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Verzerrte Gitarren aller Art, ob Strom oder Akustik, spielt keine Rolle, Hauptsache es quitsch und schäppert richtig. Moderation: Mike, the one and only, verwöhnt Euch Genre: Postrock, Psychedelic, Spacerock bis Indie-Alternative-Rock


Are you still Spiritualized?

Artist Titel
Spiritualized These Blues
Spiritualized I´m Your Man
Spacemen 3 I Want You Right Now
Spiritualized I Want You
Arab Strab Revolution
Spiritualized Electric Mainline
Spiritualized Come Together
Spacemen 3 The Sound Of Confusion
Spiritualized The Morning After
Spiritualized Lord Can You Hear Me
Spiritualized This Little Life Of Mine
Spacemen 3 Take Me To The Other Side + Starship (Live)
Spiritualized Baby I´m Just A Fool
Spiritualized Headin´ For The Top Now
Spiritualized Sail On Through

New / Neu Edition 2019

Artist Titel
The Strokes New York City Cops
The Breeders New Year
The Tears Brave New Century
Chavez New Room
Mogwai New Paths To Helicon Part 1
The Verve A New Decade
The Velvet Underground New Age (Live)
Jason Lytle Brand New Sun
The Velvett Fogg New York Mining Disaster 1941
Wolfmother New Moon Rising
The Cooper Temple Clause New Toy
Moon Duo New Dawn
Air New Star In The Sky
Interpol The New
The Dandy Warhols Love Is The New Feel Awful
Gasgigant New Day Raising
Ministry New World Order + Just One Fix
Gorilla Biscuits New Direction
McLusky Hymn For New Cars
Beastie Boys The New Style
Les Thugs New Day

VU vs RK

Artist Titel
SUUNS Translate
Bardo Pond Home
Spacemen 3 I Want You Right Now
Faces Around The Plynth
Morphine You Speak My Language (Live)
The Cooper Temple Clause Mansell
Gang Green Another Bomb
Superchunk The Popular Music
Buzz Aldrin No Time/No Age (White Eyes)
ON Bungalow
Dives Tomorrow
Blumfeld Eine eigene Geschichte
Interpol Mammoth
Rush Far Cry
We Are Scientists After Hours
Unwound Sonata For Loudspeakers
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Stop
Honolulu Mountain Daffodils Psychic Hitlist Victim No. 8
Wall Of Death Tears Of Rainbow
The Spacelords Methamorphosis
Mogwai Helicon 1
Lunchbox Here

700 x VU Groooßartig

Artist Titel
Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right
The Flaming Lips Talkin' 'Bout The Smiling
Moon Duo Sevens
Preston School Of Industry Tone It Down (Pablo Wong Remix)
Honolulu Mountain Daffodils Psychic Hitlist No. 8
Mission Of Burma Dirt
Guided By Voices The Enemy
Chavez Peeled Out Too Late + The Flaming Gong + Wakeman´s Air
Fireside Fernandez Must Die
35007 Von Braun
McLusky Provincial Song
The Band Of Blacky Ranchette The Muss Of Paradis
Bad Temper Joe Honey For My Biscuit
Beardhead Sharp Dressed Man
Eels Beautiful Freak
Weezer Undone - The Sweater Song
D4 Pirate Love
Clutch Big Fat Big
Ween Fiesta
Stereo Total Vive Le Week-End
Wesley Willis Alanis Morissette
Cat Power The Party
Wolle Kriwanek Stroßaboh

Made in USA

Ich bin der Beste

Artist Titel
Supersuckers Born With A Tail + Sugie + A Good Night Fo My Drinkin´
Black Lipstick All Night Long Forever
Supreme Dicks Summertime (Childhood´s Impossible Now)
Built T Spill Don´t Try + Strange
The Warlocks Thursday´s Radiation
Jawbox Savory
Superchunk Unbelievabel Things
Barkmarket Pittbull + Visible Cow
Cows The New Girl
Weezer Turning Up The Radio
The Dandy Warhols It´s A Fast-Driving Rave-Up With The Dandy Warhols Sixteen Minutes
Secret Machines Nowhere Again
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club American X
Mercury Rev In A Funny Way
Grandaddy Kim You Bore My To Death
Sephen Malkmus & The Jicks Dragonfly Pie
Guided By Voices Motor Away

Songs ohne Text

Artist Titel
Euroboys Rock`N` Roll Farmacia
Mogwai Ratts Of The Capital
Grandaddy Under The Western Freeway
Lupine Howl Mexican Cantina
Moon Duo Mirror´s Edge
35007 23 32
The Cult Of Dom Keller Tunnel In The Clouds
Trans Am Orlando
The Hookworms i + ii + iii
Friends Of Dean Mariinez Some Where Over The Waves
Yo La Tengo How Some Jellyfish Are Born
Kyuss Spiders And Vinegaroons
Beastie Boys Sobrosa
Psychic Ills Western Metaphor
35007 Evaporate + Voyage Automatique
Spiritualized Electric Mainline (Part 1)


Ween :: It´s Gonna Be A Long Night

Helloween :: Helloween

Aereogramme :: Thriller

Amusement Parks On Fire :: At Last The Night

Black Lipstick :: All Night Long Forever

Faith No More :: Zombie Eaters

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks :: Animal Midnight

Guns N`Roses :: Nightrain

Madrugada :: Nightly Disease Part II

The Besnard Lakes :: At Midnight

Eagles Of Death Metal :: I Like To Move In To The Night

Warlocks :: Jam Of The Witches

Mogwai :: How To Be A Werewolf

Roadsaw :: The Thrill Is Waiting

Cloud Control :: Tombstone

Feist :: Graveyard

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds :: Night Of The Lotus Eaters

Kings Of Leon :: Slow Night, So Long

Seachange :: The Nightwatch

Yo La Tengo :: Night Falls On Hoboken



Nordic Rückkopplung

Motorpsycho :: Lacuna/Sunrise

Hawkwind :: Master Of The Universe

First Things First :: Smoking The Day Away

Unida :: Delta Alba Plex

35007 :: Von Braun

Fireside :: Let Rasputin Do It

Ricochets :: You´re Gonna Get It Up The Ass

Kaada :: Mainframe

Kometa :: Trumpeter

Björk :: Army Of Me

The Hellacopters :: Soulseller

Maduigada :: Lucy One

The Works :: Everybody

Lowrider :: Riding Shotgun

Gluecifer :: Call From The Other Side

Dozer :: Black Light Revolution

WE :: Smugglers

Mother Superior :: Keep On Movin´

Cry :: Jackpot

Turbonegro :: I Got Erection/German Version

The Hives :: Tick Tick Boom

Dungen :: Bortglömd

Euro Boys :: Down The Road Of Golden Dust



Umzug > Mittwoch 14 tägig 20 bis 22 Uhr

Mogwai :: Travel Is Dangerous

The Besnard Lakes :: And This Is What We Call Progress

Protomatyr :: A Private Understanding

Moon Duo :: Run Around

The Cult Of Dom Keller :: Nothing Left To Stay For

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club :: Ain´t No Easy Way Out

Fu Manchu :: Moving in Stereo

Euro Boys :: Ambulance Cruiser

Pavement :: Here (John Peel Session)

Built To Spill :: Strange

Arizona Amp And Alternator :: The Leaving You

The Doors :: The End

Feist :: I´m Not Running Away

Psychic Ills :: See You There

Chavez :: Repeat The Ending

Eagles Of Death Metal :: I Like To Move In The Night

Beastie Boys :: The Move

Peter Licht :: Gerader Weg

Earthlings? :: Saving Up To My Spaceship/Illuminate

Mark Lanegan Band :: Come To Me

Madrugada :: Vocal

Lunchbox :: Here


Sudoku (Song)

Artist Titel
35007 22 25
13EAVER 538810
Bardo Pond 16
Euro Boys 99°
Kyuss 100°
Jawbox FF=66
Barkmarket 10 Convictions
18TH DYE 9 Out Of 10
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 666 Conducer
Botanica 3 Ring Circus
Gallon Drunk 2 Clear Eyes
Fivehead Circa 1762
Spacemen 3 2.24 (Feedback Version)
Das Weeth Experience HBS 38
The Besnard Lakes Tungsten 4 - The Refugee
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks 1% Of 1
Built To Spill Untrustable / Part 2 (About Someone Else)
HAL 9000 Apollo 11
Amusement Parks On Fire 88
Radio 4 Fra Type 1 & 2
Yo La Tengo From A Motel 6
Ween Freedom Of ´76


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