Barney Artist 93
Michael Rault Neither Love Nor Money
I Know Leopard Day 2 Day
Sinead O’Brien Like Culture
Maggie Rogers Want Want
Blitz New Age
Panic Shack Mannequin Man
The Range Ricercar
Moonchild Sanelly & Sad Night Dynamite Demon
Yetundey Infinity Pool
Die Kerzen Sonnenallee
Regressive Left The Wrong Side Of History
Claud Go Home!
The Waeve Something Pretty
Ping Pong Go Corvette
Kuinka NY, LA
Iraina Mancini Undo The Blue
Cumgirl8 Dumb Bitch
Baby Strange I Feel So Cold, But It's Warm Outside
The Soft Moon feat. Fish Narc Him
Sheenah Ko Give It All

29 Schoko-Pillen

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 114

Welle Wahnsinn 114
Artist Titel
DC Gore I Like You
Rosa Anschütz Goldener Strom
Snow Strippers Time Warp Angels
AlexSucks Happy
Slang Cockroach In A Ghost Town
Wet Leg Angelica
Carr Bed Head
Built to Spill Understood
Trunky Juno Better Better
JayWood feat. Ami Cheon Just Sayin
Gabriels One And Only
Metric All Comes Crashing
Florence + The Machine Free
Die Raketen Tokyo Tokyo
Kittin & The Hacker Ostbahnhof
The Rills Skint Eastwood
Weird Nightmare Searching For You
Eraan Out Of The Darkness
Mauvey Irrational
Gus Englehorn Tarantula
Body Type A Line
Death Cab For Cutie Roman Candles
Liam Gallagher Better Days
Pillow Queens Be By Your Side
Mxmtoon Coming Of Age
Cola Fulton Park
Everything Everything Cut Up!
Ghum Bitter
Crows Garden Of England
Matthew Torres Could Have Told You That

...gerade 2 Wochen ist es her...

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 113

Welle Wahnsinn 113
Artist Titel
Notelle Sufjan Stevens
Nand Weißer Ferrari
Mischa Ey, Süsse
Internet Friends Rice Crispies
Heisa Chant
CoppiCat Triff Mich Beim Reparieren
Der Mann Bewertungslied
Moltke & Mörike Jeder Hat's Gesehen
Drens Honey
Nordir Inner Child (1987)
Opus Leopard Amore Maximale
Pixies Human Crime
Wire Stepping Off Too Quick
Bradz Blow Down Sun
Frau Öl Auf Grosser Fahrt
Erica Dawn Lyle & Vice Cooler with Kim Gordon Debt Collector
Kynsy New Year
Lampe Immer Muss Ich Alles Alleine Machen
Resi Reiner Richtig Sommer
Pornophon 10.000 Jahre
Schöfisch & Rueß Schlägerei
Yves Jarvis On The Line
The Mellons What A Time To Be Alive
The Garden Freight Yard
Stranded Crossed Lines
Kikagaku Moyo Gomugomu
Jenny Owen Youngs feat. Hrishikesh Hirway + Ty Demo Ghosts
Zeal & Ardor Church Burns
Stone Stupid
Dana Gavanski Indigo Highway
Kae Tempest feat. Kevin Abstract More Pressure

Sehr Radikal Lokal

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 112

Welle Wahnsinn 112
Artist Titel
Robin Hatch feat. Lowell Whitty Inspector
Anarbor Letter In A Suitcase
Acraze Do It To It (Sub Focus Remix)
Odd Couple Bubble
Julie Doiron & Dany Placard Mayo
Ece Era Chero
Alice Glass Prey
Brandon Coleman Blast Off
Tank & The Bangas Oak Tree
Alex Izenberg Sorrows Blue Tapestry
Joe Nolan Cherry Valance
Sinead O’Brien There Are Good Times Coming
Nilüfer Yanya Stabilise
Chumbawamba & Credit To The Nation Enough Is Enough
Sticky Fingers Lupo The Wolf
Half-handed Cloud Handles
Bartees Strange Cosigns
Ty Segall Hello, Hi
Dead Waves Innermost
Get Well Soon One For Your Workout
Fred Latest Jesus
Viagra Boys Ain't No Thief
Priors Newnewnew
Gnome Wenceslas
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Acid Dent
Gus Englehorn Run Rabbit Run
The Sadies Cut Up High And Dry
Oliver Sim Romance With A Memory
Phoebe Green Make It Easy
Spoon The Devil And Mister Jones
Wild Pink Q.Degraw

Die Suche nach der ultimativen Mucke...

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 111

Welle Wahnsinn 111
Artist Titel
tiLLie Flip A Switch
Jockstrap Concrete Over Water
Tess Parks Happy Birthday Forever
Cari Cari Zdarlight 1992
Los Bitchos Pista
Kate Clover Daisy Cutter
Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers Girl Sports
Chris Imler Operation Schönheit
Future Franz Computermann
Ciel Fine Everything
Loose Fit Social Graces
Egoexpress Telefunken (Radio Edit)
A-Trak Spit
Sudan Archives Home Maker
Elle Barbara's Black Space Peach Purée (De Pêches)
Plosivs Broken Eyes
Apollo Junction Two Car Family
Nuha Ruby Ra My Voice
Lemfreck Late
Grace Ives Lullaby
Lauran Hibberd & DJ Lethal Still Running (5K)
Metronomy, Brian Nasty & Folly Group Monday
Velar Prana No Need To Hide
Teenage Sequence The City Is Hungover
Die Tanzfläche The Time (Is Now)
Papercuts I Want My Jacket Back
Midnight Rodeo Now You're Gone
Scalping feat. Grove Remain In Stasis
Ätna I See Love

Die Urlaubs-Edition

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 110

Welle Wahnsinn 110
Artist Titel
Kilo Kish On The Outside (Justin's Song)
Die Arbeit Probleme
Die Wände Müssen Nur Sollen
Peter McPoland Come Around
Joshua Epithet You Genuinely Concern Me
Basement 3 I Have No Mouth
Kristine Leschper Figure And I
Kikagaku Moyo Cardboard Pile
Wet Wilson 3rd Wheeled
Kellarissa Desire Path
Duster New Directions
Bloc Party Sex Magik
Kasabian Alygatyr
Kid Frost Terminator (Vocal Mix)
Kingzlee Trees
Salò Apollonia Sitzt Bei Edeka An Der Kassa
Acht Eimer Hühnerherzen Straße Der Gewalt
Yard Act Pour Another
Walt Disco Macilent
Porridge Radio The Rip
Thyla Kin
French Alps Tiger Lost Boys
Spice Recovery
Hot Chip Down
Spaceface feat. Labrys Long Time
Built To Spill Gonna Lose
Did You Die Weightless
The Snuts Zuckerpunch
Lime Garden Clockwork
Smokey Brights Fancy Ketchup

Reine Zeitverschwendung

war meine neue Sendung!

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 109

Welle Wahnsinn 109
Artist Titel
Laturb Sinnkrise
Thank Dread
Pink Mountaintops Nervous Breakdown
Father John Misty Q4
Saya Gray If There's No Seat In The Sky
Ibibio Sound Machine Protection From Evil
Everything Everything Teletype
Rong Kong Koma Wohnklokönigreich
Knarf Rellöm Arkestra Say It Loud, Du Hast Scheiss Gebaut
Sweeping Promises Pain Without A Touch
Ditz No Thanks, I'm Full
Yves Jarvis Bootstrap Jubilee
Pali Gap Bliss
Blue Manner Haze By Any Means
Dazy & Militarie Gun Pressure Cooker
The Joke Jay Most Of The Tears
David Holmes feat. Raven Violet It's Over, If We Run Out Of Love
Soviets feat. Skyzoo Rasputin Gems
Yukno Kokain
Bodega Statuette On The Console
The Vaccines Disaster Girl
Pond Lights Of Leeming
Life Big Moon Lake
La Neve Soft Power
Flossing Men On The Menu
Gretel Hänlyn Apple Juice
Dante High Deeper Love
Arcade Fire The Lightning I, II (Welle Wahnsinn Edit)
Gruff Rhys Loan Your Loneliness

I am milk...


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