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Neu, frisch, verrucht. Und dann auch noch Musik...


Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 86

Welle Wahnsinn 86
Artist Titel
David Keenan Peter O'Toole's Drinking Stories
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes feat. Joe Talbot My Town
Daytime TV Zombie
Klypi Not For You
Attawalpa Holiday
Maurice Summen Organic
Dota Ich Hasse Es
Hildegard Jour 1
Blue Boy Scout Hustle
Langkamer The Ugliest Man In Bristol
Beige Banquet Cold Yoghurt
LUMP Animal
Girlhouse Pretty Girl In LA
Suicide Cheree
ZINN Diogenes
Perfectparachutepicture Idea
Model Child Pilot
Sook-Yin Lee & Adam Litovitz Run Away With Her
KRANKk feat. AMOS Aftermath
Smirk Eyes Conversing
The Wytches Digsaw
NOISY 24/7
Paul McCartney feat. Ed O'Brien Slidin' (EOB Remix)
Matthew Dear Hikers Y
Charles Impudent Hussy
Cutworm Insulate
Royal Blood Trouble's Coming
Hiatus Kaiyote feat. Arthur Verocai 'Get Sun

WW Ausgabe 86 kuratiert von Oliver Ostblock

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 85

Welle Wahnsinn 85
Artist Titel
Chai feat. YMCK Ping Pong!
The Scientists Outsider
Electrobuddha Biba Love
Jagged Baptist Club Temptation Death House
Good Sad Happy Bad Blessed
Fehlfarben Supergen
Fotos Das Verlangen
Grave Flowers Bongo Band Down Man
The White Stripes Let's Shake Hands
Ron Gallo You Are Enough (Caroline Rose Remix)
Low Island Who's Having The Greatest Time?
John Grant Rhetorical Figure
The Parrots feat. C. Tangana Maldito
Die Welttraumforscher Liebe Lilly
Cornelius Forbidden Apple
Cheekface We Need A Bigger Dumpster
The Howlers I Don't Love You All The Time
Kamauu Far Rockaway
Sad Night Dynamite Smoke Hole
Dirty Hands Paris
Moonlight Breakfast Dance Moves
Renée Reed I Saw A Ghost
Paul Ruben The Last Fish
CRi feat. Bernache From Me
Jai Paul Super Salamander
Jai Paul BTSTU (Demo Version)
Gesaffelstein Novo Sonic System
Tightill Dealer
Ostberlin Androgyn Wir Sind Back

Der tägliche Horror, kuratiert von Oliver Ostblock

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 84

Welle Wahnsinn 84
Artist Titel
Dagobert Nie Wieder Arbeiten
Ayx The Robot I Can't Feel Anything
Microsha 89 Moscow Time
Broken Links Pioneers
Sylph In The Morning Light
LSDXOXO Sick Bitch
Royal Gutter
The OBGMs Outsah
Faithless feat. Nathan Ball & Caleb Femi I Need Someone
Justin Jay Trick Or Treat
Airways Will It Tear Us Apart?
Alison's Fall Double Six
Jenny Wilson Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward
Monsterheart EOTW
Deadletter Fall Of The Big Screen
Stone Fuse
Marjorine Salton Sea
Ralph Castelli Mystery
Fred V Icarus
Avec Dance Solo
Black Midi John L
The Umlauts Boiler Suits And Combat Boots
No-No Boy feat. Robert Vifian Imperial Twist
Laikka The Answer
Perfume Genius Your Body Changes Everything (Boy Harsher Remix)
Amiture Thief
The Mad Game I Am Fire

Make Electronica great again!

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 83

Welle Wahnsinn 83
Artist Titel
The Music Tapes Present Songs of the Orbiting Human Circus Laughs Last Laughed
Sons of Raphael Revolution
Big Black Delta Vessel
Russell Louder Home
Hearts Hearts Wild at Heart
Whitney K Last Night
Reverend James Elmore Jenkins Rise up!
Sal Dulu feat. Fly Anakin Zumo
Dragon Fli Empire Banff Avenue
Natalie and The Monarchy Envy the Villain
Wargirl Hang On
Iraina Mancini Deep End
Osees If I Had My Way
Zombie Nation Kernkraft 400 (Original Radio Edit)
Eli Brown & Talk Show Trouble
Gong Gullu Rasta Man Prise Selassie
Noisy Bring The Drums Back
Future Star DJ of LUV
Glitterer Life Is Not A Lesson
Romy Lifetime
Empress Of Give Me Another Chance
Ben Katzman's DeGreaser The Cancer Power Ballad
Tomemitsu feat. V.V. Lightbody Same Mistakes
Bicep feat. Clara La San X
The Voidz Alien Crime Lord
Small Sins I Used To Be a Better Man
Barry Paquin Roberge No time to talk
Cleopatrick The Drake
Joensuu 1685 All Around You

Live aus dem Weltuntergangs-Studio

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 82

Welle Wahnsinn 82
Artist Titel
Marion Raw Run With The Sea
El Michels Affair Fazed Out
LAL Meteors Could Come Down
Lil Cat Woman Up
HAERTS Shivering
Cuir Schlag
Eyesore & The Jinx Nightlife
Night Beats Tickets
Sculpture Club Chains & Faith
Sad Bambi Vogel
Nation Of Language Deliver Me From Wondering Why
Slap Rash Cimmerian
Yoo Doo Right Don't Think You Can Escape Your Purpose
Hole Violet
Lapêche Bells
Sorry Cigarette Packet
PVRIS Dead Weight
Kreisky Kilometerweit Weizen
Louie Austen Mei Stern
Josh Wales Straight Down The Middle
The Elwins Weight Of The World
Sophia Kennedy I Can See You
Pizzagirl Car Freshener Aftershave
The Blue Stones Spirit
Sea Girls Closer
Everything Is Recorded feat. Berwyn The Night (CLIPZ Remix)
Gaz Price The Muskerz Are Coming
Leifur James feat. Coby Sey Alien

Der Karrieristen-Funk feat. Live-Preiskrönung und einem sinnlosen Interview...Geil, unprofessionell und nur auf schnellen Erfolg bedacht.

Deshalb gehen wir 2022 an die Börse!

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 81

Welle Wahnsinn 81
Artist Titel
Architects Animals
Wu-Lu ft. Lex Amor South
Felicia Douglass Joy Over Silence
The Lazy Eyes Where's My Brain???
LNZNDRF Brace Yourself
Keep Dancing Inc Old Child
Noga Erez End of the Road
Lady Moon & The Eclipse Le Petit Prince
Vex Ruffin I'm still at it
Moontype About You
Pom Poko Leg Day
Lentra On Ur Mind
Film School Is This a Hotel?
Alice Donut The Son of a Disgruntled X-Postal Worker Reflects on His Life While Getting Stoned in the Parking Lot of a Winn Dixie Listening to Metallica
My Octopus Mind Buy My Book
Guided By Voices Free Agents
Emerson Snowe Frankenstein
Hanni El Khatib Carry
Suffer Fools i'maclicheblues
Post Coal Prom Queen Wait, Wait! Dig!
Desire Zeros
The Horrors Lout
Death From Above 1979 One + One
Tobacco For the Queen
Kruder & Dorfmeister Johnson
Kero Kero Bonito The Princess and the Clock
Adult Books Grecian Urn
Camera Kartoffelstampf

Nominiert für den Oscar 2021!

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 80

Welle Wahnsinn 80
Artist Titel
Stereo Total Schön von Hinten
Arcade Skies Friends From Enemies
Ora The Molecule Creator
No Deal Disco Bag for Life
Fews Heaven
Juniore Un Jour Ou L'Autre
La Femme Foutre le Bordel
Nick Waterhouse Very Blue
The Worst Man
Koko All Together Now
Dan D'Lion feat. Feder Apple Juice
Porridge Radio with Lala Lala Good For You
Sounds of System Breakdown Connect With Me
The Bates Paul ist tot (Live)
Solomun feat. Isolation Berlin Kreatur Der Nacht
Grandmas House Always Happy
Bad Nerves Baby Drummer
Brijean Hey Boy
Menahan Street Band Midnight Morning
Throwing Muses Dark Blue
Bully Every Tradition
Anthea S.P.A.M.
Cosme de la Cruz Another
Baio Dead Hand Control
Black Country, New Road Track X
Westerman Drawbridge (Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remix)
Graveyard Club Dreamland
Do Nothing Glueland
Iskwé ft. Tanya Tagaq The Unforgotten

Oliver Ostblock feat. 29 Bundis

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 79

Welle Wahnsinn 79
Artist Titel
Bartees Strange Tear These Fascists Down (Woody Guthrie)
Oliver Malcolm The Machine
Du Blonde feat, Ezra Furman I’m Glad That We Broke Up
Gina Été Trauma
Red Mass Sharp
Cleopatrick Good Grief
Ali Barter Ur A Piece Of Sh...
International Music Insel der Verlassenheit
Betterov Dynamit
Public Enemy State Of The Union
Biig Piig Nothing Changes
Hayley Williams Over Yet
Nilüfer Yanya Crash
The Firm Star Trekkin'
Structures Sorry, I Know It's Late But…
The Flaming Lips Assassins of Youth
Juno Disco It's You
Douglas Greed Wie man unsterbliche Tiere züchtet
Wice Vendetta
Leopard Tuesday Nothing's Wrong
Flight Attendant Man Of Chaos
Jaialai Vesuvius
Beta Waves UDH2 (You Don't Have To)
Oneohtrix Point Never I Don’t Love Me Anymore
Kim Gordon Hungry Baby
Iceage The Holding Hand
Rosi Forgotten World
Darkside Liberty Bell

Frida Kahlo ist völlig ausgeflippt, als sie ihren Kopf auf dem Kissen sah...!

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 78

Welle Wahnsinn 78
Artist Titel
Klitclique Auto
Django Django Glowing In The Dark
The Black Creatures Elements
Mi'ens Future Child
Elephant Stone Hollow
The Dirty Nil Doom Boy
Shehehe …But I'm Trying Hard
Kahlenberg Hahnenkamm
Pauls Jets feat. Die Situps Los Angeles
Arab Strap Compersion Pt.1
Dan Mangan x Zeus Waltz, No. 2 (XO)
Quakers feat. Sampa the Great Approach With Caution
The James Hunter Six Brother Or Other
The Wirtschaftswunder Der Kommissar
Grundhass Diggi gib Kohle
The Smashing Pumpkins Purple Blood
The Cold Vein Science Of Wet Blanketry
Axel Vindenes Yesterday
Nebullama Nebullama
TV Priest Press Gang
Bartees Strange Boomer
Pom Poko Praise
Speedboat Dog Toy
Sleaford Mods feat. Amy Taylor Nudge It
Naked Next Door Noise
Yuno Sunlight
Lewis Del Mar The Ceiling
Tom Jones Talking Reality Television Blues
Lewsberg Cold Light of Day
Ivy Rye Clouds

Grünes Kryptonit für alle!

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 77

Welle Wahnsinn 77
Artist Titel
Sprints Manifesto
Pharaoh Overlord Without Songs All Will Parish
Science Man Changeling
Martha Hill Grilled Cheese
Home Counties That's Where The Money's Gone
Jónsi ft. Robyn Salt Licorice
Keep Shelly in Athens Caryatid
Love God Chaos Commander
Bernhard Eder feat. Peter Piek 91
Bastien Keb Paprika
Cousin Kula McLovin You
L.A. Witch I Wanna Lose
Indigo Lo Reload
Eastbam Aka Aka
James Blake Before
Katz The Last American Virgin
Beachdust You
Viagra Boys Ain't Nice
Only Child Tyrant Monkey Box
Mrs. Piss Downers Surrounded By Uppers
Lisasinson Volverte A Enamorar
Tellephone ,tddf
Beaver Sheppard Downtown
Chappaqua Wrestling The Rift
Gender Roles Always
Boa vs. Cobra Never Ever Ever

Wurst Case Scenario...


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