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Neu, frisch, verrucht. Und dann auch noch Musik...


Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 149

Welle Wahnsinn 149
Artist Titel
Iedereen Autofahren
Humane The Moon Dugout
KhakiKid, Chameleon, Carsten2x Who's That Girl
Meija feat. Eels Possum
Teenage Sequence Get Weird!
Sorry3000 Entschuldigung
Diggidaniel Augenblick
The Halves Wooden Horse
Mike Rogers I'll Bring A Fight
Underworld Denver Luna (Edit)
Sipper Sid
Pawn Painters Krautrock
Flamingods Adana
Scotch Mist Goth Girl
Pip Blom I Can Be Your Man
Black Honey Lemonade
Console 14 Zero Zero
R. Missing Heavens Lower
Def Nettle The Pills
The Dwarves Do It All The Time
The Last Dinner Party Nothing Matters
Sweeping Promises Ideal No
Endless Wellness Danke Für Alles
Super Arrogant Aral
The Snuts Deep Diving
Leap Fistful Of Money
Packs HFCS
Kissing Party Graceless
Predeceased Scene Parole
Feeling Figures Dream Death
Bolis Pupul Completely Half
Dude Low Flotter Dans L'Air

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Welle Wahnsinn Spezial 2023

Welle Wahnsinn Spezial 2023
Artist Titel Album
126 Swim School Delirious
125 The C.I.A. Bubble
124 Palehound My Evil
123 Posable Action Figures Pocket Fulla' Money
122 Alison Goldfrapp Love Invention
121 Sleaford Mods West End Girls
120 Anjimile The King
119 Italia 90 Tales From Beyond
118 ††† (Crosses) Last Rites
117 Smile Doohickey
116 Fousheé feat. Lil Uzi Vert Spend The Money
115 Blondshell Salad
114 Ghostwoman Yoko
113 Monograms Carry The Weight
112 Das Format Panorama Restaurant
111 Tränen Mitten Ins Gesicht
110 Chilli Jesson Carolina Reaper
109 Tea Leaves Wicked Good
108 Man On Man Take It From Me
107 Anda Morts Adidas Für Mama
106 Rocketship 7 My Window
105 Gurriers Approachable
104 H31R Glitch In Time
103 Zack Keim Better Days
102 Sipper Try
101 Eddington Again Cake Code
100 Poppy Hard
99 Clark Town Crank
98 Ketamine Kow No Spam Callers
97 Daytime TV Block Out The Noise
96 Witch feat. Sampa the Great Avalanche Of Love
95 Hemlocke Springs Sever The Blight
94 Odonis Odonis feat. Tobacco Beast
93 Terra Lightfoot Cross Border Lovers
92 Sleaford Mods Force 10 From Navarone
91 Skinny Pelembe Like A Heart Won't Beat
90 Rifle Under Two Flags
89 Thxsomch Hate.
88 Daiistar Parallel
87 The Virginmarys Where Are You Now?
86 Babe Corner Bone Dry Dunes
85 The Voidz Prophecy Of The Dragon
84 Def Nettle Boat Race
83 Gemma Rogers New World Order
82 Water From Your Eyes Out There
81 Deeper Airplane Air
80 General Purv Distball Mit Shoy (Raccoon Face)
79 Madge Macrowave
78 The Streets Not A Good Idea
77 Model / Actriz Amaranth
76 Camp Blu I Am Not So Tall
75 Shelf Lives Off The Rails
74 TSHA Running
73 Mandaworld U Can't Stop Me Now
72 Mythos Amerika Doppelschicht
71 Jean Dawson Youth+
70 Jessica Winter Funk This Up
69 Beverly Kills Melatonin
68 TV Erased Violent Strains
67 Bush Tetras Bird On A Wire
66 Lack Of Afro feat. Greg Blackman Loving Arms
65 Ciel Shut In My Body
64 Yeule Dazies
63 Torres Collect
62 Cap'n Marble Asleep On The Run
61 Sipho. Lock It In
60 Yumi And The Weather Start As You Mean To Go On
59 Baba Ali Laugh Like A Bomb
58 Future Utopia feat. Kae Tempest We Were We Still Are
57 Dead Nature Wait For It
56 Bibiza Eine Ode An Wien
55 Tom Auton How'd I Get So Low?
54 Team Scheisse & SFR Schmetterling
53 Sleater-Kinney Hell
52 Lael Neale Must Be Tears
51 Master Peace Brussels
50 John (Timestwo) Service Stationed
49 Unknown Mortal Orchestra Meshuggah
48 Plaid & Mason Bee Nightcrawler
47 Vanderlye Malleable Soul
46 Piss For Pumpkin July
45 Genesis Owusu Stay Blessed
44 Model / Actriz Crossing Guard
43 Hooray For Earth La Que (Sabe)
42 Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Dilemma Us From Evil
41 Temples Afterlife
40 The Jesus And Mary Chain Jamcod
39 Clt Drp Nothing Clever, Just Feelings
38 Thee Oh Sees Intercepted Message
37 Delilah Holliday Liquid Pearl
36 Screensaver Drainer
35 Iedereen Chauvi
34 Ultra Q So Very Emo
33 Petite Noir feat. Sampa The Great Blurry
32 Maria Uzor Ventolin
31 The Kills Wasterpiece
30 Voodoo Jürgens Federkleid
29 Big Special This Here Ain't Water
28 Poppy Knockoff
27 Advertisement Where Is My Baby?
26 Lael Neale I Am The River
25 Sleaford Mods Uk Grim
24 Girl Talk The Band Wish I Won't
23 Sextile New York
22 Temples Gamma Rays
21 Fever Ray Shiver
20 Tränen Duell Der Letzten
19 Benefits Warhorse
18 Clark Dismissive
17 The Chemical Brothers feat. Halo Maud Live Again (Single Edit)
16 Ford. feat. A Beacon School In Motion
15 Current Joys feat. Your Angel Love + Pop
14 Sprints Adore Adore Adore
13 H31R Backwards
12 Donkey Kid Being Square (Say What You Will)
11 Vandal Moon Heroine Dancer
10 Die Neue Zärtlichkeit Ein Replikant Rennt Durch Die Wand
9 Lael Neale Faster Than The Medicine
8 KT Laine Again
7 Brutalismus 3000 Die Liebe Kommt Nicht Aus Berlin
6 Bibiza Stadtpark Insomnia
5 Current Joys Cigarettes
4 Paula Paula Kaputtes Gerät
3 Augn Nokia 3210
2 Kevin Abstract Blanket
1 Felicita feat. Caroline Polachek Spalarkle (Alys)
--- --- ---
127 Lawrence Hart First Light
128 Paula Carolina Kein Bock

Die Jahrescharts 2023 der Welle Wahnsinn-Redaktion

Sondersendung: Welle Wahnsinn Jahrescharts 2023

Bereits 2016 erschien die erste Ausgabe der Jahrescharts alternativer Musik. Seit 2018 sind die Jahrescharts der Welle Wahnsinn unter diesem Namen eine Zusammenfassung der geilsten 120 Titel des vorangegangenen Jahres. Frei von jeglicher Mathematik, Airplay- und Verkaufszahlen richtet sich Auswahl und Platzierung nur nach einem Kriterium: Der Tageslaune von Olli Mayer aka Oliver Ostblock.
Mit einer Sendezeit von 8 Stunden und einem Countdown von über 100 Titeln zählt diese Sondersendung zu den ausführlichsten wiederkehrenden Jahreshitparaden des deutschen Rundfunks.


Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 148

Welle Wahnsinn 148
Artist Titel
Hotel Kempauski Mein E-Roller Ist Wichtiger Als Deutschland
TV Erased Violent Strains
Hit Bargain A Dog A Deer A Seal
The Jesus And Mary Chain Jamcod
J.Y.N. Legacy
Big Special Trees
Modern Woman Achtung
UTO Zombie
Sipper Amends
Jeff Rosenstock Soft Living
Daiistar Parallel
Tired Cossack New Binge
Paul & The Microcosm Dog Eat Dog Eat Man Eat Shark
††† (Crosses) Last Rites
Beau Loverman
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Love Missile F1-11
Terra Lightfoot Cross Border Lovers
Def Nettle Boat Race
Sparkling Hey Hey Hey
Genesis Owusu Survivor
Master Peace Get Naughty!
Maxime. Get It Together!
Fluffy Machine What Can I Do
Ghostwoman Yoko
Thames Astonishment
Catherine Moan Undo Undo
Soft Loft Happy New Year
Human Missile Crisis Liquor Store Stories
The Lines Wah Wah Lightning
Rinse Does The World Even See Me?

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Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 147

Welle Wahnsinn 147
Artist Titel
Sleaford Mods West End Girls
Kevin Abstract Blanket
Sam Akpro Death By Entertainment
Iedereen Chauvi
Snake Eyes Lean
Eddington Again Cake Code (prod. Boys Noize)
H31R Glitch In Time
Leftovers Bellen
Tränen Mitten Ins Gesicht
Ciel Shut In My Body
Hana Piranha Lorelei
Juan Wauters P.O.V.
Blokeacola Famous Doctor Pavillon
Polevaulter Trend
Feeble Little Horse Freak
Biig Piig Watch Me
Tatyana Hold My Hand
Punx Soundcheck feat. Boy George Idiot Crowd
W. H. Lung High Pressure Days
Madge Macrowave
Toronto Is Broken feat. Sebotage Nihilist
Bar Italia Worlds Greatest Emoter
Water Machine Water Machine Pt. II
Torba Repeat
Brigade Apache Blizzard Sur Dunkerke
Cindy Moped & The Lark Fuss In Fresse
Mythos Amerika Doppelschicht
Aloboi Just Want To Feel
Pantayo One More Latch (Give It To Ya)
Televised Mind Masks
The Pleasure Dome Down The Alley
Goat Join The Resistance

Weihnachten mit Welle Wahnsinn!

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 146

Welle Wahnsinn 146
Artist Titel
The Family Battenberg Feed Her (Nganga)
Odonis Odonis feat. Tobacco Beast
USA Nails Feel Worse
Bibiza Casanova
Paula Carolina Kein Bock
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Dilemma Us From Evil
Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Therapy
Camp Blu I Am Not So Tall
Dust False Narrative
Girl Talk The Band Wish I Won't
Bile Sister Real Dreams
Bob Vylan He's A Man
Uche Yara www she hot
Sprints Up And Comer
John Service Stationed
Tommi Stumpff Lobotomie
Lip Critic It's The Magic
The Voidz Prophecy Of The Dragon
Dead Poet Society I Hope You Hate Me
Anda Morts Eigentlich
Labil Meer
Posable Action Figures Pocket Fulla Money
Tanukichan Don't Give Up
Cap'n Marble Asleep On The Run
Heartworms May I Comply
Talk Show Closer
Jock Moving
The Kills Wasterpiece
Sweeping Promises Throw Of The Dice
Alabama 3 (I Can't) Keep Calm And Carry On

Kack auf Kohlendioxid, here comes Kohlenmonoxid. Lieder zum Entschlafen...

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 145

Welle Wahnsinn 145
Artist Titel
AUGN Beyonce
Screensaver Drainer
Poppy Hard
Sipho. Lock It In (No Regrets)
Master Peace feat. Georgia I Might Be Fake
gglum Splat!
Keg Quip Quash
Sextile New York
Underscores with Gabby Start Locals (Girls Like Us)
Viji Karaoke
Fizz High In Brighton
Mooch Fee Fi
Tracker This Is What (We Get To Hear)
Idles Dancer
Baby Queen We Can Be Anything
Autograph Turn Up The Radio
Drift Burden
H31R Backwards
Revival Season Everybody
Health Ashamed (Of Being Born)
Maruja One Hand Behind The Devil
Night Lunch Flames Of Love
Wants Decline
Night Court Haunted House
Rifle Under Two Flags
STRFKR Always / Never
Molécule feat. Jah Thomas Music
Office Dog Gleam
Trophy Knife Company Time
Eugene Dubon Hole
The Joy Formidable Cut Your Face

Boom Boom Welle Wahnsinn!

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 144

Welle Wahnsinn 144
Artist Titel
Fellini Félin Leberwurst
Die Neue Zärtlichkeit Ein Replikant Rennt Durch Die Wand
Humane The Moon I Saw A Dog
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Set
Daniel Callihoo Brand
Current Joys feat. Your Angel Love + Pop
Def.Fo Play It Cool
Jessica Winter & Jonathan Snipes All I Need
Southstar Wild Ones
Sleater-Kinney Hell
The Black Angels History Of The Future
HotWax Drop
Black Honey Rock Bottom
The Streets Not A Good Idea
Sleaford Mods Big Pharma
Ostzonensuppenwürfelmachenkrebs Von Haus Aus Allein
Raum27 100 Milliarden
Newdad Angel
Torres Collect
The Virginmarys Where Are You Now?
Body Type Summer Forever
Kaeto No Body
David Holmes feat. Raven Violet Necessary Genius
James Mantis Catf!sh
Snayx Better Days
Guided By Voices Radioactive Pigeons
Luge I'll Be Lucky
Slaney Bay The Fall
Echo Ladies Getting On Me
Will Butler + Sister Squares Stop Talking
Disclosure Simply Won't Do

Kurze Stücke zum Mitschraddeln

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 143

Welle Wahnsinn 143
Artist Titel
Kristin Hersh Ms Haha
Advertisement Where Is My Baby?
Hallan The Colline Gate
Le Couleur Autobahn
The Orb feat. Rachel D'Arcy Living In Recycled Times
Holza Grantig
Nitsch Ich Kann Nicht Mehr
Buffalo Nichols The Fatalist Blues
Tea Leaves Wicked Good
Paris Texas Ten Thirty Seven
Thee Oh Sees Intercepted Message
Teleman String Theory
Gemma Rogers New World Order
Topolinos Mustafa
Grimm Walking Around In An Ice Castle That Is Melting
Gurriers Nausea
Pleasure Island Shallow Grave
Sextile LA DJ
The Vacant Lots Evacuation
Tränen Duell Der Letzten
Wytch Pycknyck Colombo No.5
University Notre Dame Made Out Of Flesh
Home Counties Bethnal Green
Yeule Cyber Meat
Deeper Tele
Half Moon Run You Can Let Go
Lala Lala Hit Me Where It Hurts
Dream Nails Bal Pit
Be Your Own Pet Goodtime!

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Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 142

Welle Wahnsinn 142
Artist Titel
Sleepy Jean Six Feet Deep (With Love)
Sipper Try
Eine Kleine China Astro Zeneca
Future Utopia This Time
Vanderlye Malleable Soul
Jaakko Eino Kalevi & Alma Jodorowsky Palace In My Head
Zaho De Sagazan Aspiration
Tom Auton How'd I Get So Low?
Daytime TV Block Out The Noise
Lol Tolhurst, Jacknife Lee & Budgie feat. James Murphy Los Angeles
Delilah Holliday Liquid Pearl
Basement Vapes Garbage Bird
Candy Claws Distortion Spear
Lack Of Afro feat. Greg Blackman Loving Arms
Gabriels Glory
The Shamen L.S.I.: Love Sex Intelligence
Art School Girlfriend Close To The Clouds
Deeper Airplay Air
Bonnacons Of Doom Facing (Radio Edit)
Anjimile Black Hole
Joey Valence & Brae Dance Now
Civic Hourglass
Mannequin Pussy I Got Heaven
Rocketship 7 Yet Again
Allison Russell Stay Right Here
Marcher Open Season
The Blood Republic Hollow
Mary Jane Dunphe Always Gonna Be The Same
Jean Dawson Youth+
Palo Sopraño Heart In The Sky

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