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Frei nach dem Motto „Rock´n Roll will save your soul“ gibt’s beim „Hartwurst Massaker" alles was mit Stromgitarren zu tun hat zu hören: Hard Rock und Heavy Metal in all seinen Schattierungen – völlig egal, ob kultig, mainstream, modern oder klassisch – was gefällt wird gespielt.


HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 23.08.2022

artist title label
blind guardian valhalla no remorse records
brainstorm where ravens fly afm records
within temptation sinéad roadrunner records
heaven shall burn übermacht century media records
dark funeral let the devil in century media records
arch enemy handshake with hell century media records
arch enemy deceiver,deceiver century media records
arch enemy one last time century media records
arch enemy poisoned arrow century media records
arch enemy the watcher century media records
amon amarth skagul rides with me sony music
amon amarth heidrun sony music
in flames the great deceiver nuclear blast records
the halo effect the needless end nuclear blast records
the halo effect in broken trust nuclear blast records
witchery popecrusher century media records
baest justicia century media records
behemoth the deathless sun nuclear blast records
dimmu borgir blessings upon the throne of tyranny nuclear blast records
krisiun necronomical century media records
h.e.a.t. nationwide ear music
nordic union on this day i fight frontiers music
sunstorm no turning back frontiers music
thundermother wasted afm records

HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 09.08.2022

artist title label
undertow call of the sin el puerto records
undertow shadows el puerto records
undertow on fire el puerto records
undertow when tears become scars el puerto records
undertow the longest breath el puerto records
soilwork stalfagel nuclear blast records
end of green the sickness crown silverdust records
corrosion of conformity 13 angels sanctuary records
crowbar planets collide mayhem records
the very end light the lows independent
hot rod mayhem meltdown independent
undertow unstoppable el puerto records


UNDERTOW zu Gast am 09.08.2022 im HARTWURST MASSAKER:

"Das österreichische SLAM Magazin betitelte UNDERTOW beim letzten
Album „Reap The Storm“ als die „Beste Was-auch-immer-Metalband des
Planeten“. Dem möchte der neue Longplayer „BIPOLAR“ in Nichts
nachstehen. Mal heavy, mal doomig, mal melancholisch - UNDERTOW
lässt sich auch nach fast 30 Jahren Bandgeschichte in keine Schublade stecken."

Soweit ein Auszug aus der aktuellen Labelinfo zum neuen Album von UNDERTOW. Da Papier geduldig ist, holen wir uns die Jungs am 09.August ab 18 Uhr direkt in die Sendung und quatschen über das sensationelle neue Album "Bipolar" und vieles mehr....natürlich gibts auch viel auf die Ohren:

Wir stellen Euch "Bipolar" ausführlich vor und zudem gestalten die Jungs auch gleich den Rest der Sendung musikalisch mit!

Freut euch auf unterhaltsame 2 Stunden mit einer der sympathischsten Bands des Genres!

Dienstag, 09.08.2022 von 18-20 Uhr - save the date!

HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 26.07.2022

artist title label
feuerschwanz hier kommt alex napalm records
antitype freaking me out antitype records
zsk himmel hamburg records
hämatom sos antialles/believe
lustfinger lügengarantie rotz und wasser
lustfinger auf los geht’s los rotz und wasser
rise against last man standing spinefarm records
avatarium god is silent afm records
candlemass solitude peaceville
tankard beerbarians atomic fire records
lamb of god nevermore nuclear blast records
machine head unhallowed nuclear blast records
traitor teutonic storm violent creek records
daily insanity doomed rotten and poor
thundermother i don´t know you afm records
sinner the last generation atomic fire records
primal fear chainbreaker atomic fire records
dynazty natural born killer afm records
venues reflections arising empire
rage behind eminence or disgrace atomic fire records
belphegor virtus asinaria prayer nuclear blast records
plague years suffer mnrk heavy
einherjer far far north napalm records
massacre the mythos that lovecraft built nuclear blast records
brymir voices in the sky napalm records

Radio Free FM´s HARTWURST MASSAKER - playlist vom 12.07.2022

artist title label
amon amarth the great heathen army metal blade records
powerwolf faster than the flame napalm records
powerwolf demons are a girls best friend napalm records
powerwolf we drink your blood napalm records
powerwolf beast of gevaudan napalm records
powerwolf where the wild wolves have gone napalm records
powerwolf army of the night napalm records
caliban alien century media records
arch enemy sunset over the empire century media records
bloodbath zombie inferno napalm records
venues reflections arising empire records
undertow life kills el puerto records
undertow call of the sin el puerto records
undertow shadows el puerto records
undertow undertow el puerto records
the 69 eyes call me snake atomic fire records
the hu black thunder better noise music
schandmaul das gerücht napalm records
alestorm the battle of cape fear river napalm records
journey don´t give up on us frontiers music
amaranthe crystalline (orchestral version) nuclear blast records
beyond the black reincarnation nuclear blast records
mystic circle dragonslayer atomic fire records

Playlist HARTWURST MASSAKER vom 28.06.2022

artist title label
amon amarth get in the ring metal blade records
arch enemy sunset over the empire century media records
parasite inc i am reaper entertainment
eyes wide open cross my heart arising empire records
undertow on fire el puerto records
caliban swords century media records
the halo effect days of the lost nuclear blast records
kreator conquer and destroy nuclear blast records
soilwork övergivenheten nuclear blast records
wound disciples of downfall indie
six feet under still alive metal blade records
fleshcrawl as blood rains from the sky metal blade records
dark funeral beyond the grave century media records
cannibal corpse devoured by vermin (live) metal blade records
asphyx molten black earth century media records
manegarm stridsgalten napalm records
versengold kobold im kopp sony music
eluveitie the call of the mountains nuclear blast records
halestorm back from the dead atlantic / warner
thundermother i don´t know afm records
venus 5 we are dynamite frontiers
coreleoni guilty under pressure atomic fire records
jorn over the horizon radar frontiers
fallen sanctuary no rebirth afm records
powerwolf sainted by the storm napalm records
sinner bulletproof atomic fire records
epica sensorium (live) nuclear blast records

Playlist HARTWURST MASSAKER vom 14.06.2022

artist title label
kreator pleasure to kill noise records
sodom outbreak of evil steamhammer
destruction bestial invasion steamhammer
traitor total thrash violent creek records
tankard (empty) tankard noise records
holy moses finished with the dogs aaarrg records
despair deaf and blind century media records
Bonded watch (while the world burns) century media records
Accuser who pulls the wire atom h
headhunter signs of insanity major records international
Red To Grey trigger of lies el puerto records
Spellbound pernicious alliance armageddon music
assassin fight to stop the tyranny steamhammer
paradox crusaders revenge roadrunner
Necronomicon i am the violence el puerto records
Deathrow satan´s gift noise records
disbelief into glory ride listenable records
abandoned hell is home dockyard one music
dust bolt rhytm to my madness napalm records
Exumer possessed by fire disaster
Dew Scented inwards nuclear blast records
toxic shock suffocation massacre records
angel dust fighting for revenge disaster
kreator dying planet nuclear blast records

Playlist HARTWURST MASSAKER vom 31.05.2022

artist title label
septicflesh neuromancer nuclear blast records
decapitated iconoclast nuclear blast records
parasite inc. i am reaper entertainment
crematory tränen der zeit napalm records
evergrey save us napalm records
evergrey reawakening napalm records
evergrey heartless napalm records
evergrey wildfires napalm records
primal fear chainbreaker atomic fire records
helloween best time atomic fire records
avantasia the wicked rule the night nuclear blast records
the big deal power on frontiers music
donna cannone cross the line desport records
caliban virus century media records
caliban alien century media records
caliban darkness i became century media records
caliban mother century media records
arch enemy sunset over the empire century media records
motive black life me up afm records
any given day wind of change arising empire
immunity sounds like a melody indie
stiriah threatening shadows indie
heaven shall burn awoken century media records
heaven shall burn endzeit century media records

HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 17.05.2022

artist title label
amon amarth cry of the blackbirds metal blade records
dimmu borgir mourning palace (live) nuclear blast records
soilwork overgivenheten nuclear blast records
eyes wide open cross my heart arising empire records
parkway drive the void epitaph europe
any given day apocalypse arising empire records
behemoth ov my herkules exile nuclear blast records
watain before the cataklysm nuclear blast records
manegarm adils fall napalm records
royal desolation schizophrenia sonic attack
annihilator couple suicide ear music
kreator midnight sun nuclear blast records
traitor total thrash violent creek records
motionless in white slaughterhouse roadrunner records
lord of the lost the heartbeat of the devil napalm records
charlotte wessels afkicken napalm records
within temptation what about us feat. Tarja Turunen wt recordings / bmg
visions of atlantis master the hurricane napalm records
halestorm wicked ways atlantic / warner
halestorm the steeple atlantic / warner
journey let it rain frontiers music
coreleoni purple dynamite atomic fire records
nestor perfect 10 - eyes like demi moore mdd
sinner bulletproof atomic fire records
axel rudi pell survive steamhammer

HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 03.05.2022

artist title label
rammstein armee der tristen universal
rammstein angst universal
die apokalyptischen reiter von freiheit will ich singen nuclear blast records
motionless in white cyberhex roadrunner
the 69 eyes drive atomic fire records
papa roach cut the line warner music
audrey horne danse macabre napalm records
the hellacopters eyes of oblivion nuclear blast records
coreleoni sometimes atomic fire records
crash diet no mans land crusader records
ronnie atkins i´ve hurt myself frontiers music
pretty maids future world sony music
nazareth runaway frontiers music
evergrey blindfolded napalm records
civil war battle of life napalm records
wolf dust century media records
wolf evil ives century media records
kreator hate über alles nuclear blast records
destruction state of apathy napalm records
holy moses def con 2 wea
watain funeral winter nuclear blast records
dark funeral let the devil in century media records
dark funeral nightfall century media records
the spirit celestial fire aop records
malevolence life sentence nuclear blast records


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