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Filly radelt die Donau entlang. Von der Quelle gehts zur Mündung und immer weiter, einfach rund um die Welt. Was ihm begegnet hört man in seiner Sendung, gewürzt mit Soundclips, Interviews und Musik.


fillyroundtheworld episode 25 : 1st year ANNIVERSARY

One week on dolphine island


Miles Davis :: Summertime
Helge Schneider :: Summertime
8 bit music :: monkey Island
D-Flame ::Perle in der Karibik
The Beatles :: I am the Walrus
Ella Fitz G :: Sunny side of the street
Ramones :: Rocky Beach

Filly zum 22ten : From Ao Nang to George Town

From Ao Nang to George Town

Heute mit :

Bring out the Gump

About Ao Nang Beach

and thats all i have to say

physics with Filly

a funny birdcontest

waterfall in Thailand


Artist Titel
KC & The Sunshine Band Get Down Tonight
elvis presley hound dog
Duane Eddy Rebel-rouser
AC/DC Thunderstruck
The Beatles Hello, Goodbye
OST Forrest Gump scenes

Filly from Bangkok to Ao Nang Beach

from Bangkok to Ao Nang Beach

heute mit:

i love japan, but i like chinese

salt n pepper

trough the monsoon

austrian reagge

staring contest with a COBRA!

new speedrecord!

Ms Butterfly

Artist Titel
OST James Bond The Man With The Golden Gun
Eav Samurai
Helge Schneider Baby es gibt Reis!!!!
Monty Python I Like Chinese
Smoke City Underwater Love
The Specials A Message To You Rudy
tokio hotel durch den monsun
The Bealtes Sgt Pepper´s ...

Schon müde? Unsere Weltenbummler ist in Hong Kong

Heute mit :

Hongkong - Thaipei - Tokyo and back again

How to discover a asian city

the peak

about Graphene

Lisboa or Macau?

a libary in Thaipei



Things to do in Tokyo

Artist Titel Album
OST Die Sendung mit der Maus Vollständiges Intro
Bloodsport Fight to Survive End Title [Soundtrack]
Bloodsport Kumite [ Soundtrack]
Hong Kong 97 Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 134(1)
Kill Bill Vol. 1 OST Queen Of The Crime Council Julie Dreyfus, Lucy Liu
Nancy Sinatra You Only Live Twice

One Piece opening 8

Pedorazu Tokyo Ska Paradise Moods For Tokyo Ska (1997)
The 5 6 7 8 Woo Hoo ( uhu uhuhu song!)
OST The Man with the Golden Gun Opening Title Sequence

Fillyroundtheworld die 19te !

Songs ::

Artist Titel
Good Morning Vietnam Intelligence
Good Morning Vietnam AC first broadcast
James Brown I feel good (Good Morning Vietnam Soundtrack) 1988
Louis Armstrong What a Wonderful World (Good Morning, Vietnam's Soundtrack)
Martha Reeves and the Vandellas Nowhere to Run

Fillyroundtheworld die 18te !

Diesmal : Abschied von Indien, auf nach Thailand !

Inhalt :

Nowhere Man in New Delhi

My first night in Varanasi

Varanasi and around

Kalkutta is not next to the Ganges!

Artist Titel
Die Songs
Murray Head One Night In Bangkok
The Beatles Nowhere man
Rainhard Fendrich Kalkutta liegt am Ganges
The Bamboos Make it Real feat. Kylie Auldist
The Kinks Death of a Clown

Fillyroundtheworld zum 17ten - Still in INDIA

Artist Titel

Crashing weddings in india

Lachi and her world records

Sightseeing tour around jaipur

The Taj Mahal and around


once again...

Artist Titel

Crashing weddings in india

Lachi and her world records

Sightseeing tour around jaipur

The Taj Mahal and around


once again...

Chai Chillum Chapati A Gypsy Anthem The Two Room Apartment
Guru Guru Jaipur, @ Finkenbach 2014
The Bamboos Up on the hill
The Yardbirds Drinking Muddy Water
The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows

Fillyroundtheworld - 16. Sendung

16. Sendung

_Holy Water Temple_ Ocarina of Time Orchestral Remix
Beavis and Butthead, Stewarts Diarrhea
Monty Python - Lumberjack Song
pink floyd - another brick in the wall
Shanti People - Mahishasura Mardini (Droplex Remix)


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