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Sondersendung - Deutsche Helden Teil 2 : PARADOX am 09.11.22 um 2200

Artist Titel Album
Paradox Victims of Hell Demo 1986
Paradox No place to survive Demo 1986
Paradox Paradox Product of Imagination
Paradox Pray to the gods of wrath Live at Dynamo Festival 1986/05/23
Paradox Product of Imagination Product of Imagination
Paradox Kill that beast Product of Imagination
Paradox Mystery Product of Imagination
Paradox Heresy Heresy
Paradox Search for perfection Heresy
Paradox Killtime Heresy
Paradox Crusaders Revenge Heresy
Paradox The Burning Heresy
Paradox 700 years on Heresy
Paradox A light in the black Tales Of The Weird
Paradox Massacre of the cathars Heresy
Paradox Escape from the burning Heresy II: End of a legend

Sondersendung - Deutsche Helden Teil 2 : PARADOX am 12.10.22 um 22.00

Sie waren in den 80´ern die deutsche Antwort auf Metallica: Die Würzburger Thrash Metal-Band Paradox um Sänger Charly Steinhauer hinterließ 2 Kultalben, „Product of Imagination“ und „Heresy“. Charly selbst wird uns einiges über die Hintergründe und die Anfangstage von Paradox erzählen. Ein muss für alle Heavy Metal Freunde!

Die wichtigsten THRASH METAL BANDS der 80´er

Artist Titel Album
Paradox Heresy Heresy (1989)
Metallica Creeping Death Ride the lightning (1984)
Slayer Piece by piece Reign in Blood (1986)
Exodus Bonded by blood Bonded by blood (1985)
Anthrax Gung Ho Spreading the disease (1985)
Megadeth Mechanix Killing is my business...and business is good! (1985)
Kreator Extreme Agressions Extreme Agressions (1989)
Sodom Ausgebombt Agent Orange (1989)
Suicidal Tendencies I shot the devil Suicidal Tendencies (1983)
S.O.D. Speak English or die Speak English or die (1985)
Testament Do or die The Legacy (1987)

British Metal der 1980´er

Artist Titel Album
Iron Maiden Phantom of the opera 1980
Iron Maiden
Ozzy Osbourne Mr. Crowley 1980
Blizzard of Ozz
Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell 1980
Heaven and Hell
Saxon 747 (Strangers In The Night) 1980
Wheels of steel
Judas Priest Breaking The law 1980
British Steel
Diamond Head Am I evil 1982
Borrowed Time
Samson Go to hell 1981
Shock Tactics
Venom Welcome to hell 1981
Welcome to hell
Motörhead Motörhead 1979
On Parole
Whitesnake Children of he night 1987

Henris Metal und Punk High Noon

Artist Titel
Ramones Blitzkrieg Bob
Irie Revoltes Viva con Agua
NOFX Leave it alone
Blink 182 All the small Things
Airbourne Diamond in the Rough
Die Toten Hosen Pushed again
Megadeth Tornado of Souls
Feine Sahne Fischfilet Ich glaube dir
Slayer God hates us all
Anthrax Fueled
Die goldenen Zitronen Flimmern
Green Day Hitchin a ride
Rancid Stop
Sick of it all Disco sucks f**k everything
Slipknot People = Shit
Ton Steine Scherben Keine Macht für Niemand
Ramones Pet Semetery
Sick of it all America
Megadeth Trust
Rancid Endrina

Photo by Robert Anasch

HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 07.05.2019

artist :: title :: label
amon amarth :: raven´s flight :: sony music
darkthrone :: the hardship of the scots :: peaceville records
arch enemy :: shadow on the wall :: century media records
hammerfall :: (we make) sweden rock :: napalm records
bloody hammers :: now the screaming starts :: napalm records
grand magus :: spear thrower :: nuclear blast records
sabaton :: fields of verdun :: nuclear blast records
enforcer :: regrets :: nuclear blast records
queensryche :: propaganda fashion :: century media records
need2destroy :: kiss my ass :: fastball music
mission in black :: oceans of blood :: el puerto records
fateful finality :: dirt in the closet ::  
imminence :: death of you :: arising empire
warcurse :: iron veil :: svart records
new years day :: missunderstood :: century media records
papa roach :: not the only one :: eleven seven music
danko jones :: burn in hell :: afm records
liv sin :: slave to the machine :: despotz records
whitesnake :: hey you (you make me rock) :: frontiers music
the idiots :: schweineköter :: idiots records
the vintage caravan :: the way :: nuclear blast records
tyler leads :: electric wasteland :: indie
the spirit :: cosmic fear :: nuclear blast records
visigoth :: traitors gate :: metal blade records

HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 09.04.2019

artist :: title :: label
judas priest :: electric eye :: sony
mötley crüe :: red hot :: eleven seven music
a new revenge :: never let you go :: golden robot records
while she sleeps :: anti-social :: spinefarm records
while she sleeps :: elephant :: spinefarm records
while she sleeps :: the guilty party :: spinefarm records
while she sleeps :: set you free :: spinefarm records
in flames :: burn :: nuclear blast records
nightrage :: the damned :: despotz records
nightrage :: embrace the nightrage :: despotz records
white chapel :: brimstone :: metal blade records
tronos :: the ancient deceit :: century media records
royal republic :: fireman and dancer :: arising empire
backyard babies :: good morning midnight :: century media records
kissin´dynamite :: ecstasy :: sony music
delain :: hunter´s moon :: napalm records
battle beast :: the golden horde :: nuclear blast records
the order of chaos :: night terror :: killer metal records / h´art
creeping death :: trail of confusion :: e one / spv
deserted fear :: sins from the past :: century media records
enterprise earth :: ashamed to be human :: e one / spv
eluveitie :: ambiramus :: nuclear blast records
any given day :: loveless :: arising empire
arch enemy :: breaking the law :: century media records
children of bodom :: platitudes and barren words :: nuclear blast records
iron savior :: eternal quest :: afm records
onslaught :: a perfect day to die :: afm records
emil bulls :: survivor :: afm records
queensryche :: man the machine :: century media records
asp :: osternacht :: trisol music group

HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 26.03.2019

artist :: title :: label
russkaja :: no one is illegal :: starwatch
oomph :: im namen des vaters :: napalm records
bring me the horizon :: mother tongue :: rca records
bloodbound :: skyriders and stormbringers :: afm records
delain :: nothing left :: napalm records
battle beast :: the hero :: nuclear blast records
overkill :: out on the road kill :: nuclear blast records
i prevail :: breaking down :: spinefarm
while she sleeps :: anti-social :: spinefarm
mötley crüe :: the dirt :: eleven seven music
l.a. guns :: rage :: frontiers music
black label society :: spoke in the wheel :: one entertainment
in flames :: call my name :: nuclear blast records
any given day :: savior :: arising empire records
high reaper :: bring the dead :: heavy psych sounds
a pale horse named death :: love the ones you hate :: long branch records
iron savior :: kill or get killed :: afm records
queensryche :: blood of the levant :: century media records
avantasia :: starlight :: nuclear blast records
backyard babies :: 44undead :: century media records
whitesnake :: shut up and kiss me :: frontiers music
tesla :: you won´t take me alive :: t-boy / universal
children of bodom :: relapse (the nature of my crime) :: nuclear blast records
rage of light :: away with you :: napalm records
nightrage :: wolf to man :: despotz
okkultist :: sign of the ripper :: alma mater records

playlist HARTWURST MASSAKER vom 12.03.2019

artist :: title :: label
danko jones :: dance dance dance :: afm records
mötley crüe :: the dirt :: eleven seven music
kissin´dynamite :: ecstasy :: sony music
rock goddess :: are you ready :: bite you to death records
buckcherry :: right now :: century media records
aenimus :: eternal :: nuclear blast records
rhapsody of fire :: rain of fury :: afm records
korpiklaani :: beer,beer feat. Heidevolk :: nuclear blast records
enemy inside :: phoenix :: roar
crystal lake :: lost in forever :: nuclear blast records
nightrage :: the damend :: despotz records
rage of light :: fallen :: napalm
okkultist :: back from the dead :: alma mater records
oomphh :: kein liebeslied :: napalm
breathe atlantis :: fall :: nuclear blast records
lord dying :: envy the end :: entertainment one
backyard babies :: sliver and gold :: century media records
the picturebooks :: electric nights :: century media records
pendulum of fortune :: we stand for rock´n roll :: el puerto records
massive waggons :: china plates :: earache records
lion´s share :: chain child :: notorious music
within temptation :: in vain :: vertigo
iron savior :: roaring thunder :: afm records
queensryche :: light years :: century media records


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