Gegen Stumpfsinn
und Langeweile

aus dem Äther.


Retrospektive Maifeld-derby 2016

Minor Victories :: Scattered Ashes
Mogwai :: Fat Man + BatCa
Explosions In The Sky :: Tangle Formations + Disintegration Anxiety
SUUNS :: Fall + Translate
Die Nerven :: Den Tag vergessen + Barfuß durch die Scherben
Battles :: Summer Simmer + Non Violence
Pissed Jeans ::: Bathroom Laughter (Live) + Health Plan (Live)
Drangsal :: Love Me Or Leave Me Alone
Protomatyr :: Why Does It Shake? + Pontiac 87
Isolation Berlin :: Wahn + Product
Dinosaur Jr. :: Just Like Heaven + Out There

Maifeld Derby Mannheim

Dinosaur Jr. :: Feel The Pain + Start Choppin
Protomatyr :: Why Does It Shake?
Mogwai :: The Sun Smells Too Loud + Auto Rock
Minor Victories :: Scattered Ashes
Pissed Jeans :: Bathroom Lauhgter
Die Nerven :: Barfuß durch die Scherben
Isolation Berlin ::Ich küss Dich
Drangsal :: Allan Align
Get Well Soon :: Busy Hope
Suuns :: Fall + Careful + Paralyzer
Explosion In The Sky :: Disintegration Anxiety + Losing Light
Daughter :: Lifeforms
Vögel die Erde Essen :: Radioaktivität
Augustines :: Cruel City
Battles :: My Machines + Luu Le
James Blake :: Radio Silence


Motorpsycho :: Radiance Freq.
" :: Custer´s Last Stand
" :: Ratcatcher
" :: Greener
" :: The Alchemyst
" :: Child Of The Future
" :: No Evil
" :: You Lie
" :: Go To California
" :: Big Black Dog

Amphetamine Reptil Records

Artist Titel
Unsane Scrape
Love 666 MDMA
Helmet Born Annoying + Rude
King Sneak Roost Travel Was A Meat Thing
Hammerhead Load King + Ethereal Killer
Partydiktator Beggar
Cows Allergic To Myself + Divorcee´ Moore
Helios Creed XL - 35 + Mountain Mystery
Boss Hog Some Sara
Today Is The Day Come On Down And Get Saved
Surgery Kickin Around
Guzzard Death Race 2000 + Deaf Ears, Gamma Rays
God Bullies King Of Sling
Chokebore Motionless
Feedtime Back
Janitor Joe Boys In Blue
Supernova Math
Vertigo King Of Terror
Artist Titel
Unsane Scrape
Love 666 MDMA
Helmet Born Annoying + Rude
King Sneak Roost Travel Was A Meat Thing
Hammerhead Load King + Ethereal Killer
Partydiktator Beggar


Supersuckers :: Born With A Tail
SuperSnazz :: Breakout
Nirvana :: Lithium
Love Battery ::Out Of Focus
Kinski :: Crybaby Blowout
The Shins :: Australia
Friends Of Dean Martinez :: Chunder
Les Thugs :: Horror Toys
Pond :: Mubby´s Theme
Big Chief :: Wasted On B.C.
Sunny Day Real Estate :: The Blankets Were The Stairs
Red Red Meat :: Mecanix (From Cold Milk)
Jennifer Gentle :: Nothing Makes Sense
The Gutter Twins :: Who Will Lead Us?
J Mascis :: Is It Done
All Night Radio :: Sad K
Pissed Jeans :: Bathroom Laughter
Seaweed :: Card Tricks
Mudhoney :: Broken Hands
Low :: Violent Past
The Thermals :: A Pillar Of Salt

City Slang

Arcade Fire :: Ready To Start
Tortoise :: TNT
Trans Am :: Orlando
Flaming Lips :: Uncon - Sciously Screamin`
Hole :: Retard Girl
Superchunk :: Ribbon
Get Well Soon :: Busy Hope
Sebadoh :: Beauty Of The Ride
Calexico :: The Black Light
The Notwist :: Pick Up The Phone + Kong
Broken Social Scene :: 7/4 (Shoreline)
Yo La Tengo :: Swing For Life
Unsane :: Body Bomb
Built To Spill :: Carry The Zero
J Mascis + The Fog :: More Light
Guided By Voices :: Watch Me Jumpstart
Boss Hog :: Chocolate
Nada Surf :: Concrete Bed
Junip :: Line Of Fire
Grinderman :: Dream (Song For Finn)

Musik - was uns bewegt

Seid dabei wenn Pi mal Daumen am 19. März von 16 bis 17 Uhr aus dem Äther ertönt! Das Thema unserer Sendung ist >Musik - was uns bewegt<, wozu wir auch einen passenden Interviewgast, den talentierten Nachwuchsgitarristen Malte Höfig (Bundessieger 2015 bei "Jugend musiziert"), geladen haben. Außerdem besuchten wir für euch die Kunstmesse Kunstschimmer, sowie die Ulmer Denkanstöße zum Thema Scheitern. Gute, abwechslungsreiche Musik wird das ganze natürlich abrunden. Wir freuen uns auf euch!

Matador Records

Interpret :: Song
Chavez :: Flight´ 96
Queens Of The Stone Age :: I Sat By The Ocean
Bailter Space :: Splat
Guided By Voices :: Motor Away
Pavement :: Stereo
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion :: Talk About The Blues
The Lynnfield Pioneers :: Windblown
Pretty Girls Make Graves :: This Is Our Emergency
Dead Meadow :: Everything´s Going On
Seachange :: Forty Nights
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks :: It Kills
Mogwai :: Hunted By A Freak
Guitar Wolf :: Kawasaki Z11 750 Rock´n`Roll
Sonic Youth :: Antenna
Unsane :: This Town
Cat Power :: American Flag
Mission Of Burma :: The Setup
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists :: Bottled In Cork
Pavement :: The Hexx (Live)
Fuckde Up :: Son The Father
Arab Strab :: The First Big Weekend

Norway & Canada

Interpret :: Song :: Album
Motorpsycho :: I.M.S. :: Here Be Monsters
Motorpsycho :: Cluster´s Last Stand :: It´s A Love Cult
Motropsycho :: Psychonaut :: Trust Us / Supersonic Scientist
Motorpsycho :: Hell, Part 1-3 :: Still Life With Eggplant
Motorpsycho :: Big Black Dog :: Here Be Monsters
Motorpsycho :: Riding The Tiger :: Child Of The Future
The Besnard Lakes :: Tungsten 4 - Refugee :: AColiseum Complex Museum
The Besnard Lakes :: Deep. Desultory Dream :: Volume 1
The Besnard Lakes :: Desaster :: Are The Dark Horse
The Besnard Lakes :: And this Is What We Call Progress :: Are The Roaring Night
The Besnard Lakes :: The Specter :: Until In Excess, Imprecetible UFO
The Besnard Lakes :: The Bray Road Beast :: A Coliseum Complex Museum


Interpret :: Song :: Film/OST
Sonic Youth :: I´m Not There :: I´ m Not There
Mogwai :: Auto Rock :: Miami Vice
Ozzy Osbourne :: Party With The Animal :: Buffy The Vampiere Slayer
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead :: Will You Smile Again For Me :: Goal
Jefferson Airplane :: White Rabbit :: Platoon
Sleeper :: Atomic :: Trainspotting
R.E.M. :: Revolution :: Batman & Robin
Rage Against The Machine :: Darkness :: The Crow
The Jimi Hendrix Experience :: If Six Was Nine :: Easy Rider
Slayer & Atari Teenage Riot :: No Remorse (I Wanna Die) :: Spawn
Kenny Rogers & The First Edition :: Just Dropped In :: The Big Lebowski
Filter :: Hey Man Nice Shot :: Tales From The Crypt Presents Demon Knight
T Rex :: 20th Century Boy :: Absolute Giganten
Blackmail & Wirehead :: Dull (Remixe) :: Kammerflimmern
Pink Floyd :: The Nile Song :: More
Such A Surge :: Strange Days (Gelee Royal Femix) :: Strange Days
Peter-Thomas-Sound-Orchester :: Space-Patrol :: Raumpatrouille
Trent Reznor :: Burn :: Natural Born Killers
The Killers :: Shadowplay :: Control
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich :: Hold Tigth:: Death Proof
Morphine :: Radar :: Condo Painting
Faith No More & Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E :: Another Body Murdered :: Judgement Night


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