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INDIE-RE #49 BY Radio Student, Zagreb

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In the 49th episode of IndieRe broadcast edited by Radio Student from Zagreb we'll present some fresh releases by well-known members of Zagreb alternative scene but we will also showcase a few artists currently at the very beginning of their musical path. The first one is an indie pop rock band Paul The Walrus from Zagreb. We'll listen to the interview with their singer, songwriter and producer Borna Mijolović who will present their first album Sunset Clause released last autumn and first time played live this February. The next one is Seine, an indie punk band whose latest album Naizust was among the most interesting releases last year showing new directions of experimenting with electronics and trip-hop. The show continues with psychedelic progressive band Skotni Vrag and after that we'll present our next guest. He is Toni Starešinić from Zmaj Orko Star, a band of three experienced jazz musicians well-known from different jazz, world music and organic club music projects from Zagreb. Their first album Escape was released in December and Toni will tell us more about this layered instrumental record and the inspirations behind its playful song titles. At the end of the show we'll also feature a project called Panakota and their second single Vodnjak from the upcoming shoegaze indie pop EP that will be released in the following months.

INDIE-RE #48 BY Onda Local de Andalucía, Sevilla

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In der aktuellen Ausgabe von IndieRe stellen Rafa Sánchez und Sonia Morales zusammen mit der Technikerin Nuria González einen Teil der andalusischen Indie- und Underground-Szene vor. Sie beginnen mit der Punkband La URSS, dem spanischen japanischen Rapper Icy Amane und dem Elektronikkünstler Atk Epop. Sie interviewen den LGBTQ-Aktivisten Álvaro Romero vom Flamenco-Electronica-Duo RomeroMartín, den nicht-binären Queer-Punk Genderlexx und die Alternative-Pop-Band Airbag. Vorstellt werden zudem Narco, eine Band, die Metal, Hardcore, Elektronik und Hip-Hop mischt und die Rockgruppe Coyote Zora.


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In the new IndieRE edition Lilly from Radio Helsinki is showcasing the best of the independent music scene in Graz/Austria, including music from Catastrophy, DEATHDEATHDEATH ft. Nichi Mlebom, The ZEW, FARCE, Sakura, Jayden, Red Gaze, Monsterheart and Paul&Pets. The show features interviews with musicians, gives an insight into Austria’s music scene and promotes the importance of supporting local subcultural communities. Tune in for an eclectic mix of dreamy, distored soundspaces, lo-fi punk, and socially critical content.

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