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Hallo, ich heiße Antistatik , bin schon mitten in der Pubertät. Schon im Alter von vier Jahren wollte ich VIVA2 kaufen und besser machen. Jetzt spiele ich am liebsten mit biologisch abbaubarer Poptheorie, bunter Elektronik (umweltfreundlich!) und lustigen anderen Sachen, auch mit Gitarre manchmal, Reggae und Popgeschichte. Meine Themen reichen von "Neue elektronische Musik aus Osteuropa" über "minimal music" bis zur "Verarbeitung historischer Themen in der Popmusik".
Ich spreche auch richtige Sätze und so, zwischen den Liedern!

Ausgezeichnet mit dem Radio free FM Award 2007 – Goldene Schallplatte


Bert The Turtle Says: Duck & Cover

Markus Güntner :: Such A Shame (Talk Talk) :: Such A Shame Remix
Mambo Kurt :: Anarchy In The UK (The Sex Pistols) :: Organized Crime
Howard Carpendale :: Armer Alter Reicher Mann (Otis Redding) :: Soul In Germany
Marvin Gaye :: Wie Schon Das Ist (How Sweet It Is)  :: Motown Around The World
Adriano Celentano :: Pregherò (Sam Cooke) :: The Reddy Poppy Collection
Silicon Teens :: You Really Got Me (The Kinks) :: Music For Parties
The Slits :: I Heard It Through The Grapewine (Marvin Gaye) :: Nouvelle Vague :: New Wave
The Flying Lizards :: Money; Money  (Barret Strong) :: Money; Money (12")
Seidat :: Sumu (Popcorn) :: Vuosikirja 1972 (50 Hittiä)
Topmost :: Näen Mustaa Vain (Black Is Black) :: Vuosikirja 1972 (50 Hittiä)
Snakefinger :: The Model (Kraftwerk) :: Best Of Ralph
The Miserable Rich :: Over And Over (Hot Chip) :: OverAnd Over (Digital Release)
The Madd Wikkid :: One More Time (Daft Punk) :: Brassft Punk
The Madd Wikkid :: Get Lucky (Daft Punk) :: Get Brassy (Brassft Punk)
Franz Ferdinand :: Sexy Boy (Air) :: Walk Away
My Bloody Valentine :: We Have All The Time In The World (Louis Armstrong) :: Peace Together
Petula Clark ::  Ciao Ciao (Downtown) :: Nostalgia Italiana 1965
Robert Wyatt :: At Last I Am Free (Chic) :: Nothing Can Stop Us
Elizabeth Frasier :: At Last I Am Free (Chic)  :: Stop If You Think You've Heard This One Before
Les Charbonniers De L'enfer :: Le Vent Nous Portera :: 25 Ans De Grand Noirceur
Felix Meyer :: Der Wind Trägt Uns Davon :: Von Engeln Und Schweinen
Justus Köhnke :: It's Too Late (Carol King) :: Spiralen Der Erinnerung
LB :: Jealous Guy (John Lennon) :: Pop Artificielle
Popchor Berlin :: 4 My People (Missy Elliot) :: 1
The Langley School Music Projekt :: Space Oddity (David Bowie) :: Innocence And Despair
Fox Force 5 :: Ich Will Nicht Werden Was Mein Alter Ist (Ton Steine Scherben) :: White, Middle Class, Suburban, Heterosexual Mods And We Are Bored
The Mountain Goats :: The Sign (Ace Of Base) :: Bitter Melon Farm
Mort Garson :: Aquarius :: Electronic Hair Peaces
William Shatner :: Mr. Tambourine Man (Bob Dylan) :: Spaced Out
The Del-Vikings :: Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Judy Garland) :. Collection 1956 – 62
Jacob Sisters :: Was Hab Ich Dir Getan :: Soul In Germany
The Mike Flower Pops :: Venus As A Boy (Björk) :: A Groovy Place
Petula Clark :: Alles Ist Vorbei (Diane Warwick) :: Soul In Germany

Einen Hab Ich Noch...

Moritz Krämer :: Ich Hab Einen Vertrag Unterschrieben :: Ich Hab Einen Vertrag Unterschrieben 1
Moritz Krämer :: Eine Ballade Muss Drauf Sein :: Ich Hab Einen Vertrag Unterschrieben 2
The Mamas & The Papas :: Shooting Star :: People Like Us
The Mamas & The Papas :: People Like Us :: People Like Us
The Strokes :: 50/50 :: Comedown Machine
The Strokes :: 80's Comedown Machine :: Comedown Machine
David Bowie :: Ashes To Ashes :: Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
David Bowie :: Kingdome Come :: Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
Prince :: Dinner With Delores :: Chaos And Disorder
Prince :: I Rock, Therfore I Am :: Chaos And Disorder
Monty Python :: Finland :: Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Album
Monty Python :: Sit On My Face :: Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Album
Monty Python :: I Like Chinese :: Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Album
Monty Python :: Decomposing Composers :: Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Album
Marvin Gaye :: Everybody Needs Love :: Here, My Dear
Marvin Gaye :: A Funk Space Reincarnation :: Here, My Dear
John Lennon :: Ain't That A Shame :: Rock 'N' Roll
John Lennon :: Slippin' And Slidin' :: Rock 'N' Roll
The Bonzo Dog Band :: Straight From My Heart :: Let's Make Up and Be Friendly
Moritz Krämer :: Ich Muss An Udo Denken :: Ich Hab Einen Vertrag Unterschrieben 2
Tim Buckley :: I Had A Talk With My Woman :: Lorca
Jimi Hendrix :: Power To Love (Live) :: Band Of Gypsys
Buffallo Springfield :: On The Way Home :: Last Time Around
Neil Young :: Weight Of The World :: Landing On Water
R.E.M. :: Leave :: New Adventures In Hi-Fi

Rhyme Dich Oder Ich Mach die Türen zu

Eins Zwo :: Tschuldigung / Weltretten 4.0 :: Eins Zwo (12")
Dendemann :: Müde ::  Da Nich Für
Dendemann :: Insel Meiner Angst :: Für Hilde
Dendemann :: Dende '74 :: Die Pfütze Des Eisbergs
Dendemann :: Papierkrieg :: Vom Vintage Verweht
Dendemann :: Nochn Gedicht :: Da Nich Für
Dendemann :: Super kali fragelistik expiali getisch :: I Love Disney
Su Kramer :: Nehmt Euch Doch Einmal In Die Arme :: Die Zwei Gesichter
Dendemann :: Menschine :: Da Nich Für
Beginner (Feat. Dendemann) :: So Schön :: Advanced Chemistry
Dendemann :: Check Mal Die Rhetorik Ab :: Die Pfütze Des Eisbergs
Dendemann :: Freie Radikale GbRdH :: Vom Vintage Verweht
Dendemann :: So Sieht's Aus :: Das Schweigen Dilemma

Die Türen :: Exoterik II :: Exoterik
Die Türen :: Drinnen Ist Wie Draußen :: Unterwegs Mit Mother Earth
Die Türen :: Indie Stadt :: Popo
Die Türen :: Miete Strom Gas :: Exoterik
Die Türen :: Regional Express :: Exoterik
Die Türen :: Postmoderner Zitatschnickschnack :: Booty
Christ Imler :: Fan Ist Ein Stahlbad :: Der Spielmacher
Maurice & Die Familie Summen :: Nicht Antworten Ist Das Neue Nein :: Bmerica
Ja, Panik :: Alles Hin, Hin, Hin :: The Angst And The Money
Die Türen :: Information :: Exoterik
Die Türen :: Tschüss :: Das Herz War Nihilismus

Vorher Jens Friebe Nachher Konzert

Jens Friebe :: Abend Voller Glück :: In Hypnose
Jens Friebe :: Wenn Man Euch Die Geräte Zeigt :: Bis Auf Weiteres Eine Demonstration
Jens Friebe :: Wenn Man Euch Die Geräte Zeigt :: Vorher Nachher Bilder
Jens Friebe :: Das Mit dem Auto Ist Egal, Hauptsache Dir Ist Nichts Passiert :: Das Mit Dem Auto Ist Egal 
Jens Friebe :: Bring Mich Zum Wagen :: Vorher Nachher Bilder
Jens Friebe (Feat. Doreen Kutzke) :: Tränen Eines Hundes :: Fuck Penetration
Jens Friebe :: Lawinenhund :: Lawinenhund
Jens Friebe :: Körper :: Vorher Nachher Bilder
Jens Friebe :: Körper  (Hans Nieswandt Remix) :: Hans Is Playing House
Jens Friebe :: Deutsches Kino ::  Vorher Nachher Bilder
Jens Friebe :: Herr Der Ringe :: Fuck Penetration
Jens Friebe :: (I Am Not Born) For Plot-Driven Porn :: Nackte Angst Zieh Dich An Wir Gehen Aus
Jens Friebe  :: Fuck Penetration :: Fuck Penetration
Jens Friebe :: Nothing Matters When We Are Dancing:: Das Mit Dem Auto Ist Egal
Jens Friebe :: Schlaflied :: Nackte Angst Zieh Dich An Wir Gehen Aus
Jens Friebe :: Dann Sagst Du Auf Wiedersehen :: Vorher Nachher Bilder



Au Revoir Simone :: Shadows :: Still Night, Still Light
Kow Otani :: Prologue :: Shadow Of The Colossus (OST)
Frankie Sinatra & Sammy Davis Jr. :: Me And My Shadow :: Frank Sinatra Famous Duets
Four Tops :: Standing In The Shadow Of Love :: Four Tops
Magnetic Fields :: Love In The Shadows :: 69 Love Songs
Chromatics :: Shadow :: Twin Peaks Season 2. OST
Roosevelt :: Shadows :: Young Romance
DJ Shadow :: Dark Days :: Thr Private Press
Joy Division :: Shadowplay :: Unknown Pleasure
Rory Gallagher :: Shadow Play :: Photo Finish 1978
Panta Rhei :: Schatten :: Leben
The Shadows :: Jungle Jam (Live) :: Live At The BBC
Sufjan Stevens :: No Shade In The Shadow Of The Cross (Live) :: Carrie & Lowell Live

Popol Vuh :: Morning Sun :: Nosferatu (OST)
Superimposers :: Shadows :: Superimposers
Little Ann :: Deep Shadows :: Deep Shadows
The Delfonics :: The Shadow Of Your Smile :: La La Means I Love You
Hollie Cook :: Shadow Dub :: Hollie Cook In Dub
Origin Unknown :: Valley Of The Shadows
Shadows Of Knight :: Gloria :: Shadows Of Knight
The Rolling Stones :: Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow? :: Roling Stones In Mono
Malcom Middleton :: Shadows :: Waxing Gibbous
The Primitives :: Shadow :: The Primitives
Lana Del Rey :: Shades Of Cool :: Ultraviolence
Superpitcher :: Shadows :: Kompakt Total 2
José Gonzáles :: Stay In The Shade :: Veneer
BMX Bandits :: Come Out Of The Shadows :: Gettin' Dirty
Beat Happening :: Cast A Shadow :: Black Candy
Jens Friebe :: Cast A Shadow :: Vorher Nachher Bilder
Adam Green :: Cast A Shadow :: Jacket Full Of Danger

Death Check 2018

Mark Fossom :: Arrival Of The Grand Picayune ::  The Lost Takoma Sessions
The Cramps :: I'm Cramped :: Songs Of The Lord Taught Us
Jefferson Airplane :: Volunteers :: Volunteers
Nancy Wilson :: Uptight (Everything's Alright) :: The Best Of
Coco Schumann :: Bahama Trip :: Double
Tony Joe White :: Polk Salad Annie ::  The Best Of
Otis Rush :: All Your Love (I Miss Loving) :: An Introduction To Otis Rush
Buzzcocks :: Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've? :: Love Bites
The Fall :: New Face In Hell :: Grotesque (After The Gramme)
Embryo :: The Music Of Today :: Prog Is Not A Four Letter Word
Hugh Masekela :: Grazing In The Grass :: Grazing In The Grass  7"
The Temptations :: Papa Was A Rolling Stone :: Motown Classics
Aretha Franklin :: Love The One You're With :: Live At Fillmore West
The Residents ::  Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth) :: The Tunes of Two Cities
Francis Lay :: Un Homme Et Une Femme ::  Francis Lai Story
Charles Aznavour :: Le Chemin De L'Éternité :: J'aime (Vol. 4)
France Gall :: Les Yuex Bleux :: V.A. French Cuts
Avicii :: Wake Me Up :: True
Lovebug Starski :: Positive Life :: V.A. Boombox 1
The Melodians :: The Rivers Of Babylon :: Rivers Of Babylon
Insterburg & Co. & Jacob Sisters :: Ich Liebte Ein Mädchen :: Quartett Im Bett / Filmmusik
Headless Chickens :: Donca :: V.A. In Love With These Times
Eric Weissberg & Steve Mandell :: Dueling Banjos :: Dueling Banjos
Motörhead :: Ace Of Spades  (Live In England 1981) :: No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith (Live)
Dr. Hook :: Cover Of The Rolling Stone :: Dr. Hook And The Medicine Show Revisited
The Beast Of Bourbon :: The Day Marty Robbins  Died :: The Axemans's Jazz
Jóhann Jóhannsson :: Odi Et Amo :: Englabörn

Retro-Charts | The Best Re-Releases of 2018

Interpret Titel Album
Ignace De Souza & Melody Aces Asaw Fofor African Scream Contest 2
Rimarimba The One That Got Away Below The Horizon
Lost Gringos Tambo Machay Uneven Paths
Deviant Pop From Europe (1980 – 1991)
Serge Gainsbourg & Jean-Claude Vannier Les Chemins De Katmandou Les Chemins De Katmandou
Joe Strummer Burning Lights Joe Strummer 001
Felt. Jewels Are Set In Crowns The Pictorial Jackson Review
Oneness Of Juju African Rhythms African Rythms
Filó Machado Quero Pouco, Quero Muito Too Slow To Disco Brasil
Love Alone Again Or Forever Changes
Klaus Weiss Wide Open Space Motion Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3
Silver Apples Seagreen Serenades Silver Apples
Jennifer Lara Off The Air   Weekend Loving
Sandy Bull Little Maggie The Thousand Incarnations Of The Rose
Léonie Couleurs Paris In The Spring 
Bikini Kill Rebel Girl The Singles
Daedalus Something Bells Of Snowdonia
John Coltrane Untitled Originals 11383 – Take 1 Both Directions At Once
Bruno Spoerri Rythm 'n' Bees Rare & Unreleased 1971 – 1998
Mark Renner Riverside Few Traces
Pete Brandt's Method What You Are Uneven Paths
Deviant Pop From Europe (1980 – 1991)
Mkwaju Ensemble Mkwaju MKWAJU
Mark Renner Saints & Sages Few Traces
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes Jusqu' À Ce Que La Force De T'Aimer Me Manque Paix
Roger Nicols Snow Queen Roger Nicols & The Small Circle Of Friends

Antistatik Jahrescharts 2018

12 :: Kacey Musgraves :: Space Cowboys
11 :: Lucy Dacus :: Night Shift
10 :: The Blazes :: Heaven
09 :: Lana Del Rey :: Mariners Appartment Complex
08 :: Maribou State :: Turnmills
07 :: Cardi B :: I Like It
06 :: Cat Power :: Woman (Feat. Lana Del Rey)
05 :: Nicky Jam :: X 
04 :: Tocotronic :: Electric Guitar
03 :: Ty Segall :: Every 1's A Winner 
02 :: Childish Gambino :: This Is America
01 :: DJ Koze :: Pick Up

12 ::  Blood Orange :: Negro Swan
11 :: Agnes Obel :: Late Night Tales
10 :: Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids :: An Angel Fell
09 :: Amon Dunes :: Freedom
08 :: Sons Of Kemet :: Your Queen Is A Reptile
06 :: International Music :: Die Besten Jahre
06 :: DJ Koze :: Knock Knock
05 :: Low :: Double Negative
04 :: Neneh Cherry :: Broken Politics
03 :: Tocotronic :: Die Unendlichkeit
02 :: Yo La Tengo :: There's A Riot Going On
01 :: Cat Power :: Wanderer

Momentaufnahme Dezember 2018

Holly Golightly  :: Quicksand :: Do The Get Along
Holly Golightly  :: Satan Is His Name :: Do The Get Along
Felt :: Apple Boutique :: The Pictorial Jackson Review
Felt :: Ivory Past :: The Pictorial Jackson Review
Foxwarren :: Everything Apart :: Foxwarren
Foxwarren :: To Be :: Foxwarren
Foxwarren :: I'll Be Alright :: Foxwarren
Die Türen :: Miete Strom Gas :: Miete Strom Gas (Song)
Ex:Re :: Romance :: Ex:Re
Mount Kimbie :: Southgate :: Mount Kimbie DJ Kicks 
Severed Heads :: Lamborghini (Petrol 1982) :: Mount Kimbie DJ Kicks 
Sufjan Stevens :: Lonely Man Of Winter :: Lonely Man Of Winter 
Alec Duffy :: Everyday Is Christmas :: Lonely Man Of Winter 
The Minus 5 :: Christmas In Antarctica (Feat. Ben Gibbard) :: Christmas In Antarctica
Slowthai :: Slow Down (Santa) :: RUNT
Daedalus :: Something Bells (Feat. Busdriver & Pigeon John) :: Of Snowdonia / Something Bells
Daedalus :: Snowed In:: Of Snowdonia / Something Bells
Earl Sweatshirt :: The Mint (Feat. Navy Blue) :: Some Rap Songs
Earl Sweatshirt :: Nowhere2go :: Some Rap Songs
Muqata'a :: Raqsit Al-aqni'a :: Inkanakuntu
Muqata'a :: Ma Lam Yuqa :: Inkanakuntu
Roman Flügel :: Theme II :: Themes
Roman Flügel :: Theme III :: Themes
Roman Flügel :: Theme VI :: Themes
Lawrence :: Yu Yu :: Illusion
The Good, The Bad & The Queen :: The Truce Of Twillight :: Merrie Land
The Good, The Bad & The Queen :: Merrie Land :: Merrie Land
Dub Spencer & Trance Hill :: The First Noel Dub :: Christmas In Dub
Dub Spencer & Trance Hill :: Come, All Ye Shepherds Dub :: Christmas In Dub

A Reminiscence For A Spex

Artist Titel Album
DJ Koze Vs. 5 Sterne Deluxe Happy Hiphop Musik Is Okay
Sigur Ros Svefn-G-Englar Agaetis Byrjun
Antonelli Electr. Feat Miss Kittin The Vogue The Vogue
Whirlpool Productions Moonshine Lifechange
Mark B & Blade The Unknown  
Sergej Auto Traafjik-72, Stoop Achtung Auto
Sensorama Where The Rabbit Sleeps Projektor
Fisherspooner Turn On #1
Eins, Zwo Undsoweiter Zwei
Ursula Rucker Philadelphia Child Supa Sista
4Hero Feat. Jil Scott Another Day Creating Patterns
Ulrich Schnauss Knuddelmaus Far Away Trains Passing By
Trimmy Billy Trimm Dich! International
Cornershop Lessons Learned From Rocky I To Rocky III Handcream For A Generation
Billie Holiday Strange Fruit (Tricky Remix) Verve Remixed
Virginia Jetzt! Fast Wie Giganten Mein Sein
März Everybody Had A Hard Year Love Streams
The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robot Part1 Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
Masha Qrella You Won't Be There Luck
Kettcar Wäre Er Echt :. Du Und Wieviel Von Deinen Freunden
Go-Betweens Too Much Of One Thing Bright Orange Bright Yellow
Barbara Morgenstern Aus Heiterem Himmel Nichts Muss


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