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Playlist "Hartwurst-Massaker" vom 30.04.2013

artist title label
the order of chaos sexwitch indie
the order of chaos t.o.o.c. killer metal records
vicious rumors black x-list steamhammer
u.d.o. steelhammer afm records
u.d.o. independence day (live) breaker records
audrey horne youngblood napalm
fleshcrawl flesh bloody flesh metal blade records
fleshcrawl anthem of death metal blade records
hellish crossfire night of the possessed i hate records
denial of god the cursed chamber hells headbangers
slingblade back to class high roller records
naglfar an extension of his arm and will century media
ensiferum in my sword i trust spinefarm
d.a.d. the last time in neverland 3r / cargo
queensryche redemption century media records
queensryche take hold of the flame (live)
attic funeral in the woods van records
orden ogan the things we believe in afm records
orchid wizard of war nuclear blast records
threshold ashes nuclear blast records
sepultura arise roadrunner
king diamond a mansion in darkness roadrunner
king diamond halloween roadrunner

the order of chaos :: sexwitch :: indie


30. Apr. 2013 | 18.00 bis 20.00