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VU 904

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Jello Biafra & The Melvins Kali Fornia Uber Alles
Viagra Boys ADD
Rocket Freudental Der Stuhlkreis
The Chats Mum Stole My Darts
Dead Moon 54/40 or Fight
Bodega How Did This Happen?!
Andrew Pekler On
King Tubby Blood Sweat And Dunza Dub
Guided By Voices Hot Freaks
Chuckamuck Wochenende ist für Skatturnier
Team Scheisse Karstadtdetektiv
Haindling Du Depp
Tim Buckley Get On Top (Radio Edit)
James Brown My Thang
The Cairo Gang That’s When It’s Over
Dead Trees World Gone Global
The Soft Boys I Got The Hots
Cate Le Bon Sisters
Arctic Monkeys Cornerstone
Megapuss Hamman
The Gun Club Mother Of Earth
Ghost Woman The End Of A Gun
Sleaford Mods I Feel So Wrong
The Make Up The Bells
Lou Barlow Apocalypse Fetish
Kurt Vile Hey Like A Child
Silver Jews Sleeping Is The Only Love

Playlist v. 11.01.23 - 18-20 Uhr - mit OO&EO&ML


11. Jan. 2023 | 18:00

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