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Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 59

Welle Wahnsinn 59
Artist Titel
My Ugly Clementine Never Be Yours
Ttrruuces Sensations Of Cool
Black Honey I Don't Ever Wanna Love
Blond Es Könnte Grad Nicht Schöner Sein
Acht Eimer Hühnerherzen Somnambulismus
Baxter Dury I'm Not Your Dog
Graveyard Club William
Pottery Texas Drums Pt I & II
Melt Yourself Down Crocodile
Miles Matrix Gallows (Radio Edit)
Kalax feat. World Wild Carousel
Nasty Cherry What Do You Like In Me
Sti Cobra Who (Are You Looking For)
Pluxus Caravelle
Meerkat Meerkat One Piece For Synthesizer
Elsa Lester Pretty Bad, Man
Girl Arm Mark E. Moon
De Lux Everybody's Alright
Nadine Shah Ladies For Babies (Goats for Love) [Edit]
Chase City Numb
Sparkling We Don't Want It
Strandhase Tanzen Mit Jacke
Biig Piig Switch
Les Flâneurs feat. Hanna Turi Your Days
Moses Boyd feat. Obongjayar Dancing In The Dark
Junglelyd Coffee
Generationals A List Of The Virtues

Tanzen mit Südfrucht


25. Apr. 2020 | 13:00

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