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Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 77

Welle Wahnsinn 77
Artist Titel
Sprints Manifesto
Pharaoh Overlord Without Songs All Will Parish
Science Man Changeling
Martha Hill Grilled Cheese
Home Counties That's Where The Money's Gone
Jónsi ft. Robyn Salt Licorice
Keep Shelly in Athens Caryatid
Love God Chaos Commander
Bernhard Eder feat. Peter Piek 91
Bastien Keb Paprika
Cousin Kula McLovin You
L.A. Witch I Wanna Lose
Indigo Lo Reload
Eastbam Aka Aka
James Blake Before
Katz The Last American Virgin
Beachdust You
Viagra Boys Ain't Nice
Only Child Tyrant Monkey Box
Mrs. Piss Downers Surrounded By Uppers
Lisasinson Volverte A Enamorar
Tellephone ,tddf
Beaver Sheppard Downtown
Chappaqua Wrestling The Rift
Gender Roles Always
Boa vs. Cobra Never Ever Ever

Wurst Case Scenario...


16. Jan. 2021 | 13:00

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