Gegen Stumpfsinn
und Langeweile

aus dem Äther.


"The" Rückkopplung - Song

The Sun Smells Too Loud :: Mogwai
The Pink :: Medicine
The Reverend :: Eagles Of Death Metal
The Crystal Lake :: Grandaddy
The Official Ironmen Rally Song :: Guided By Voices
The Ghost By The Sea :: Chavez
The Sun And The Rainfall :: Fireside
The Hexx :: Pavement
The Bad Catholic :: Black Lipsticks
The Patsy :: Barkmarket
The Hope That House Built :: Future Of The Left
The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies :: Faith No More
The Air-Conditioned Nightmare :: Mr. Bungle
The Gash :: The Flaming Lips
The Distance :: Cake
The Warden :: Cows
The Post :: Dinosaur Jr.
The Road Leads Where It´s Led :: Secrets Macines
The Vampyre Of Time And Memory :: Queens Of The Stone Age
The Lonely Moan :: The Besnard Lakes
The Dandy Warhols Love Almost Everyone :: The Dandy Warhols
The Peaper :: Beaver
The Last Question :: Fu Manchu
The Dark Of The Matinee :: Franz Ferdinand

"The" Rückkopplung - Band

The Ravonettes :: Attack Of The Ghost Riders
The Dead 60´s :: Ghostfaced Killer
The Beavis Frond :: Mission Completed
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion :: Talk About The Bluse
The Besnard Lakes :: Albatross
The Baptist Generals :: Pats The Rub
The Cooper Temple Clause :: The Devil Walks In The Sand
The Coral :: Goodbye
The Jesus An Mary Chain :: Sugar Ray
The New Bomb Turks ::: Sucker Punch
The Music :: The People
The Hellacopters :: Toys And Flavors
The Breeders :: Roli
The Works :: Everybody
The Verve :: A Northern Soul
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives :: Mantra Slider
The Stone Roses :: I Am The Resurrection
The Dandy Warhols :: Not Your Bottle
The Velvet Underground :: What Goes On
The Flaming Lips :: Halloween On The Barbary Coast
The Warlocks :: Thursday´s Radiation
The Horror The Horror :: Kamelen
The Strokes :: New York City Cops


New Year :: The Breeders
New Day Rising :: Gasgiant
Brave New Century :: The Tears
New Toy :: The Cooper Temple Clause
New Noise :: Refused
New Dawn Fades :: Joy Devision
The New Romance :: Pretty Girls Make Graves
New Day :: Les Thugs
The New Jack Theme :: Living Colour
New Moon Rising :: Wolfmother
Hymn For New Cars :: McLusky
New Star In The Sky :: Air
Your New Asthetic :: Jimmy Eat World
The New Country :: The Dandy Warhols
New World Order :: Ministry
New York Mining Disaster 1941 :: Vlevett Fogg
New York City Cops :: The Strokes
King Of New York :: Fun Lovin` Criminals
The New Style :: Beastie Boys
New Pants And Shirt :: Killdozer
New Age (Live) :: The Velvet Underground
Brand New Swamp Thing :: Giant Sand
New Room (Live) :: Chavez
Neue Idee :: Peter Licht highnachtet sehr

Seachange :: Christmas Letters
The Twang :: Last Christmas
The Staples Singers :: Who Took The Merry Out Of Christmas
Riff Ruffin :: Xmas Baby
Aereogramme :: Asthma Came Home For Christmas
David Hasselhoff :: Stille Nacht
The Ramones :: Merry Christmas (I Don´t Want To Fight Tonight)
Louis Armstrong :: Zat You, Santa Clause
The Beach Boys :: Merry Christmass, Baby
Johnny Cash :: Hark The Herald Angels Sing
The Flaming Lips :: Christmas At The Zoo
Binky Griptite :: World Of Love
The New Bomb Turks :: Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Nancy White :: It´s So Chic To Be Pregnant At Christmas
Booker T. & The MG´s :: Winter Wonderland
The Enchanters :: Mambo Santa Mambo
Big John Greer :: We Wanna See Santa Do The Mambo
Brenda Lee :: I´m Gonna Lasso Santa Claus
The Waitresses :: Christma Wrapping
Hopewell :: Christmas Now
Marianne Dissard & Amparo Sanchez :: Je Et Tu Ne Croient Plus Au Pere Noel
Swell :: I Hate Christmas
The Christmas Jug Band :: That´s His Red Wagon
The Flirtations :: Christmas Time Is Here Again
Monster Magnet :: Dead Christmas
Parody Of Ozzy´s Ironman :: I Am Santa Claus
Peter Bandit :: Santa´s In The Unemployment Line
Sex Pistols :: Jingle Bells
Coconami :: White Christmas
The Dandy Warhols :: Hard One For Jesus
RUN DMC :: Christmas In Hollis
Super Furry Animals :: Run! Christian, Run!
Bad Religion :: White Christmas


Euro Boys :: Rock `N` Roll Farmacia
Psychic Ills :: Western Metaphor
Mogwai :: Your` Re Lionel Richie
White Manna :: E Shra
Das Weeth Experience :: HBS 38
Friends Of Dean Martinez :: Hidden Out Of Sight
35007 :: 61 74
Vibravoid :: The Golden Escalator
The Voices :: Love
Trans Am :: American Kooter
Yo La Tengo :: Acera Or The Witches´ Dance
Dust Galaxy :: Sun In Your Head
Dan Deacan :: Guilford Avenue Bridge
Kyuss :: Jumbo Blimp Jumbo
Nebula :: Fin
Beastie Boys :: In 3`s
Quicksand :: Baphomet
Euro Boys :: Master Charge

Kraut & Prog

Artist Titel
The Royal Servants Work Part II
Steve Hackett Watcher Of The Skies
Blonde On Blonde The Rut
Atomic Rooster Feat. Carl Palmer Friday The 13th
Daevid Allen Stroking The Tail Of The Bird
Stackridge Teatime
Fission Trip Santa Maria
Gong Om Riff
Walpurgis Hey You Over There
Audience Heaven Was An Island
Hawkwind Choose Your Masques
Ginger Baker Rabbit Run
Cosmic Jockers Galactic Joke
Mogul Thrash Elegy
Mythos Hero´s Death
Birth Control The Work Is Done
Artist Titel
The Royal Servants Work Part II
Steve Hackett Watcher Of The Skies
Blonde On Blonde The Rut
Atomic Rooster Feat. Carl Palmer Friday The 13th

Trump VS Clinton

Arcadia :: Eelection Day
Rollins Band :: Liar
The Presidents Of The United States Of America : We Are Not Going To Make It
NOFX :: The Idiots Are Taking Over
Suicidal Tendencies :: How Will I Laugh Tomorrow (Heavy Emotion Version)
Bad Religion :: You Are The Government
Future Of The Left :: You Need Satan More Than He Needs You
The Evil Superstars :: Satan Is In Your Ass
Rage Against The Machine :: Darkness Of Greed
Dead Kennedys :: Holiday In Cambodia
No Means No :: The Day Everything Became Nothing
President Yo La Tengo :: The Evil That Men Do (Live)
The (International) Noixe Conspiracy :: A New Morning, Changing Weather
Slayer & Ice-T :: Disorder
Ministry :: N W O
Mogwai :: Mogwai Fear Satan (Live)
The Goats :: Typical American
Suicidal Tendencies :: War Inside My Head
RKL :: We´re Back We´re Pissed
Napalm Death & Jello Biafra :: Nazi Trumps Fuck Off (Live)
Sonic Youth :: Youth Against Fascism
Rage Against The Machine :: Wake Up
Fu Manchu :: Freedom Of Choise

Live on Tour...

Vibravoid :: The Empty Sky + Ballspeaker (Live)
Fu Manchu :: Godzilla + King Of The Road (Live)
Desert Sessions :: Avon
Brant Bjork :: Too Many Chief´s ... Not Enough Indians
Fatso Jetson :: The Untimely Death Of The Keybord Player + Vatos Of The Astral Plane
Black Mountain :: Stormy High
Sophia :: The River Song
The May Queens :: Rollin`
The God Machine :: Home
Life Of Agony :: Let´s Pretend + Through And Through
Jimmy Eat World :: Big Casion + Lucky Denver Mint
Baby Woodrose :: Third Eye Surgery
Guitar Wolf :: Kawasaki Z11 750 Rock`N`Roll

Vibravoid / Düsseldorf

Vibravoid :: Ballspeaker + Inside The Electric Mind
Pink Floyd :: Interstellar Overdrive + Astoronomy Domine
Vibravoid :: Echovoid + Void Vibration
La Düsseldorf :: Düsseldorf
Vibravoid :: Doris Delay + Void Vibrato
Kraftwerk :: Stratovarius
Vibravoid :: No Silver Bird + Photosynthesis In Darkness
Neu! :: Hallogallo
Deutsch Amerikanisch Freundschaft :: Alle gegen Alle
Vibravoid :: Magic Mirror + Black And White (Live)

End Of Summer ´16

Queens Of The Stone Age :: Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
The Dandy Warhols :: Every Day Should Be A Holiday
Turbonegro :: Get It On (Live)
Future Of The Left :: The Lord Hates A Coward
Fu Manchu :: The Action Is Go
Doctor Mix And The Remix :: No Fun
Lowrider :: Shivaree
Eagles Of Death Metal :: I Like To Move In The Night
The Coffin Daggers :: Interstellar Overdrive
Nebula :: Full Throttle
The Young Gods :: Alabama Song
The Stone Roses :: Love Spreads
Friend Of Dean Martinez :: A Place In The Sun
Nick Drake :: Pink Moon
Cut In The Hill Gang : Fuck The People/Revolution
Vibravoid :: Eruptions Of The Green Sun
La Düsseldorf :: Geld
Beastie Boys :: No Sleep Till Brooklyn
Jello Biafra + Nomeansno :: Jesus Was A Terrorist
Quicksand :: Brown Gargantuan
Grandaddy :: The Crystal Lake
Euro Boys :: Down The Road Of Golden Dust
Peter Licht :: Es bleibt uns der Wind


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