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danube streamwave vol. 05 (ulm edition)

There is a long tradition of Punk Music in Ulm. Some decades ago popular bands like The Wombels or the Gono Cocks entered the stages here and nowadays bands like Blendof, Still Bleak or Sideshow are something like their successors.
But it became harder and harder to organize good punkshows and more and more people in charge of managing bands, organizing festivals or simply having clubs and good places for concerts gave up their activities.
Now more than ten years ago Dan and Joe were sick of this entire situation.They loved (and still love) good (Punk-) Music and so they started to contact those bands they liked, brought them to Ulm and organized concerts and venues for them. It didn't take long and people in this region knew that those two guys had a good taste for fine Music and all the bands that came provided some good punk and a good show. So Dan and Joe lifted there activities on a more professional level and called it "Broken Stage Booking" - because before all that stages were broken and all those good concerts vanished.
In the meantime they had popular punk bands from Greece, Italy and even from San Francisco in Ulm and also they started to organize tours of punk bands from Ulm to East Europe like to Croatia and Slowenia, knowing that in this part of Europe there still is a hungry audience for good punk music from Germany and from Ulm.


25. Mai 2016, 21.00 bis 22.00