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The one and only !!!

Einzigartig, diese Eins, the one and only, eins über der Null.
Soviel zum heutigen Motto bei AWAKEN.

Titel :: Interpret :: Album
Louder than words :: Pink Floyd :: The endless river
Have a Cigar :: Onetwo :: Instead
One of these days :: Dream Theater :: A Soucer full of Floyd
All Life is one :: Eloy :: Metromania
One :: Apocalyptika :: Inquisition Symphony
We will stop for No-One :: Osiris :: Visions from the Past
One :: Glass :: Palindrome
One for the vine :: Genesis : Wind & Wuthering
One Day :: The Watch :: Timeless
One white duck :: Jethro Tull :: Minstrel in the Galery
Going for the One :: Yes :: Going for the One
One among the living :: Mystery :: One among the living
Four Egos, One War :: The Tangent :: Not as good as the book
Who's the one :: Random Deeds :: One round Zero
Lift off :: Star One :: Space Metal

Soviel zur Eins, das nächste mal vieleicht die Acht?

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