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HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 28.11.2023

artist title label
bolt thrower no guts, no glory metal blade records
entrails the dead hammerheart records
autopsy no mortal left alive peaceville records
deserted fear part of the end century media records
cannibal corpse summoned for sacrifice metal blade records
endseeker global worming metal blade records
mortuary drape the secret lost peaceville records
suffocation hymns from the apocrypha nuclear blast records
triumph of death messiah (live) noise records
dimmu borgir kings of the carnival creation nuclear blast records
bjoerkoe world as fire and hallucination svart records
watain malfeitor (live) nuclear blast records
decembre noir the forsaken earth fda records
behemoth ora pro nobis lucifer nuclear blast records
insomnium flowers of the night century media records
hiraes through the storm napalm records
nervosa seed of death napalm records
nightrage affliction despotz records
mission in black dreamcatcher el puerto records
warmen warmen are here for none reaper entertainment
bewitcher our lady of speed century media records
crypta lord of ruins napalm records
eradikated unleash indie recordings
hyperia automatic thrash machine independent
blessed curse beheader m-theory audio
carnal tomb draped in disgust testimony records
fkü the spawning despotz records
sadus ride the knife nuclear blast records


28. Nov. 2023 | 18:00