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after weeks of folding/burning/stamping madness, things have quieted down at framework HQ. all the initial orders and artist copies of framework500 are winging their way around the world, to arrive soon in the hands of adoring fans, and we are at the ready with further copies and envelopes to fill all subsequent orders posthaste. that said, i can confirm that i have only TWO early adopter thank you packs left, so if you would like your copy of framework500 to be accompanied by extra badges, stickers, drawings, rust, and notes then order your copy NOW! if you’re concerned, drop me a quick email, and i will confirm that one of them is yours.
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this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the philippines by dayang yraola. for more information see dayang’s website at producer’s notes:

Project Bakawan is an arts festival held at the University of the Philippines-Diliman. It is a festival that took inspiration from sustaining and sustainability of the mangroves, which is a crucial component of the ecological balance in the Philippines.

Listening Terminals is the offering of Project Bakawan’s Sound and Movement Component.

Listening terminals is an archiving project, which recorded sounds from different parts of Metro Manila. Materials were gathered through crowd sourcing from social media.

Listening terminals is also a composition project, wherein musicians were invited to compose works using the gathered sounds. Later movement artists were invited to compose performance using the composed music. In the 1 month exhibition, visual artists are also being invited to react and interact with the listening terminals that are installed on the Academic Oval of the University.

Like most field recording projects, listening terminals is an attempt to isolate the different sonic layers of a very crowded city , to direct more attention towards them for purposes of awareness, and hopefully as source of creative inspiration.

[artist (country)]

Erwin Fajardo (Philippines)
Maria Christine Muyco (Philippines)
Juro Kim Feliz (Canada/Philippines)
Michael Graeve (Australia)
Motohide Taguchi (Japan)
Thomas Reifner (Germany)
Kamal Sabran (Malaysia)
Charlies Fournier (Philippines)

after weeks of folding/burning/stamping madness, things have quieted down at framework HQ.


16. Apr. 2015 | 00:00

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