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The Sound of the very last time on-Air. Fabiano sagt Ciao.

Artist Titel
Kinderzimmer Productions Wir sind da wo oben ist
Akua Naru The World is Listening
Sola Rose Humanised feat. Bajka
Bauchklang Signs
Filewile Radiotower
Bernadette LaHengst Copy Me (I Want to Travel)
Fraktus All die Armen Menschen
Jewrhythmics Hava Naglia
Canyons When I See You Again
We Are The Lilies Cry When You Sleep
Coconami Loswerden
Maike Rosa Vogel Die Mauern kamen Langsam
Fleur Earth Experiment Verlorene Schar
Radio Citizen Summer Days (feat. Bajka)
Naomi Shelton And The Gospels Queens What Have You Done My Brother?
Gil Scott-Heron Me And The Devil
Inverse Cinematics Take it Bake to '86 feat. Jebidiah
Chris Joss I want Freedom
Feindrehstar Arabikanana
Fink Wheels
Mike Doughty You Should be doubly Gratified
Smoke Mohawk Expresso
Bastian Done is Done
Ancient Astronauts Worldwide
DJ DSL Happy Bear

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Kinderzimmer Productions :: Wir sind da wo oben ist


19. Jan. 2013

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