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Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 135

Welle Wahnsinn 135
Artist Titel
Anjimile The King
Man On Man Take It From Me
Lucia & The Best Boys So Sweet I Could Die
AUGN Nokia 3210
CEL Eiweißangriff
Master Peace Brussels
ThxSoMch Hate.
Ziyad Al-Samman I Can't Behave
Adam Hopper Green Man
Floral Image Gallipoli
Twin Princess Allston
Perfectparachutepicture White Noise
Lambrini Girls Lads Lads Lads
Grian Chatten Fairlies
Kevin Morby This Is A Photograph II
Toto Coelo I Eat Cannibals
Clt Drp New Boy
Witch feat. Sampa The Great Avalanche Of Love
Sweeping Promises Eraser
Endless Wellness Hand Im Gesicht
Shatten Gift
The KVB Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Velvet Negroni Sinker
Co-op Notional Joyride
Kid Koala Let's Go!
Garbage Blue Betty
Stereolab Robot Riot
Alma Dreaming
Bridge Dog Counterweight
The Dare Good Time
Kite Don't Take The Light Away

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03. Juni 2023 | 13:00

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