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Coming Up Soon | 29.02.2020 | Deep Verkehrslage

Liebhaber von Underground Dance Music!

Ab Mitternacht präsentieren wir an diesem Schalttag: Deep Verkehrslage. Zunächst werden wir auf allen Fahrstreifen das neueste vom Verkehr aus der Welt der elektronischen Tanzmusik vermelden.  Mit 120 BPM cruisen wir mit und durch:

  • Nhii – Salt of the Earth (A Tribe Called Kotori): “ … The best and most noble of its kind, Nhii presents: ‘Salt of the Earth:’ a grounded, shapeshifting and genre-defying 4 track.…This offering of sonic awareness is a must listen for those who wish to shake the troubles from their shoulders and take an aural journey to freedom.”
  • Nall - Gliese 581 (REWORCK): “… His new release on Reworck is a rolling journey though progressive electronic and acoustic sounds …”
  • Hidden Empire – Odyssee (Stil vor Talent): “… The year is 2091 and mankind has been taken over by laser-eyed robots: this is the soundtrack. Techy, glitchy, futuristic: take a deep breath as 'Odyssee' takes you on a voyage of high-tech sonic wizardry. …… Consistent, persistent: Hidden Empire present 'Odyssee', a 4 track dancefloor fodder for big sound-systems and the longest of nights:  the perfect peak time player.”
  • Deorbiting & pølaroit – Depølar (Stil vor Talent): “ … Slip out of your regular orbit as Deorbiting and pølaroit join forces to bring you ‘Depølar.’ Running the gamut from spacey house into floaty organic instrumental melodic tracks, here is a sonic expedition for your listening pleasure. … Whether you’re up early or late out, slide into a state of early morning bliss with ‘5am’. This sonic elixir is a lullaby for the between-times: reflective, gentle, ecstatic vibes. A fusion of polarities, this EP is one to keep in your pocket to whip out and transmute something quite cosmic to the dancefloor, or bedroom floor.”

Im zweiten Teil der Show, so gegen 1 Uhr 15 gibt es dann aber wahrhaftige Verkehrsmeldungen zu hören. Und zwar in Gestalt einer preisgekrönten Collage. Mehr wird jetzt mal nicht verraten. Einschalten!

Bis gleich.




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