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Wahl 2017

Arcadia :: Election Day
Fu Manchu :: Freedom Of Choice
No Means No :: The Day Everything Became Nothing
Bad Religion :: You´re The Government
Henry Rollins :: Liar
Sonic Youth :: Youth Against Fascism
Suicidal Tendencies :: How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
Rage Against The Machine :: Wake Up
Surrogat :: Ein Zerfall
Die Sterne :: Die Interessanten
Ministry :: N.W.O.
Future Of The Left :: You Need Satan More Than He Needs You
The Evil Superstars :: Satan Is In My Ass
Slayer & Ice -T :: Disorder
Suicidal Tendencies :: War Inside My Head
Rage Against The Machine :: Darkness Of Greed
The Doors :: Strange Days
Living Colour :: Ausländer
The God Machine :: Home
Bad Brains :: I Against I (live)
Yo La Tengo :: Nuclear War (Version 2)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood :: War + Two Tribes

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