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HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 11.01.2022

artist title label
battle beast eye of the storm nuclear blast records
at the movies heaven is a place on earth atomic fire records
magnum no steppin´stones steamhammer
the murder of my sweet a ghost of a chance frontiers
power paladin kraven the hunter atomic fire records
emerald sun hellbound el puerto records
feuerschwanz ultima nocte napalm records
the hellacopters reap a hurricane nuclear blast records
volbeat the sacred stones vertigo berlin
exodus prescribing horror nuclear blast records
destruction diabolical napalm records
bonded watch (while the world burns) century media records
mission in black judgment day el puerto records
infected rain the realm of chaos (feat. Heidi Shepherd) napalm records
annisokay coma blue arising empire records
imminence surrender arising empire records
fit for an autopsy two towers nuclear blast records
paradise lost gothic peaceville
deserted fear part of the end century media records
wiegedood fn scar 16 century media records
agathodaimon ain´t death grand napalm records
nachtblut meine grausamkeit kennt keine grenzen napalm records
cradle of filth malice through the looking glass sony music
illnath and there was light deathlight records


11. Jan. 2022 | 18:00