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Sendung Nachhaltigkeit - Podcast & Playlist

Hier der Audiomitschnitt (ohne Musik) und die Playlist der Sendung vom 02.04.2015 zum Thema Nachhaltigkeit.

In der Sendung:
Umfrage: "Was ist Nachhaltigkeit?"
Nachhaltigkeit und Fleischkonsum: Video von Wissenswerte
Buchtipp: How bad are bananas?
Rezept des Monats: Mousaka
Veggie 1x1: Freeganismus
Blick ins Web: foodsharing Ulm - Interview mit David Jans

Bang, Bang, Bang von Mark Ronson & The Business Intl
Everybody Talks von Neon Trees
No One Else Like You von Adam Levine
November Tale von The Waterboys
Good for One Thing von Leighton Meester
Diane Young von Vampire Weekend
One More Last Song von Kaiser Chiefs

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Highnoon 20. 03.15

Interpret :: Titel

Diplo :: Express Yourself
Kendrick Lamar :: Good Kid
Inc. :: 5 Days
Tyler, The Creator :: WOLF
Earl Sweatshirt :: Hive
Snoop Dogg :: Boss Life
Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx :: Gold Digger
Flying Lotus :: Until The Quiet Comes
Käptn Peng & Die Tentakel Von Delphi :: Expedition Ins O
Adult Jazz :: Springful
Erik Sumo Band :: Disco In My Head
Santigold :: Disparate Youth
Panic At The Disco :: Nine In The Afternoon
The Wombats :: Let´s Dance To Joy Division
The Kooks :: Naive
I Got You On Tape :: Church Of The Real

Musikauswahl : Guo Zhi Tang, Catharina Straß

HARTWURST-MASSAKER playlist vom 17.03.2015

artist title label
u.d.o. speeder afm records
u.d.o. under your skin afm records
u.d.o. go back to hell (live) afm records
sister sin food for worms victory records
sister sin hearts of cold victory records
cripper tourniquet metal blade records
the agonist gates of horn and ivory century media records
arch enemy avalanche century media records
annisokay carry me away long branch records
fateful finality dirt in the closet steamhammer
enforcer hell will follow nuclear blast records
battle beast wild child nuclear blast records
nightwish shudder before the beautiful nuclear blast records
ensiferum iron spinefarm records
eluveitie inis mona nuclear blast records
tanzwut brüder im geiste afm records
saltatio mortis neun napalm records
subway to sally sieben nuclear blast records
subway to sally grausame schwester remix sts-universal
subway to sally auf kiel nuclear blast records
in extremo belladonna universal
turisas rasputin century media records
korpiklaani lempo nuclear blast records
u.d.o. man and machine breaker records
artist title label
u.d.o. speeder afm records
u.d.o. under your skin afm records
u.d.o. go back to hell (live) afm records

Hartwurst-Massaker PLAYLIST vom 20.01.2015

artist title label
diablo blvd follow the deadlights nuclear blast records
entombed a.d. bedlam attack century media records
revel in flesh when glory turns to ruin cyclone empire records
cripper tourniquet metal blade records
mors principium est innocence lost afm records
sodom the saw is the law (live) steamhammer
obituary pain inside relapse
melechesh multiple truths nuclear blast records
the german panzer temple of doom nuclear blast records
alpha tiger lady liberty steamhammer
battle beast speed and danger nuclear blast records
riot metal warrior steamhammer
night demon curse of the damned steamhammer
u.d.o. under your skin afm records
sister sin count me out victory records
hammerfall wildfire nuclear blast records
hammerfall natural high nuclear blast records
hammerfall let the hammer fall nuclear blast records
orden ogan evil lies in every man afm records
serious black setting fire to the earth afm records
amaranthe skyline spinefarm
arch enemy you will know my name century media records
bloodbath grand morbid funeral peaceville
amon amarth coming of the tide metal blade records
artist title label
diablo blvd follow the deadlights nuclear blast records
entombed a.d. bedlam attack century media records

PolygLotte Nr. 6: Moldawien am 14.06 (playlist)

Artist Titel
Suna-n toata Trandafar
Melancolie Ion Suruceanu
Hora Din Moldova Nelly Ciobanu
Tango Pavel Stratan
So Lucky Zdob si Zdub
Лаванда София Ротарy
Run Away SunStroke Project & Olia Tira
Lautar Pasha Parfeny
Dragostea Din Tei O-Zone
Ghita Cleopatra Stratan
Leagana barca Anna Lesko feat. Pavel Stratan
Fata draga Catharsis
My Sweet and Tender Beast Eugen Doga

Welche Sprachen spricht man in Moldawien? Trinken die Moldawier lieber Wein oder Bier? Und wie gut ist die Moldauische Fußballnationalmannschaft?

High Noon :: 22.11.2013

Damien Dampsy - Negetive Vibes
Josh Ottum - Who Left The Light On? (Mona Jack Remix)
Cass McComb - That's That
Archie Bronson Outfit - Dart For My Sweet Heart
The Cheeks - Vivienne Westwood
Elan Vital - Parade
Mauracher - Watching You Leave
One-Two - Oh Yeah, Alright
Covenant - Brave New World
Mediengruppe Telekommander - Sprengkörper
Chikini - Like It Or Leave It
Vorsprung durch Technik - The Election Song
Junior Boys - In The Morning
Yonderboi - Peolpe Always Talk About The Weather (Gabor Deutsch Remix)
Dee Phazz - Natural Fake
Biliie Holiday - Summertime

High Noon :: 21.11.2013

Data - Skywriter
GetCape.WearCape.Fly - Collapsing Cities
Silver Colums - Cavalier
Fever Ray - Mercy Street
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel
Fiji - I'm Not Your Girl (Fiji Remix)
Double U - Deconstruction
Brisa Roche - Sweat King
Begbie - Big Strikes
Minus The Bear - Into The Mirrors
The Last Tycoon - Seven Days (Off The Road)
Smooth - Another Life
The Perms - Running Away
Gemma Ray - Bei Mir Bist Du Shein
Tweak Bird - Flyin' High
Love Almost Ruin - So Said (Fade)

High Noon :: 15.11.2013

Travis-Coming around
Patrice- Soul Storm
Jamiroquai - Bad Girls
Gentlemen - Intoxication
Razoof - Keep the faith
Stevie Wonder - Positivity
Mono & Nikitaman - Für immer
Furasoul - Judge me
Jack Johnson - Breakdown
Irie Revoltes - Allez
Surf - Radio Edit
Something for Kate - Deja vu
John Mayer - No such thing
Bilderbuch - Karibische Träume
Mikroboy - Herzen aus Holz
Lail Arad - Everyone is moving to Berlin
Foo Fighters - Time like these


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