Gegen Stumpfsinn
und Langeweile

aus dem Äther.


New / Neu

Breeders :: New Year
Pretty Girls Make Graves :: The New Romance
Jud :: Nothing New
Mogwai :: New Paths To Helicon Part 1
Jimmy Eat World :: Your New Asthetic
Interpol :: The New
Moon Duo :: New Dawn
Les Thugs :: New Day
Jason Lytle :: Brand New Sun
The Verve :: A New Decade
The Tears :: Brave New Century
Chavez :: New Room
Joy Division :: New Dawn Fades
Velvett Fogg :: New York Mining Disaster 1941
Living Colour :: New Jack Theme
The Strokes :: New York City Cops
The Dandy Warhols :: Love Is The New Feel Awful
Gasgiant :: New Day Rising
Ministry :: New World Order
Beastie Boys :: The New Style
Mclusky :: Hymn For New Cars
Air :: New Star In The Sky
Peter Licht :: Neue Idee
Neu! :: Negativland

2 x neu

Dives :: Tomorrow + Drum
Mina :: Radio + No. 6
Pink Turns blue :: Bury It All + Star
We Stood Like Kings :: Grand Illusions + Machines
Feist :: Century + Any Party
Motorpsycho :: Intrepid Explorer + In Every Dream Home
First Things First :: World-Band Reciever + Smoking The Day Away
Jud :: Druggy + Buffalo
The Cult Of Dom Keller :: Exerminating Angels + Shambhala Is On Fire

Duos / Bands mit Personen

The Raveonettes :: Cops On Our Tail
Too Tangled :: Stay Restless + Place Of Gold
Mecca Normal :: Something To Be Said
Binoculers :: Agrvic + Same Sun + But Oh!
The Weyers :: Think of You + Bout Love
Me And Marie :: Hai Eu Less + On Eyed Love
The Moldy Peaches :: Anyone Else But You + Lucky # 9 (Live)
The Black Keys :: Lonely Boy
The Folk Implosion :: Fall Into November
Zweikant :: 3223
Bob Log III :: All The Rockets Go Bang + Fire In The Hole + Big Ass HArd One
Death From Above 1979 :: Romantic Rights
The Royal Blood :: Figure It Out
Moon Duo :: Scars
Air :: Kelly Watch The Stars

zu Gast Lotte


Quicksand :: Illuminat + Frazer
Gorilla Bisquits :: Start Today + Sitting Around At Home
Walking Concert :: Mustang Ford
Quicksand - Dine Alone + Cosmonauts
Warzone :: As One
Youth Of Today :: Disengage + No More
Quicksand :: Delusional
Rival Schools :: Good Things + Used For Glue + World Invitational
Quicksand :: Baphomet
Helmet :: Give It + In The Meantime
Quicksand :: East 3rd St.
CIV Set Your Goals + Everyday
Errortype:11 :: Tickt To Listen To Ride + I Got You + Clan Mac Gregor....
Vanishing Life :: Realist
Dead Heavens ::Away From The Speed + Isn´t Wrong
Quicksand :: Backwards

Shoegaze 2

The Voices :: Nowbody Knows The Way I Feel
Cocteau Twins :: Heaven Or Las Vegas
The Kitchens Of Distinctions :: The 3rd Time We Opend The Capsule
The Pale Saints :: Sight Of You
The Boo Radleys :: The Finest Kiss
Slowdive :: Slomo
M83 :: Don´t Save Us From The Flames
Chapterhouse :: Pearl
Hookworms :: Away
The Charlottes :: Liar
My Bloody Valentine :: To Here Knows When
Amusement Parks On Fire :: Venosa
The Jesus And Mary Chain :: Sidewalking
A Place To Bury Strangers :: It Is Nothing
Arab Strap :: Revolution
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart :: Come Saturday
Ride :: Nowehre


Ride :: Seagull
Spiritualized :: Think I´m in Love
School Of Seven Bells :: Device (Fuer M)
Secret Machines :: Light´s On
Spectrum :: How You Satisfy Me
The Ravonette :: That Great Love Sound
Galaxie 500 :: Tugboat
The Telescopes :: To Kill A Slow Girl Walking
The Jesus & Mary Chain :: The Living Dead + Nine Million Rainy Days
Amusement Parks On Fire :: Wiper
My Bloody Valentine :: Soon + Only Tomorrow
Lush :: Heavenly Nobodies
Spacemen 3 :: Take Me To The Other Side (Live)
Film School :: He´s A Deep Deep Lake
35007 :: 23 32
The Cult Of Dom Keller :: Hole In The Whole
Mogwai :: Crossing The Road Material + Boring Machines Sisturbs Sleep


Raveonettes :: Attack Of The Ghost Riders :: Whip It On
The Strokes :: Hard To Explane :: Is This It
Weezer :: My Name Is Jonas :: Blue Album
Velvet Underground & Nico :: I´m Waiting For My Man :: Same
Queens Of The Stone Age :: Regular John :: Same
Nine Inch Nails :: Head Like A Hole :: Pretty Hate Machine
The Jesus And Mary Chain :: Tast The Floor :: Psychocandy
35007 :: The Elefant Song :: Especially For You
Quicksand :: Dine Alone :: Slip
Goilla Biscuits :: Sitting Around At Home :: Gorilla Biscuits
Suicidal Tendencies :: Institutionalized :: Suicidal Tendencies
Dead Kennedys :: California Über Alles :: Fres Fruit For Rotting Vegetables
Rage Against The Machine :: Wake Up :: Same
Pearl Jam :: Once :: Ten
Fireside :: Smokerboy :: Do Not Taligate
Bad Religion :: Fuck Armageddon...This Is Hell :: How Could Hell Be Any Worse?
Eagles Of Death Metal :: Flames Go Higher :: Peace Love Death Metal
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club :: Spread Your Love :: B.R.M.C.
Nebula :: Let It Burn :: Let It Burn
The Warlocks :: Angry Demons :: Same
Spacemen 3 :: Losing Touch With My Mind :: Sound Of Confusion
Mercury Rev :: Chasing A Bee :: Yourself Is Steam
Grandaddy :: A.M. 180 :: Under The Western Freeway

A Tribute to Pavement

Bardo Pond :: Home
Garlic :: Gold Soundz
Future Pilot Aka VS Colditz :: Range Life
Lenola :: Kennel District
Trumans Water :: Forklift
Quickspace :: We´ re Underused
Pavement :: And Then (The Hexx)
Boxstep :: Stop Breathin
Saloon :: Shoot The Singer
Silkworm :: An Then...
Sparesnare :: Dancing With The Elders
Airport Girl :: Cut Your Hair
Pavement :: Unfair
Magoo :: Parfume - V
Fonda 500 :: Box Elder
Tyde :: Perfect Depth
Pavement :: Half A Canyon
Perturbazione :: We Dance
Julie´s Haircut :: Summer Babe
Panty Lions :: Baby, Yeah
Oranger :: Winner Of The
Bernhard & Bianca :: Gangsters & Pranksters
Fivehead :: Circa 1762
Thindersticks :: Here

Playlist 8.4.:2017

Sendung 8.4

Intro new....

Gitarrenlasttiger Stoner und Psy inspirierte Kultur in Süddeutschland.

Ansagen für heutige Sendung:

Review und iview vom Behind the green door Freitag, 17. Februar 20:00 - 3:00

Review Mother Cake 8.März

Film Truckfighter Fuzzomentary 11. März

Preview Black Mood, Grand Massive, Diabas 31.März

Preview Stonehouse of Fire 14. März

Preview Nightstalker...... 27. April

Preview Samavayo-Bees made Honney- Hellroom-Projectors 6.April

Wolfspirit und Pub Cherenkov 31. März

04:11 Paralyzed In Paradise
from Limestone Whale by Limestone Whale

07:11 Vorstellung Tayna und Iview teil 1

05:14 The Spell
from Low And Behold! by Mount Hush

02:10 Teil 2 Iview

Link :

Tag Max

07:30 Godless Funk Of Bonanza "The Godless Funk Of Bonanza"

Review Mother Cake


03:55 The Sun
from No Rhyme No Reason by Mother's Cake

05:17Katinka - Ein Liebeslied

03:48 Lights Out
from Love Love Love by Mandrax Queen

Ankündigung Truckfighters Fuzzomentary


03:57 Mind control
from Universe by TRUCKFIGHTERS

Ankündigung Gand Massive -Black Mood – Diabas


from III by Grand Massive

06:57 hung on cross
from squalid garden (Album 2016) by BLACK MOOD

Ankündigung Stone House of Fire

03:17 Electric Sheep
from Neverending Cycle by Stone House on Fire

Ankündigung Nightstalker


03:45 NIGHTSTALKER - Dead Rock Commandos

Ankündigung B.M.H.I.T.V.T und Samavayo


06:13 Medicine
from Medicine by Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree

Bis jetzt 1:08:24

Ankündigung Pub Cerenkov im Roxy

17:45 Nightsessions VOL​.​VII
by Pub Čerenkov

Sendung 8.4

Intro new....

Gitarrenlasttiger Stoner und Psy inspirierte Kultur in Süddeutschland.

Ansagen für heutige Sendung:

Playlist sendung 28.2.2017

Brandheiss: Aus 2017 plus

Ein paar Covers und Orginale

Previews : FEB3 Bands gegen Rechts -Soli Konzert zu Gunsten Opfer rechter Gewalt

FEB18 Stonerrock Abend

FEB17 Behind The Green Door

Montezuma's blues
from Slaves of Doom by Stone Cream 04:20

passt auch zur veranstaltung am Freitag.....

Altar of Betelgeuze Among the Ruins / Among the Ruins März 2017 9:46Min

Sind finnen und ist doch sehr dooooooomig .........ich weiß is sehr metallastig aber passt......

They Sleep, We Live! by Jimmy Glitschy der einarmige Karussellbremser 04:25

The Serpent
from Smoke Witch by Smoke Witch 03:55

from Down Witch Down by Green Monster 03:28

Son of a Goat​-​Dog
from Kung Funghi by Kung Funghi 03:32

Black sun
from Sand hills by Mother Desert 05:31

John Garcia-Green Machine

The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues 03:03




Nick Oliveri - Love Has Passed Me By 3:07

Not Fragile
from Blame Canada EP by 88 Mile Trip 03:57

Bachman Turner Overdrive song called “Not Fragile”

THE most underrated BTO song of all time

vom Coversong zu einem Original Metalica coverte den song auf ihrer garage inc.
Budgie - Breadfan (1973) 06:06

from Eternal Engine EP by Eternal Engine 04:17

WolveSpirit I Want To Love/ Blue eys 3.2017 4:44

Time: 53:30

Doom Buggy
from Electric City by High Desert Sky 04:11

CLOUD CATCHER Beyond The Electric Sun / Trails of Kozmic Dust 3. 2107 7:06

Die sind find ich ziemlich schlecht aaaaaaber da sich dieses album genau so anhört wie das letzte kann mann vll noch was retten


Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) 03:26
from Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) / Road Not Taken by Pulgasari

original by cher..... bekannt durch kill bill dort gesungen von nancy sinatra

Hier noch was aus Uppsala / Schweden ....erinnert ein bisschen an The Doors vom Gesang her......

Und es is gestern released worden.....ordos---- Doors ….der vergleich ist gewollt ;)

ORDOS The Witch / House Of The Dead 9:04Min

Hey Yo This Is Bob 04:16
from Burning Bag by Burning Bag

The Elemental 09:15
from Colosseus by Methadone Skies

Spacehead 06:22
from Tripping on Ego by Joe Kowalski & The Sex Detectives

Time 1:23:22

Brandheiss: Aus 2017 plus

Ein paar Covers und Orginale

Previews : FEB3 Bands gegen Rechts -Soli Konzert zu Gunsten Opfer rechter Gewalt

FEB18 Stonerrock Abend


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