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Playlist Sylvester 2016/2017

Sylvester sendung

QUOTSA First it giveth / Songs for the Deaf 2002 3:18min

Slomind - Scary Operator 5:28

Hommage To the Old / Invaders 2014 3:47min

Grand Massive THE HUNTER 4:11
Solace - King Alcohol 5:41

Nightstalker Space Matter/ As Above, So Below" (Oct 2016) 4:00min

Dune Pilot- Stamina 4:41

Swan Valley Heights – Mammoth 11:02

1000moods the son / Repeated exposure to... 2016 8:40min

Powder for Pigeons – El Horizonte 3:41

Camel Driver Megalith / Camel Driver 2014 6:34min

Wie s cover so dr sound .........

CAMEL DRIVER is a three piece instrumental rock band from Kiel/Germany. They combine finest desert rock sounds with raw metal influences and fine-tuned/hot oriental jazz parts. CAMEL DRIVER has gone deeply into versatile songwriting to create their own colorful and massiv sound landscapes. Their self-titled debut album will be released on vinyl in autumn 2014.

Bone Man Old Brew / Plastic Wasteland 2014 5:12min

Deaf Flow- Black Heart 4:45

Glen Danzig meats Incubus und Anthony Kiedis von den Red Hot Chilli Peppers und machen Party bei Josh Hommes von Q.O.T.S.A

Spacegoat -Transmuta 3:39

The Royal Ruckus- Let me tell you 3:37

Clutch X-Ray Vision / Psychic Warfare 2015 3:35min

Ruby Shock -Mute as a maggot 4:38

Verwandlung zur Kreativen Stoner Combo

Ween Did you see me / Shinola Vol.1-The Mollusk Sessions 5:10min


Ween Buenas Tardes Amigo / Chocolate And Cheese (1994) 7:06min

Cojones- Resonate 3:45

Prog-Stoner Psychedelic

Stutzki Total 55:08

Micha Total 54:55


31. Dez. 2016

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