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HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 08.09.2020

artist title label
onslaught all seeing eye afm records
wilderun o resolution century media records
in flames only for the weak new version nuclear blast records
equilibrium one folk nuclear blast records
mastodon fallen torches reprise records
metallica & the san francisco symphony master of puppets (live) universal
warkings odin`s sons napalm records
unleash the archers faster than light napalm records
dead lord evil always wins century media records
blues pills kiss my past goodbye nuclear blast records
vicious rumors any last words steamhammer
night laser prime minister of rock´n roll out of line music
brother firetribe chariot of fire own label services
arctic rain free my mind frontiers
mad max mindhunter steamhammer
battle beast eden nuclear blast records
leaves eyes dark love empress afm records
amaranthe strong nuclear blast records
morta skuld extreme tolerance peaceville
ghostkid supernoeva century media records
heaven shall burn my heart and the ocean century media records
i prevail every time you leave fearless records
neck cemetary king of the dead reaper entertainment
kamelot phantom divine (live) napalm records


08. Sep 2020 | 18:00