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Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 108

Welle Wahnsinn 108
Artist Titel
Nova Twins Cleopatra
Sinead O'Brien Holy Country
Walt Disco How Cool Are You?
Body Double Dot Dot Dot
A Pact Between Strangers Deglove
Alex Izenberg Egyptian Cadillac
Anand Wilder Fever Seizure
Sam Jr. Keep It Buried
Gentle Sinners Face To Fire (After Nyman)
Tara Nome Doyle Crow
Gretel Hänlyn Motorbike
The Doves Stay In My Place
Vundabar Alien Blues
Timmy Thomas Why Can't We Live Together
Ocean Flaws Hologram
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard The Dripping Tap
Iuna Lux It Out
Lynks Hey Joe (Relax)
Automatic New Beginning
Johnny Hunter Life
La Neve History Solved
Leftovers Kinderzimmer
Catcher Comparing Saviors And Friends
Scrounge This Summer's Been Lethal
Mitski Stay Soft
Chaka Gettz Blocked Siesta
Rosalía CUUUUuuuuuute

Nervige Musik für alte Menschen!


26. März 2022 | 13:00

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