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Interpret :: Song
Aereogramme :: Post-Tour Pre-Judgement
Barkmarket :: The Visible Cow
Chavez :: Flight 96
Dead Meadow :: Get Up On Down
Elbow :: I´ve Got Your Number
Fu Manchu :: Asphalt Risin´
Geraldine Fibbers :: Dragon Lady
Helmet :: In The Meantime
Infectious Grooves :: Infectious Grooves
Jimmy Eat World :: Lucky Denver Mint
Killdozer :: New Pants And Shirt
Lupine Howl :: 125
Madrugada :: Norwegian Hammerworks Corp.
Nebula :: Back To The Dawn
Oceansize :: Catalyst
Primus :: Over The Electric Grapevine
Quicksand :: East 3rd St.
Rage Against The Machine :: Darkness Of Greed
Shift :: Spacesuit
Tame Impala :: Elephant
Unsane :: Scrape
Vito :: Calm Down
Warlocks :: Come Save Us
XTC :: Making Plans For Nigel
Yo La Tengo :: Big Day Coming
ZZ Top :: La Grange

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