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Framework Radio #666!

this week’s special year-end, seasonal edition of framework:afield#666, has been produced in the united states by mandy szostek, and is a spoken-word environmental meditation recorded at the graveside of william s. burroughs. you can find out more about mandy and her work at the following sites:

producer’s notes:

Mandy Szostek is not a professional field recordist, but a lover of field recording; mostly as she has been exposed to, so wonderfully via platforms onFacebook. It has been about 6 years of avidly listening to the work of others, and thanks to a warm and inviting online community, has been able to learn a lot, and enjoy very much!! She has been shy about starting off on her own, but now with a handheld recorder, is feeling slowly but surely more emboldened, and comfortable. The same can be said about teaching oneself how to use audio software …. It is intimidating at the beginning, but turns in to something inviting and even promising! Thank you to all of the fascinating and fantastic recordists out there! 

This is a conceptual method, where I have picked a monument which is significant to me ahead of time, and then, “arrive there, remain still, and listen to whatever may be in the atmosphere…to find,whatever it sounded like” in the atmosphere around that place. I chose the cemetary near to where I live, named Bellefontaine. This is very text heavy, but, I thought it was appropriate, to read the texts which I found over a 6 month period, delving into the question of the number, “666”, and to weave a tapestry of what that meant to me,with the birds and sound of trucks and walkers and trains in the background. It was luckily a beautiful day, November 29, 2018 at around 1 o’ clock in the afternoon… in St. Louis, Missouri,coordinates, are: 38* 41’ 25.6” N , 90* 13’ 53.5” W.


03. Jan. 2019 | 23:00

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