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Filly radelt die Donau entlang. Von der Quelle gehts zur Mündung und immer weiter, einfach rund um die Welt. Was ihm begegnet hört man in seiner Sendung, gewürzt mit Soundclips, Interviews und Musik.


Fillyroundtheworld - 15. Sendung

Mumbai to Ahmedabad
Gandhi Ashram
theme park
iima chaos
polo forrest

india - india
Gori Radha Ne Kado Kaan
Zindabad Re- Ahmedabad
Swag Se Swagat Song - Tiger Zinda Hai
tailord haven

Fillyroundtheworld - 14. Sendung

Fishing, Bratkartoffel and Spagethie
talking italien
done the EFR
the airportstory
never give up!
good monring Mumbai

Alpha Blondy - I Wish You Were Here
Brassmaniacs - Little Less
Steaming Satalitees - Notice
the golde child
Bob Marley - get up
teh Doors - the End

Fillyroundtheworld - 13. Sendung

Salzwasser gabor
Philipps christmas carol
What have this to do with xmass?
Foundation of konrad

internet in sri lanka
Circumstances changing
the Happy new year story...


Fairytale of New York by the pogues

Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy

Lou Reed - Perfect Day

The Rolling Stones - Anybody Seen My Baby

Christie and Emily - guarna tree

Fillyroundtheworld - 12. Sendung

about the watersport centre
Filly and the krokos
The diffrences about christmas
Filly is jaming into town
my favorite x-mess movie
join your live!

Manu Chao - rain in paradize
sitting on the dock of a bay- ottis redding
bob marley - three little birds
the beatles - octopuses garden
monthy python
Frank Sinathra - Santa Claus is coming to town
Its a beautiful day - bombay calling
Baris Manco Dnece

Fillyroundtheworld - 11. Sendung

About the tooth and the kandy
my worst night on the journey
elefant transit home
filly fake news
fake comercial

Frank Zappa - Lemme Take You To The Beach
The Beatles here comes the sun
RhCP Rollercoster of love
Colonel Hathi's March - The Jungle Book
Asterix - The Twelve Tasks of Asterix
ghost busters main theme
Epic News Theme (Royalty Free Music by Starbug Sound)

Fillyroundtheworld - 10. Sendung

10. Sendung
good old europe...
a long way to Hikaduwa
Tsunami Photo Gallery
a new job!
Lions Rock hole in one!
Kandy mountain!!!

BRICKA - Eastern Europe Style
Demolition Man - 3 seashells
Forest Gump - raining
Indiana Jones - Temple of doom
John Lennon- Imagine
sunshine reagge - laid back
Led Zeppelin - stairway to heaven
The Strangloves - I wat Candy
Charlie the Unicorn

Fillyroundtheworld - 9. Sendung

9. Sendung
Wein trinken auf georgisch
Tblisi Jazz Fest
Ab nach Sri Lanka!
Eine neue Außenpolitik

the Beatles -fool on the hill
tower of power - nighclub
Mauerboys - weine nicht wenn die Mauer fällt
Das Partei Hörbuch - eine neue Außenpolitik
Parteihymne der Partei die Partei (Satire)

Fillyroundtheworld - 8. Sendung

8. Sendung!
Iron Maidan
down to Gorky Park
Moskau ist eine Dirne!
Die Komune Wehrmacht...
Der Weg nach Georgien
Zuhaus im Gregeti Trinity

Indie-ya -summers i´ve missed
Benny Goodman -mission to Moskau
the Bealtes -back in the Ussr
the Scorpions - wind of change
Rammstein - Moskau
soundtrack James Bond - From Moskau with love
Ivan Ivanovic and the Kremel Krauts - Deutsches Essen

Fillyroundtheworld - 7. Sendung

Tulcea und das Donaudelta
Festival der guten Musik
andere Länder andere Sitten
one night in Moldavia
Jammsession in der Ukraine
die Perle am schwarzen Meer

MCP Illerdal
Phoenix - Scara scarabeului
Dizzy Gillespie feat. Charlie Parker - A Night In Tunisia
ЛЕОНИД УТЕСОВ Одесский порт

Fillyroundtheworld - 6. Sendung

Filly-wills-wissen Veliko Tarnovo edition
searching for trombone man in Bukarest
Handy weg was nun?!
Das Piratennest am schwarzen Meer
Archäologie im Balkan

Sesamstrasse Titelmelodie
Rodriguez sugar man
Rodriguez cause
Rodriguez cruzify your mind
Rodriguez i wonder
Rodriguez i´ll sleep away
Rodriguez i think of you


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