Gegen Stumpfsinn
und Langeweile

aus dem Äther.

Monty Phython´s flying circus


Artist Titel
John Phillip Sousa The Liberty Bell
George Harrison Pirate Song (Rutland TV)
Stephen Hawking Monty Pythons Galaxy-Song
Art Garfunkel Always look on the bright side of life
Gracie Fields Sing as we go
The Rutles Cheese and onions
Monthy Python Every Sperm is sacred
Sonja Jones Brian Song
Trio Elétrico Mini-Poodle-Circus
Mario’s Tuna feat. Miles Reverse Monkey Mouse
Chumbawamba Football Song
Dodo Hug Papagei und Mamagei
Frank and the Blue Moons Brave young Lion
Simple Minds Promised You A Miracle (Acoustic Version)
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