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Coming Up Soon | 27.03.2021 | Brüderinnen im Nebel

Liebhaber von Underground Dance Music!

Großvater pflegte zu sagen, man zeigt nicht mit nacktem Finger auf angezogene Menschen. Andersrum soll es wohl möglich sein, kann aber auch keine Lösung sein. Warum wir aus dem Nähkästchen vom Nesthäcken plaudern, liegt daran, daß wir in der Nacht von Freitag auf Samstag was anzuprangern haben. Es geht uns um die Frage der Ausbilanzierung von Recht und Moral. Wem das zu abstrakt ist, geben wir bis dahin gerne folgendes Rätsel auf „Welches Wort passt nicht in die nachfolgende Reihe“: Puff, Schwaderlapp, Assenmacher, Woelki, Ickler? Grübel, grübel …

Dieses Gedankenexperiment ist der große Bogen für die 120 Minuten, die Euch ab Mitternacht erwarten. Ofenfrisch aus der Backstube präsentieren wir 22 Tracks, die erst seit kurzem die Frequenzen erquicken oder gar noch auf die Veröffentlichung warten. Unter anderem spielen wir (von A bis Z):

  • Acado – Hypnos EP – A Tribe Called Kotori [ATCK017] – out 12.03.2021: “With their 'Hypnos' EP, the Berliner duo Acado join the Kotori Tribe for a wonderfully wonky exploration of time and space, unlocking a transcendent state of hypnosis by way of two mesmerizing originals and a pair of contrasting remixes by Nhii and Timboletti”. --> Wir spielen alle vier Tracks!
  • Alegant, Tube & Berger - Get Down (Remixes) - ZEHN Records [ZEHN0041] – out: 02.04.2021: “Get Down blooms anew, receiving two additional interpretations by Alar & Korolova and ROWA & SanoiROWA & Sanoi join in, with an introspective deep attitude, melted with a tint of darkness. The track's melodic roots are emphasized to the fullest extent, as the journey reaches its grande finale ” --> Zum Besten geben wir den ROWA & Sanoi Remix.
  • Hakan Ozurun – Fractured - Bonzai Progressive [BP10112021] – out: 19.03.2021: “Turkish DJ and electronic music producer Hakan Ozurun returns with the superb Fractured … The Original Mix is full of charged beats with a punchy rhythm … A top-notch cut that will not disappoint … The Paul Hamilton Remix delivers a tight, rhythmic progressive mover. Flurries of detailed percussions and punchy, rounded kick drums drive the groove beautifully …” --> Wir spielen beide!
  • HE TOLD ME – Angel Dust EP – ICONYC One [ONE003] – out: 22.3.2021: “…we're super excited to welcome HE TOLD ME to ICONYC One with his brand new 'Angel Dust EP' featuring two epic remixes from BOHO & Carbon … Carbon shows his love for melodic and deep FX, which are oozing of coolness and are accentuated by the driving minimal feel. Something like a silky blanket of sonic spheres, which wrap you into an alluring soundscape but kick you in the marbles at the same time. Classy stuff!” --> Unsere Auswahl ist der „Carbon Remix“, der es aktuell in die Beatport-Top 50 geschafft hat.
  • KAMADEV feat. Aves Volare – War is Won - ICONY Noir [NOIR104] – out: 29.03.2021:War is Won unleashes its full force which culminates into a melodic club anthem, paired with Aves Volare's outstanding vocals that interlace with the infectious groove and fade in and out for maximum effect. A sure winner from KAMADEV and Aves Volare. Essential stuff!” --> Check it out!
  • Luke Segreto - Prism EP” – ICONY Noir [NOIR101] – out: 08.03.2021: “His debut opens with the outstanding title track 'Prism' a stunning driving melodic progressive house affair, that employs a deep groove as the basis of the track underpinned by a deep bass that gradually eases its way to the breakdown before unleashing into a rising melodic hook that climaxes into the highpoint of the track as the full force of percussive drive and harmonies combine to see out this great opener. Exciting and essential stuff!”. --> Genau!
  • Mood Gorning & Albanø feat. Sarah Shields - Daemon Waltz (Original Mix) - Suprematic [SP093] – out: 08.04.2021. --> Hier ist der Name Programm!
  • Nasser Tawfik & Sione (SP) - Insolence EP - Univack [UV078] – out: 05.03.2021: “… The release is completed with 3 different remixes by 3 different artists like the Iranian Bardeeya (Area Verde, Siona, Modern Agenda), the french based in Spain Marco Bedini (MIR Music, Project 13), and the Italian FiveP (Beatfreak, Area Verde)... all of them putting their personal style, using strong beats, complex synths, and a lot of harmonic elements, resulting tracks halfway between the Melodic Techno & Progressive House landscape” --> Eine großartige EP, aus der wir den Original Mix und zwei Remixe geben.
  • Oclum - Levitation EP - Univack [UV081] – out: 02.04.2021: “… Levitation is an EP that contains 3 original mixes … 'Lonely' offers a different Melodic House & Techno piece, from a less dark perspective, and spotlighted by its warm vocals and harmonic elements ….” --> Freut Euch auf “Lonely”.
  • Otistic - Down EP - Kittball [KITT211] – out: 18.03.2021: “Legend has it, that you can feel the ground shaking miles ahead, whenever Otistic hits the block.… Title #2 “This Is Funky“...does exactly what you expect it to do - in a perfect manner. The tech-flavor is further sweetened by a wild vocal mixed with insane melodic elements and an ultra-funky bassline” --> Hammer EP. Leider nur Zeit für Track #2.
  • Ralph Myerz feat. Ane Brun - Directions (Everything is Possible) Remixes – KLIK Records [KLDIG165] – out 06.12.2020: “Or … what happens when 2 Norwegian legends meet. World famous and one of the Godfathers of the Bergen electronic music scene, Ralph Myerz, digs in Ane Brun ’s massive discography and handpicks ‘’Directions’’ to transform.” --> Ihr hört den Club Mix.

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