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Frei nach dem Motto „Rock´n Roll will save your soul“ gibt’s beim „Hartwurst Massaker" alles was mit Stromgitarren zu tun hat zu hören: Hard Rock und Heavy Metal in all seinen Schattierungen – völlig egal, ob kultig, mainstream, modern oder klassisch – was gefällt wird gespielt.


HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 25.06.2024 - Summer Breeze Special

artist title label
amon amarth saxons and vikings sony music
heaven shall burn corium century media records
architects curse epitaph
dynazty natural born killer afm records
nestor victorious napalm records
asphyx the nameless elite century media records
meshuggah i am that thirst atomic fire records
cradle of filth demon prince regent napalm records
dark tranquillity not nothing century media records
delain moth to a flame napalm records
eclipse oathbreaker frontiers
exodus the toxic waltz (live) nuclear blast records
feuerschwanz highlander napalm records
korpiklaani saunaan nuclear blast records
lordi dead again jayne atomic fire records
lord of the lost turbo lover napalm records
megaherz alles arschlöcher napalm records
nachtblut leierkinder napalm records
memoriam never forget, never again… reaper entertainment
orden ogan conquest reigning phoenix music
pain i just dropped by… nuclear blast records
subway to sally leinen los napalm records
flogging molly paddy's lament side one dummy / h'art
necrophobic as stars collide century media records
sodom electrocution steamhammer

HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 11.06.2024

artist title label
kissin dynamite the devil is a woman napalm records
mr big good luck trying frontiers
nestor caroline napalm records
my merry machine extreme el puerto records
the offspring make it all right concord records
dezperadoz evil wayz el puerto records
visions of atlantis monsters napalm records
evergrey cold dreams napalm records
axel rudi pell forever strong steamhammer
crownshift stellar halo nuclear blast records
nightingale the dreamreader inside out music
crypt sermon heavy is the crown of bone dark descend records
edge of sanity black tears century media records
gatecreeper dead star nuclear blast records
nile chapter for not being hung upside down... napalm records
darkened just close your eyes edged circle productions
illdisposed i walk among the living massacre
evildead subjugated souls steamhammer
act of creation under friendly fire massacre
kryptos decimator afm records
destruction no kings - no masters napalm records
exodus the toxic waltz (live) nuclear blast records
flotsam and jetsam primal afm records
hammerfall hail to the king nuclear blast records
pain push the pusher nuclear blast records

HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 28.05.2024

artist title label
unleash the archers ph4nto-ma napalm records
unleash the archers seeking vengeance napalm records
unleash the archers buried in code napalm records
cloven hoof redeemer high roller records
arion wildfire afm records
evergrey say napalm records
pain don't wake the dead nuclear blast records
league of distortion my hate will go on napalm records
tanzwut noch eine flasche wein no cut
ghost absolution (live at the forum 2023) loma vista
exodus fabulous disaster (live) nuclear blast records
flotsam and jetsam i am the weapon afm records
kerry king where i reign rpm
psychotic waltz another prophet song inside out music
psychotic waltz locust inside out music
sebastian bach freedom reigning phoenix music
victory count on me afm records
eclipse apocalypse blues frontiers music
nestor unchain my heart napalm records
vain you better keep an eye on that girl jackie rainbow records
nightrage nocturnal thorns despotz records
nightrage echoes of broken words despotz records
as i lay dying burden napalm records
gatecreeper caught in the treads nuclear blast records
cavalera escape to the void nuclear blast records

HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 14.05.2024

artist title label
twisted sister we're not gonna take it atlantic records
judas priest the sentinel cbs
flotsam and jetsam misguided fortune roadrunner
pretty maids waiting for the time to come cbs
dee snider hardcore eagle rock
driver i'm a warrior metal heaven
d.a.d. sleepin' my day away warner
edguy vain glory opera afm records
candlemass the well of souls peaceville
saxon princess of the night bmg rights
slayer war ensemble (live) american
heaven and hell mob rules (live) eagle records
journey don't stop believing sony music
serious black metalized afm records
brainstorm blind suffering metal blade records

"Bang Your Head"- Festival Special zum Gedenken an Gründer Horst Odermatt

Im Juli wäre es eigentlich wieder soweit...Man pilgerte Jahr für Jahr nach Balingen, traf sich mit Menschen, die man das ganze Jahr nicht sah und hatte eine gute Zeit zusammen. Oftmals war es sogar ein bisschen egal, wer gerade im Line Up war...Das alles gab es seit einigen Jahren so nicht mehr und wird es wohl in dieser Form auch nicht mehr geben - Im April verstarb der Gründer vom BYH und Rock Of Ages Festival und damit wohl auch endgültig die Hoffnung auf ein Aufleben des Festivals....Wir wollen Horst ein lautes Gedenken nach oben schicken und zusammen mit meinem Freund und Moderationskollegen von LA Rocks Radio,  Josef "Meggy" Schneider, lassen wir es "zu Ehren Horst" im Hartwurst Massaker nochmals richtig krachen!

Wir erinnern uns an all die vielen unvergesslichen und teils skurrilen Momente in und um Balingen und haben natürlich auch eine wieder mal völlig subjektive Songauswahl im Gepäck- Seid dabei!

HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 30.04.2024

artist title label
accept frankenstein napalm records
evergrey falling from the sun napalm records
vanden plas my icarian flight frontiers music
apocalyptica the four horsemen feat. R. trujillo bmg rights
witherfall when it all falls away deathwave records
tanzwut achtung mensch! no cut records
deicide from unknown heights you shall fall reigning phoenix music
kris barras band unbreakable earache records
kreator hordes of chaos nuclear blast records
morgul blade heavy metal wraiths no remorse records
witch vomit blood of abomination 20 buck spin
linkin park breaking the habit warner records
cypecore king of rats easthaven records
freedom call supernova steamhammer
mob rules fame steamhammer
rage end of illusions steamhammer
broken fate when does it come lucky bob music
mission in black profit reigns supreme el puerto records
nightrage a throne of melancholy despotz records
venues bad karma arising empire records
darkness wake up in rage massacre records
jinjer pisces (live) napalm records
kerry king residue reigning phoenix music
korpiklaani saunaan nuclear blast records
the 69 eyes fade to grey reigning phoenix music

HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 16.04.2024

artist title label
exhorder year of the goat nuclear blast records
ministry new religion nuclear blast records
bodyfarm onward doomsday edged circle productions
dead head the age of hype hammerheart records
blutgott king of the killing zone massacre records
aborted vault of horrors nuclear blast records
orden ogan the order of fear reigning phoenix music
primal fear if looks could kill atomic fire records
scavenger watchout no remorse records
unleash the archers ghosts in the mist napalm records
unleash the archers nothwest passage napalm records
stahlmann luxus uniform out of line music
versengold wir feiern den norden hansa local - sony music
nachtblut leierkinder napalm records
the vision bleak weird tales chapter II prophecy productions
nestor victorious napalm records
sebastian bach everybody bleeds reigning phoenix music
kissin' dynamite raise your glass napalm records
the end machine black hole extinction frontiers music
elvellon a vagabond's heart napalm records
blues pills birthday bmg
while she sleeps leave me alone pias - spinefarm
venues unspoken words arising empire
ghostkid black cloud century media records
five finger death punch this is the way feat. Dmx sony music
blind channel where's the exit century media records
sum 41 waiting on a twist of fate bmg

HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 02.04.2024

artist title label
gothminister one dark happy nation afm records
turbulence time bridge frontiers music
the hellacopters welcome to hell nuclear blast records
sonata arctica first in line atomic fire records
morta skuld perfect prey peaceville records
above aurora efforts to fail war anthem records
nightmare eternal winter afm records
amaranthe re vision nuclear blast records
wade black's astronomica hellwalker roar
new years day hurts like hell century media records
mister misery survival of the sickest afm records
david reece my heart burns el puerto records
whom gods destroy crucifier inside out music
howling giant juggernaut magnetic eye records
the wizards questions high roller records
vanden plas my icarian flight frontiers music
balance of power abyss massacre records
beasto blanco run for your life cop international
accept humanoid napalm records
defocus watch me bleed arising empire records
mandoki soulmates blood in the water inside out music
those damn crows find a way earache records
jinjer call me a symbol napalm records
furies stars of burning lands indie
setyoursails lately napalm records

HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 19.03.2024

artist title label
judas priest as god is my witness sony music
accept humanoid napalm records
kamelot nightsky napalm records
primal fear if looks could kill atomic fire records
orden ogan my worst enemy rpm
praying mantis defiance frontiers music
david reece enemy is me el puerto records
kissin' dynamite raise your glass napalm records
lords of black for what is owed to us frontiers music
blind channel where's the exit century media records
morta skuld unforseen obstacles peaceville records
dust bolt leave nothing behind afm records
necrophobic mirrors of a thousand lakes century media records
atrophy seeds of sorrow massacre records
exhorder forever and beyond despair nuclear blast records
nightmare saviours of the damned afm records
wade black's astronomica sirens roar
saxon hell, fire and damnation silver lining music
saxon pirates of the airwaves silver lining music
saxon there's something in Roswell silver lining music
saxon dogs of war cbh records
saxon absent friends cbh records

HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 05.03.2024

artist title label
david reece we' ve lost the fight el puerto records
saltatio mortis finsterwacht feat. blind guardian prometheus records
unleash the archers green and glass napalm records
amaranthe the catalyst nuclear blast records
firewind destiny is calling afm records
kerry king idle hands rpm
exhorder forever and beyond despair nuclear blast records
austrian death machine no pain no gain napalm records
atrophy punishment for all massacre records
morbid saint swallowed by hell high roller records
devastatiön black abyss empire records
borknagar moon century media records
venues haunted house arising empire records
while she sleeps to the flowers arising empire records
heaven shall burn awoken century media records
heaven shall burn endzeit century media records
dark tranquillity therein century media records
iced earth melancholy (holy martyr) century media records
delain we are the others icarus records
in flames fear is the weakness nuclear blast records
savatage believe / somewhere in time atlantic records
arch enemy the eagle flies alone century media records
children of bodom downfall nuclear blast records
the halo effect gateways nuclear blast records


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