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Florian Lengl

High Noon :: 22.11.2013

Damien Dampsy - Negetive Vibes
Josh Ottum - Who Left The Light On? (Mona Jack Remix)
Cass McComb - That's That
Archie Bronson Outfit - Dart For My Sweet Heart
The Cheeks - Vivienne Westwood
Elan Vital - Parade
Mauracher - Watching You Leave
One-Two - Oh Yeah, Alright
Covenant - Brave New World
Mediengruppe Telekommander - Sprengkörper
Chikini - Like It Or Leave It
Vorsprung durch Technik - The Election Song
Junior Boys - In The Morning
Yonderboi - Peolpe Always Talk About The Weather (Gabor Deutsch Remix)
Dee Phazz - Natural Fake
Biliie Holiday - Summertime

High Noon :: 21.11.2013

Data - Skywriter
GetCape.WearCape.Fly - Collapsing Cities
Silver Colums - Cavalier
Fever Ray - Mercy Street
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel
Fiji - I'm Not Your Girl (Fiji Remix)
Double U - Deconstruction
Brisa Roche - Sweat King
Begbie - Big Strikes
Minus The Bear - Into The Mirrors
The Last Tycoon - Seven Days (Off The Road)
Smooth - Another Life
The Perms - Running Away
Gemma Ray - Bei Mir Bist Du Shein
Tweak Bird - Flyin' High
Love Almost Ruin - So Said (Fade)

High Noon :: 13.11.2013

Fura Soul - Positive Vibrations
The John Butler Trio - Zebra
Pohlmann - Der Junge ist verliebt
Jamie Cullum - Get Your Way
Sebastian Niklaus - Ich denk Musik
Passenger - Life's For The Living
Max Herre - 1ste Liebe
Jack Johnson - Taylor
Gnaris Barkley - Run
Kinderzimmerproduktions - Intro
Fettes Brot - Automatikpistole
Jamiroquai - Feels Just Like It Should
Madsen - Du schreibst Geschichte
Clueso - Out Of Space
Short Sellers - Care
The King Blues - The Future Is Not What It's Used To Be
The Stanfields - Boston State
Roman Wrenden - Muse & Matyrs

High Noon :: 12.11.2013

King Charles - The Brightest Lights
Never Shout Never - Cheatercheaterbestfriendeater
Liam Blake - For Your Sake
Meike Schrader - Hamburg, mein Hafen
Wolf Gang - Lions In Cages
The Morning Jacket - The Day Is Coming
PeterLicht - Das Ende der Beschwerde
FUN - We Are Young
FM Belfast - Vertigo
Kakkmaddafakka - Your Girl
Frittenbude - Wings
Die Zukunft - Mein Baby ist immer glücklich mit mir
Flixx'n'Hooch - Rudeboy, Rudegyal
Iriepathie - Rough Roads
Nosliw - Liebe
Jahcoustix - True to Yourself
Die Coverlire - Family Guy

High Noon :: 11.11.2013

Rya - Love Protection
Melotron - Alles gesagt
Wendy James as Racine - Grease Monkey
Cliet - Don't Call Me Baby
IAMX - Missile
Tenfold Loadster - High From Down (Gustavo Lamas Mix)
Brian Eno - This
The Knife - PassThis On
Jeans Team - Berlin am Meer
Dvorak - Neue Welt
Lemon Jelly - Make Things Right
Moonbootica - Listen ( Moonbootica Remix)
Tiefschwarz - Wait & See
Jullander - Reworks & Continuations
Daniel Hoppe feat. Paul King - Love & Pride 2005

High Noon :: 08.11.2013

Singer/Songwriter special

Tom Lüneburger - Station To Station
Nathaniel Rateliff - Shroud
Syd Matters - River Sister
Fistful of Mercy - Father's Son
Paul Smith - The Crush And The Shatter
Per Anders - Hold Me
Paucker - Everyone Knows It
Anna Calvi - I'll Be Your Man
Patty Moon - The Raven
Solo - Prayer For The Gun
Steve Mason - Boys Outside
Kid Decker - Falling
Lea W. Frey Trio - Running Up That Hill
Wildbirds & Peacedrums - The Course
Florian Horwath - My Country Soul
James Blake - Limit To Your Love

High Noon :: 05.11.2013

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - Going Up The Country
The Hi-Fly Orchestra - I Got Hope
Triband - High
Everlast - Falsom Prison Blues
Henrik Freischlader Band - Two Young Lovers
Wistom Of Crowds - Wisdom of Crowds
Jan - Work For The City
Loaded - The Boat Goes In
The King Blues - The Future's Not What It Used To Be
Distemper - Dying For You
Karamelo Santo - Liar
Larry & His Flask - The Battle For Clear Sight
Frank Turner - Plain Sailing Weather
The Stanfields - The Boston States
Zebrahead - Anthem

High Noon :: 29.10.2013

Valerie June - Workin' Woman Blues
Oscar Luise - A Tale From The Sea
The More Or The Less - The Best (That You Can Do Now)
Passenger - Life's For The Living
The Jezabels - Rosebud
Purity Ring - Lofticries
Reptar - Houseboat Babies
Bonobo - First Fires
Fetsum - Waitin For You
Rodriguez Jr. - Bittersweet
Maya Jane Coles - Everything
Micatone - Plastic Bags & Magazines
Ben Westbeech - Something For The Weekend
Kraak & Smaak - The Future Is Yours
Fritz Kalkbrenner - Get A Life

High Noon :: 28.10.2013

Heute ElectroSwing Special

The Puppini Sisters - Mr.Sandman
Frank Senatra - Strangers In The Night
Alice Francis - St. James Ballroom
Alice Francis - Shoot him down (Parov Stelar Mix Club version)
Parov Stelar - Charlston Butterfly
Alice Francis - Gangster Love (Shiny Mob Remix)
Waldeck - Midsummer Night Blues
Parov Stelar - Jimmy's Gang
Caravan Palace - Suzy
Waldeck - Make My Day (Parov Stelar Mix)
Milano Jazz Dance Combo - Changes (Funk Mix)

Starfighter - about you
Fury & The Slaughterhouse - Time To Wonder
Nothern Lite - Out Of My Head
Seether - Broken feat. Amy Lee
Slipknot - Dead Memories (Alternativ Version)

High Noon :: 22.10.2013

Marlango - Shake The Moon
Willie Nelson - Songbird
Maria Solheim - Wildest Day
Ron Flieger - An deiner Seite stehen
Glacier - Houston
Mardi Gras.BB - Before You Were My Girl
Mister Bond - Goldeneye (vocals Pat Appleton)
Ray Charles - Let The Good Times Roll
Detroit Cobras - Cha Cha Twist
The Kooks - Be Mine
Yellow Umbrella - The World Is Not Fair
The Valkyrians - Do You Really Wanna Know
Sebastian Sturm - Without A Trace
Mono & Nikitaman - Dieses schöne bleibt für immer
Damian Marley feat. Nas - Road To Zion (Mainversion)
The Streets - Going Trough Hell (Diplo Remix)
Pendulum - Watercolour
Four Tet - Parallel Jalebi


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