Gegen Stumpfsinn
und Langeweile

aus dem Äther.


OWF 2015

Interpret :: Song
Bilderbuch :: Plansch + Spliff
Jacco Garner :: Face To Face + Before The Dawn
Drenge :: Favourite Son + Bloodsports
Benjamin Booker :: Violent Shiver
Skip & Die :: Space Girl + Jungle Riot
Zoot Women :: Automatic + We Won´t Break
DMA´S :: Feels Like 37 + Delete
Oscar :: Grow Up + Beautiful Words
Marcus Wiebusch :: Nur einmal rächen


Interpret :: Song
Hawkwind :: Be Yourself + Master Of The Universe
Nektar :: Warp Oversight
35007 :: Tsunami + 23 32
Pink Floyd :: Careful With That Axe, Eugene
Monster Magnet :: Ego, The Living Planet + Superjudge
Bardo Pond :: #3
Spiritualized :: Come Together
Spacemen 3 :: The Sound Of Confusion + Revolution (Live)
Mercury Rev :: Trickle Down + Chasing A Bee
Sigur Ros :: Glösöli
Smashing Pumpkins :: Rocket

Mirinda 3, Bluna 5, Sinalco 6, Fanta 4 - i schwör...

Interpret :: Song
Bran Van 3000 :: Drinking In L.A.
100 Watt Smile :: New Jersey
Spacemen 3 :: Loosing Touch With My Mind
D4 :: Heatbreaker
18th Dye :: Play W/ You
HAL 9000 :: Smoke My Magic DS
2 Foot Flame :: The Arbitrator + Cordoned Off
Tahiti 80 :: Separate Ways
6 Finger Satellite :: Weapon
13EAVER :: Centaur
35007 :: Powertruth
The Dead 60s :: Riot Radio
11th Dream Day :: insomnia
Radio 4 :: Absolute Affirmation
Love 666 :: Drag
Variant 411 :: Barbara Fucks Mary
Mucus 2 :: Lemon
Moon Duo :: Scars
H2O :: Go
Simple Ones :: We Are...
9 Inch Nails :: Head Like A Hole
24-7 Spyz :: Stuntmann
Cat-O-Nine Tails :: Just Another Face
16 Horsepower :: Coal Black Hors


Interpret :: Song
Chain & The Gang :: Heavy Breathing
Queens Of The Stone Age :: Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion :: Sweat
Mogwai :: The Sun Smells Too Loud
Voodoo Glow Skulls :: Here Comes The Sun
Eagles Of Death Metal :: San Berdoo Sunburn
Nebula :: Let It Burn
Kyuss :: 100 Degree
Euro Boys :: 99 Degree
Buffalo Tom :: Summer
Grandaddy :: Summer Here Kids
Beatsteaks :: Summer
Tocotronic :: Letztes Jahr im Sommer
Swell :: Sunshine Everyday
Super Furry Animals :: Hello Sunshine
Friends Of Dean Martinez :: Summertime (Live)
Moon Duo :: In The Sun
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club :: Sure As The Sun
Dust Galaxy :: Sun In Your Head
Pavement :: Summer Babe (Winter Version)
Wall Of Death :: Heaven By The Sun
Vibravoid :: Eruptions Of The Greene Sun
The Jesus And Mary Chain :: Sundown
Yo La Tengo :: The Summer
Weezer :: Holiday
The Dandy Warhols :: Every Day Should Be A Holiday
Peter Licht :: Sonnendeck

Nachlese Southside´ 15

Interpret :: Song
Millionaire :: Champagne
Band Of Skulls :: Himalayan
Death From Above 1979 :: You´re A Woman, I´m A Machine + Trainwreck 1979 (Live)
Death Cab For Cutie :: Black Sun + You Are A Tourist
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club :: Rival + Ain´t No Easy Way
Turbowolf :: Let´s Die
Sunset Sons :: On The Road
NOFX :: Kill All The White Man (Live)
Olli Schulz & Der Hund Marie :: Dann schlägt dein Herz
Archive :: End Of Our Days
The Notwist :: Consequence + Kong (Live)
Danko Jones :: Do You Wanna Rock (Live) + Play The Blues ( Live)
Die Antwoord :: I Think U Freeky
Millincolin :: In A Room + Story Of My Live
Suicidal Tendencies :: Institutionalized + War Inside My Head + You Can´t Bring Me Down
Moon Duo :: Mazes

2015 Southside, los geht´s....

Interpret :: Song
Raignwolf :: Are You Satisfied? (Live)
Royal Blood :: Figure It Out
Death Cab For Cutie :: The Sound Of Setting + Transatlanticism
Death From Above 1979 :: Romantic Rights + Cold War
Band Of Skulls :: I Know What I Am
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club :: Let The Day Begin + Awake
Sunset Sons :: On The Road
Turbowolf :: RabbitsFoot
NOFX :: Vincent + Kill All The White Man (Live)
The Gaslight Anthem :: 45
Archive :: System
The Notwist :: Chemicals
Strung Out :: Rotten Apple
Danko Jones :: Heartbreak´s A Blessing
Everytime I Die :: I Suck (Blood)
Lag Wagon :: Sleep
Backyard Babies :: Dysfunctional Professional
Millencolin :: Kemp
Absolute Beginners :: Highway To Einbusch (Live)
Suicidal Tendencies :: How Will I Laugh Tomorow + Posessed To Skate

This and That

Artist Titel
Song Interpret
Kyuss Green Machine
Queens Of The Stone Age Quick And To The Pointless
Queens Of The Stone Age Lightning Song
Mondo Generator Simple Exploding Man
Black Sabbath Into The Void
Mono The Last Dawn
Mono Rays Of Darkness
Mono The Battle To Heaven
Mogwai The Sun Smells Too Loud
Mogwai How To Be A Werewolf
Sigur Ros Flugufrelsarinn
Sigur Ros Ny Batteri
Moon Duo Fallout
Spiritualized Medication
Moon Duo Mazes
Spiritualized Electricity
Artist Titel
Song Interpret
Kyuss Green Machine
Queens Of The Stone Age Quick And To The Pointless
Queens Of The Stone Age Lightning Song
Mondo Generator Simple Exploding Man

rund ums Auto

Song :: Interpret
Lovecar :: Fireside
Auf Achse :: Franz Ferdinand
Sikh In A Baja VW Bug :: Grandaddy
King Of The Road :: Fu Manchu
Mustang Ford :: Walking Concert
Long Line Of Cars :: Cake
The Bus :: Buffalo Tom
Motor City Dragway :: Demolition Doll Rods
Jesus Built My Hotrod :: Ministry
Highway :: Feedtime
Driving Death Valley Blues :: Mark Lanegan Band
Police Siren :: Blood In The Saddle
Dune Buggy :: The Presidents Of The United States Of America
Boogie Van :: Fu Manchu
Watch Me Jumpstart :: Guided By Voices
Trans Am :: Trans Am
Goat Driver :: The Baptist Generals
Autopilot :: Queens Of The Stone Age
Motorway City (Live) :: Hawkwind
V8 Rock´n´Roll :: Blowhard
Race Car Ya-Yas :: Cake
Highway To Heck :: Bran Van 3000
Hell On Wheels :: Fu Manchu
Drift :: Leadfoot
Car Thief :: Beastie Boys
Motor Away :: Guided By Voices
Motorbike Girl :: Feedtime
Hey Taxi :: Blowhard
The Distance :: Cake
Down The Road Of Golden Dust :: Euro Boys
Infinity :: Queens Of The Stone Age
Autobahn :: Kraftwerk

Alles Neu...

Interpret :: Song
Instrument :: Slow Motion Emotion
Instrument :: Old Man Smiling
Instrument :: Olympus Mons
Reeves Gabrels :: Husnu
Black Mango :: Soft Kick
Pixies :: Indie Cindy
Garish :: Alles Nur Idee
Calexico :: Lost In Space
The Band Of... Blacky Ranchette :: Trouble Man
Tav Falco´s Panther Burns :: Blind Man
Tav Falco´s Panther Burns :: Pantherman
Baskery :: One Horse Down
Waycross :: Stay Ugly
Fu Manchu :: The Last Question
Nebula :: So It Goes
The Warlocks :: You´ve Changed
Mono :: Kanata
Mono :: Recoil, Ignite
Yo La Tengo :: I Heard You Looking (Live)

Gute Freunde kann Niemand trennen

Song :: Interpret
Stormy High :: Black Mountain
Girls Like That :: Weird War
No One Else :: Weezer
Best Friend´s Arm :: Pavement
Ain´t No Easy Way :: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Tears Are In Your Eyes :: Yo La Tengo
Feel So Sad (7" Single Version :: Spiritualized
Everything Beautiful Is Far Away :: Grandaddy
The Distance :: Cake
Sister :: Madrugada
Nichts bereuen :: Maria Perzil
Katri(e)n :: Mogwai
Disaster :: The Besnard Lakes
Afterlife :: Arcade Fire
Take Me Out :: Franz Ferdinand
Little Baby :: D4
Love Burns :: The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
It Would Be Cooler If You Did :: Quicksand
Home :: The God Machine
Everything´s Going On :: Dead Meadow
Grounded :: Pavement
Medication :: Spirtualized
Our Way To Fall :: Yo La Tengo


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