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Metal Alben des Jahres 1981

Artist Titel Album
AC/DC For those about to rock (We salute you) For those about to rock
Ozzy Osbourne Over the mountain Diary of a Madman
Black Sabbath The sign of the southern cross Mob Rules
Iron Maiden Killers Killers
Motörhead Ace of Spades No Sleep 'til Hammersmith
Accept Breaker Breaker
Michael Schenker Group Attack of the mad axman MSG
Venom Schizoid Welcome to hell
Saxon Princess of the night Denim and Leather
Judas Priest Hot Rocking Point of Entry
Whitesnake Come an´get it Come an' Get It

Metal Alben des Jahres 1982

Artist Titel Album
Accept Fast as shark Restless and Wild
Scorpions Dynamite Blackout
Michael Schenker Group Assault Attack Assault Attack
Iron Maiden Hallowed by thy name The Number of the Beast
Manowar Battle Hymn Battle Hymns
Black Sabbath Sign of the southern cross / Heaven and hell Live Evil
Venom Black Metal Black Metal
Mercyful Fate Doomed by the living dead Mercyful Fate
Diamond Head Am I evil Borrowed Time
Motörhead Bang to rights Iron Fist

Der inoffizielle Soundtrack : ORAKEL LP aus "Der Greif"

Artist Titel
OST Der Greif Main Titel
The Black Crowes Remedy
Radiohead Creep
Soundgarden Black Hole Sun
Smashing Pumpkins Today
Keziah Jones Where’s Life
Pearl Jam Even flow
Blind Guardian Journey Through the Dark
Chris Blackwell Shadow Visions
Prong Another Wordly Device
Andy Cooper High Noon
Homicide Burrito


Artist Titel Album
Dio Don´t talk to strangers Holy Diver
Ozzy Osbourne Bark at the moon Bark at the moon
Iron Maiden To tame a land Piece of mind
Metallica Pulling Teeth / Whiplash Kill´ em all
Slayer Die by the sword Show no mercy
Suicidal Tendencies I shot the devil Suicidal Tendencies
Gary Moore Murder in the skies Victim of the future
Michael Schenker Group Captain Nemo Built to destroy
Accept Balls to the wall Balls to the wall
Quiet Riot Cum on feel then noize Metal Health


Artist Titel Album
Mashgyver New York One Metallica "One" & Frank Sinatra "New York New York"
Iron Sembello She’s a Trooper Michael Sembello "She's a maniac" & Iron Maiden "Trooper"
Gloria Gaynor and Dio I Will Survive the Rainbow in the Dark "I will survive" & "Rainbow in the dark"
Donny Osbourne Flying Hot Stuff Donna Summer "Hot Stuff" & Ozzy Osbourne "Flying High again"
James Priest Electric Sex Machine James Brown "Sex Machine" & Judas Priest "Electric Eye"
Isleyhead Ace of Shout The Isley Brothers "Shout" & Motörhead "Ace of Spades"
Slayer and Katrina & The Waves Chemical Warfare (Don't It Feel Good?) "Chemical Warfare" & "Walking on sunshine"
The Bangles and Slayer Walk Like an Angel of Death "Walk like an Egyptian" & "Angel of Death"
Black Doors Break on through to the paranoid side The Doors "Break on through" & Black Sabbath "Paranoid"
The Bee Gees and Deep Purple You Should Be Smoking "You should be dancing" & "Smoke on the water"
Chicago and Black Sabbath Plenty High or 6 to 4 Chicago "25 or 6 to 4" & Black Sabbath "Sweet leaf"
Mötley Crüe vs. The Commodores Brïck Shöut "Shout at the devil" & "Brickhouse"
Wax Audio Master of Doin´ it Metallica "Master of Puppets" & Herbie Hancock "Doin´ it"

Sondersendung - Deutsche Helden Teil 2 : PARADOX am 09.11.22 um 2200

Artist Titel Album
Paradox Victims of Hell Demo 1986
Paradox No place to survive Demo 1986
Paradox Paradox Product of Imagination
Paradox Pray to the gods of wrath Live at Dynamo Festival 1986/05/23
Paradox Product of Imagination Product of Imagination
Paradox Kill that beast Product of Imagination
Paradox Mystery Product of Imagination
Paradox Heresy Heresy
Paradox Search for perfection Heresy
Paradox Killtime Heresy
Paradox Crusaders Revenge Heresy
Paradox The Burning Heresy
Paradox 700 years on Heresy
Paradox A light in the black Tales Of The Weird
Paradox Massacre of the cathars Heresy
Paradox Escape from the burning Heresy II: End of a legend

Sondersendung - Deutsche Helden Teil 2 : PARADOX am 12.10.22 um 22.00

Sie waren in den 80´ern die deutsche Antwort auf Metallica: Die Würzburger Thrash Metal-Band Paradox um Sänger Charly Steinhauer hinterließ 2 Kultalben, „Product of Imagination“ und „Heresy“. Charly selbst wird uns einiges über die Hintergründe und die Anfangstage von Paradox erzählen. Ein muss für alle Heavy Metal Freunde!

Die wichtigsten THRASH METAL BANDS der 80´er

Artist Titel Album
Paradox Heresy Heresy (1989)
Metallica Creeping Death Ride the lightning (1984)
Slayer Piece by piece Reign in Blood (1986)
Exodus Bonded by blood Bonded by blood (1985)
Anthrax Gung Ho Spreading the disease (1985)
Megadeth Mechanix Killing is my business...and business is good! (1985)
Kreator Extreme Agressions Extreme Agressions (1989)
Sodom Ausgebombt Agent Orange (1989)
Suicidal Tendencies I shot the devil Suicidal Tendencies (1983)
S.O.D. Speak English or die Speak English or die (1985)
Testament Do or die The Legacy (1987)


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