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Pale Grey: Belgian band at the Obstwiesenfestival

Pale Grey

Last Saturday 18.08. the Belgian band Pale Grey played a concert at the Obstwiesenfestival in Ulm, Dornstadt.

And of course Flatlands was there! For a chat with the band and to enjoy the live songs of their album Waves.

In the show on 24.08. you hear the interview, some more Pale Grey songs: the favourite songs of all band members!

Oh and they let us discover a Belgian band: Glass museum! Fantastic music...


Pale Grey


The Robocob Kraus :: All The Good Men
Standstill :: Por Todas Las Cosas
Gurr :: No New Friend + I Don´t Like You
Granada :: Lieber gern als hier
Ebbot Lundberg & the Indgo Children :: Royals + Second Life Replay
Johnossi :: Gone Forever
Teksti-TV 666 :: Piritirolita Taivassen + Orange Blossom 21 Live
The Steaming Satellites :: The Sea + Move On
Foreign Diplomats :: Mexico + Queen & King
The Crispies :: Mercy live + Bad Blood
White Wine :: Plastic Entrance
The National :: Abel
The Thermals :: A Pillar Of Salt
We Are Scientists :: After Hours
Pub Cerenkov :: Yellow Synthotron

OWF 2015

Interpret :: Song
Bilderbuch :: Plansch + Spliff
Jacco Garner :: Face To Face + Before The Dawn
Drenge :: Favourite Son + Bloodsports
Benjamin Booker :: Violent Shiver
Skip & Die :: Space Girl + Jungle Riot
Zoot Women :: Automatic + We Won´t Break
DMA´S :: Feels Like 37 + Delete
Oscar :: Grow Up + Beautiful Words
Marcus Wiebusch :: Nur einmal rächen

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