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Retro-Charts | The Best Re-Releases of 2018

Interpret Titel Album
Ignace De Souza & Melody Aces Asaw Fofor African Scream Contest 2
Rimarimba The One That Got Away Below The Horizon
Lost Gringos Tambo Machay Uneven Paths
Deviant Pop From Europe (1980 – 1991)
Serge Gainsbourg & Jean-Claude Vannier Les Chemins De Katmandou Les Chemins De Katmandou
Joe Strummer Burning Lights Joe Strummer 001
Felt. Jewels Are Set In Crowns The Pictorial Jackson Review
Oneness Of Juju African Rhythms African Rythms
Filó Machado Quero Pouco, Quero Muito Too Slow To Disco Brasil
Love Alone Again Or Forever Changes
Klaus Weiss Wide Open Space Motion Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3
Silver Apples Seagreen Serenades Silver Apples
Jennifer Lara Off The Air   Weekend Loving
Sandy Bull Little Maggie The Thousand Incarnations Of The Rose
Léonie Couleurs Paris In The Spring 
Bikini Kill Rebel Girl The Singles
Daedalus Something Bells Of Snowdonia
John Coltrane Untitled Originals 11383 – Take 1 Both Directions At Once
Bruno Spoerri Rythm 'n' Bees Rare & Unreleased 1971 – 1998
Mark Renner Riverside Few Traces
Pete Brandt's Method What You Are Uneven Paths
Deviant Pop From Europe (1980 – 1991)
Mkwaju Ensemble Mkwaju MKWAJU
Mark Renner Saints & Sages Few Traces
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes Jusqu' À Ce Que La Force De T'Aimer Me Manque Paix
Roger Nicols Snow Queen Roger Nicols & The Small Circle Of Friends


17. Dez. 2018 | 20:00

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