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Frei nach dem Motto „Rock´n Roll will save your soul“ gibt’s beim „Hartwurst Massaker" alles was mit Stromgitarren zu tun hat zu hören: Hard Rock und Heavy Metal in all seinen Schattierungen – völlig egal, ob kultig, mainstream, modern oder klassisch – was gefällt wird gespielt.


Playlist "HARTWURST MASSAKER" vom 27.08.2019

artist title label
riot v swords and tequila (live) afm records
lions share we are what we are noterious music
helloween pumpkins united (live) nuclear blast records
twilight force long live the king nuclear blast records
elvenking divination afm records
eisbrecher menschenfresser sony music
eisbrecher wir sind gold sony music
a life divided it ain´t good afm records
mono inc. welcome to hell spv
papa roach come around eleven seven music
killswitch engage the signal fire columbia
killswitch engage i am broken too columbia
killswitch engage ravenous columbia
entombed a.d torment remains century media records
the agonist burn it all down napalm records
jinjer judgement (&punishment) napalm records
domination inc. cutting edge steamhammer
equilibrium path of destiny nuclear blast records
life of agony scars napalm records
blink 182 darkside smi / columbia
alter bridge wouldn´t you rather napalm records
clutch precious and grace weathermaker music
liv sin chapter of the witch despotz records
santa cruz tell me why m-theory audio
dust & bones freerider el puerto records
airbourne boneshaker vertigo
hollow haze oblivion frontiers
amon amarth mjolner, hammer of thor sony music

Playlist "Hartwurst Massaker" vom 13.08.2019

artist title label
killswitch engage i am broken too columbia
blink 182 darkside smi col / sony
parkway drive prey epitaph records
dust bolt dead inside napalm
hammerfall one against the world napalm
brainstorm the path afm records
of mice and men unbreakable bmg rights
deserted fear all will fall century media records
imperium dekadenz absenz elysium napalm
firespawn death and damnation century media records
chaos magic i´m your cancer frontiers music
mark morton cross off (feat. Chester Bennington) spinefarm
crash diet idiots frontiers music
liv sin blood moon fever despotz records
sascha paeth´s master of ceremony the time has come frontiers music
jorn bring heavy rock to the land frontiers music
sabaton the red baron nuclear blast records
northtale shape your reality nuclear blast records
carnifex visions of the end nuclear blast records
slipknot solway firth roadrunner records
as i lay dying shaped by fire nuclear blast records
creeping death bloodlust contamination eone music / spv
destruction butchered for life nuclear blast records
eisbrecher das gesetz rca
a life divided sounds like a melody afm records
mono inc. children of the dark nocut / spv

Hartwurst Massaker vom 30.07.2019 - playlist "Summer Breeze Festival Special"

Artist Title Label
parkway drive the void epitaph records
death angel divine defector nuclear blast records
hypocrisy fractured millennium nuclear blast records
soilwork the wolves are back in town nuclear blast records
evil invaders as life slowly fades napalm records
brymir hails from the edge out of line music
battle beast wild child nuclear blast records
unearth failure metal blade records
of mice and men earth and sky rise records
in flames in this life   nuclear blast records
testament brotherhood of the snake nuclear blast records
lord of the lost drag me to hell out of line music
cradle of filth cthulhu dawn music for nations
krisiun a thousand graves century media records
avantasia sign of the cross afm records
hammerfall one against the world napalm records
rotting christ vetry zlye season of mist 
deserted fear an everlasting dawn century media records
queensryche warning emi
king diamond sleepless nights roadrunner records
grand magus he sent them all to hell nuclear blast records
brainstorm ravenous minds afm records
unleashed stand your ground napalm records
dimmu borgir interdimensional summit nuclear blast records
bullet for my valentine piece of me umg - spinefarm

playlist HARTWURST MASSAKER vom 16.07.2019

artist title label
armored saint underdogs metal blade records
metal church fake healer elektra records
flotsam and jetsam prepare for chaos afm records
dark tranquillity therein century media records
skid row slave to the grind atlantic records
mantar era borealis nuclear blast records
exhorder my time nuclear blast records
night flight orchestra satellite nuclear blast records
avantasia book of shallows nuclear blast records
brainstorm four blessings afm records
dimmu borgir dimmu borgir nuclear blast records
deserted fear sins from the past century media records
king diamond arrival (live at graspop) metal blade records
airbourne too much, too young, too fast roadrunner records
kissin dynamite ecstasy metal blade records
battle beast unbroken nuclear blast records
cradle of filth her ghost in the fog nuclear blast records
rotting christ fire god and fear season of mist
queensryche blood of the levant century media records
hammerfall (we make) sweden rock napalm records
lordi hard rock hallelujah (live) afm records
soilwork stalfagel nuclear blast records
parkway drive the void epitaph records

playlist HARTWURST MASSAKER vom 02.07.2019

artist title label
quiet riot metal health epic
d.a.d. time is a train afm records
grave digger heavy metal breakdown noise records
battle beast eden nuclear blast records
brainstorm devils eye afm records
the night flight orchestra this time nuclear blast records
hardcore superstar guestlist nuclear blast records
dream evil chosen twice century media records
enforcer thunder and hell nuclear blast records
dark tranquillity blind and heart century media records
krokus screaming in the night sony music
evergrey a touch of blessing afm records
armored saint march of the saint 2011 version metal blade records
avantasia lavender nuclear blast records
michael schenker fest rock steady nuclear blast records

HartwurstMassaker PLAYLIST vom 18.06.2019

artist :: title :: label
quiet riot :: metal health :: cbs
accept :: worlds colliding :: nuclear blast records
burning witches :: hexenhammer :: nuclear blast records
mystic prophecy :: evil empires (live) :: massacre records
night demon :: welcome to the night :: steamhammer
visigoth :: warrior queen :: metal blade records
pretty maids :: kingmaker :: frontiers
amorphis :: four wise ones (live) :: nuclear blast records
amaranthe :: the score :: spinefarm records
powerwolf :: nighttime rebel :: napalm records
armored saint :: reign of fire :: metal blade records
brainstorm :: divine inner ghost :: afm records
battle beast :: the hero :: nuclear blast records
hardcore superstar :: last call for alcohol :: nuclear blast records
steel panther :: death to all but metal :: umg
skid row :: riot act :: atlantic
the night flight orchestra :: barcelona :: nuclear blast records
dark tranquillity :: forward momentum :: century media records
candlemass :: black dwarf :: nuclear blast records
tribulation :: melancholia :: century media records
dust bolt :: dead inside :: napalm records
evergrey :: end of silence :: afm records

HartwurstMassaker PLAYLIST vom 04.06.2019

artist :: title :: label
tanzwut :: galgenvögel :: afm records
emil bulls :: grenade :: afm records
d.a.d. :: the sky is made of blues :: afm records
aphyxion :: sleepwalkers :: prime collective
savage messiah :: heretiv in the modern world :: century media records
rammstein :: radio :: universal
hardline :: place to call home :: frontiers
liv sin :: slave to the machine :: despotz records
royal republic :: can´t fight the disco :: arising empire
nightqueen :: energy :: el puerto records
darkthrone :: the hardship of the scots :: peaceville
death angel :: divine defector :: nuclear blast records
vader :: grand deceiver :: nuclear blast records
memoriam :: shell shock :: nuclear blast records
majestica :: night call girl :: nuclear blast records
sum 41 :: out for blood :: hopeless records
texas hippie coalition :: bring it baby :: e one
axenstar :: legions :: ram it down records
whitesnake :: good to see you again :: frontiers records
mission in black :: oceans of blood 2019 :: el puerto records
while she sleeps :: inspire :: search and destroy records
n.m.a :: this world :: robnroll records
danko jones :: i´m in a band :: afm records
mötley crüe :: the dirt :: eleven seven music

BANG YOUR HEAD FESTIVAL 2019 Special beim Hartwurst Massaker am 18.06.2019

Sommer, Sonne...Festival!

Wir sind schon mittendrin in der schwermetallischen Festivalsaison und eines der traditionsreichsten Festivals hier bei uns im Süden geht in die nächste Runde:

Das legendäre BANG YOUR HEAD Open Air in Balingen wirft seine Schatten voraus!

Vom 10. - 13. Juli geht es rund auf dem Messegelände und wir vom HartwurstMassaker sind natürlich wieder mit dabei!

Für eine ordentliche Einstimmung gibts in den kommenden zwei Sendungen Infos und massig Musik von den Bands von 2019. In der kommenden Sendung am 18.06.19 starten wir mit einem kurzen Rückblick auf die Highlights aus Redaktionssicht aus 2018 und bringen euch news zu 2019...Turn up your Radio!


playlist HARTWURST MASSAKER vom 21.05.2019

artist :: title :: label
possessed :: shadowcult :: nuclear blast records
aphyxion :: restless nights :: prime collective
1914 :: arrival - the meuse argonne :: napalm records
fleshgod apocalypse :: carnivorous lamb :: nuclear blast records
cross vault :: void of old, void to come :: eyes like snow
kalmen :: uninfinite black :: van records
emil bulls :: jungle drum :: afm records
blink 182 :: blame it on my youth :: columbia
toxpack :: arschloch :: napalm records
rammstein :: zeig dich :: universal
new years day :: skeletons :: century media records
siamese :: ocean bed :: long branch records
savage messiah :: what dreams may come :: century media records
lord dying :: even the darkness went away :: e one
brymir :: hails from the edge :: out of line music
n.m.a. :: this world :: robnroll records
danko jones :: i´m in a band :: afm records
sabbath assembly :: solve et coagula :: svart records
leverage :: tiger :: frontiers
black star riders :: another state of grace :: nuclear blast records
spirits of fire :: light speed marching :: frontiers
judas priest :: no surrender :: sony music
astral doors :: night of the hunter :: metalville records
eluveitie :: the raven hill :: nuclear blast records
amon amarth :: crack the sky :: sony music

HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 07.05.2019

artist :: title :: label
amon amarth :: raven´s flight :: sony music
darkthrone :: the hardship of the scots :: peaceville records
arch enemy :: shadow on the wall :: century media records
hammerfall :: (we make) sweden rock :: napalm records
bloody hammers :: now the screaming starts :: napalm records
grand magus :: spear thrower :: nuclear blast records
sabaton :: fields of verdun :: nuclear blast records
enforcer :: regrets :: nuclear blast records
queensryche :: propaganda fashion :: century media records
need2destroy :: kiss my ass :: fastball music
mission in black :: oceans of blood :: el puerto records
fateful finality :: dirt in the closet ::  
imminence :: death of you :: arising empire
warcurse :: iron veil :: svart records
new years day :: missunderstood :: century media records
papa roach :: not the only one :: eleven seven music
danko jones :: burn in hell :: afm records
liv sin :: slave to the machine :: despotz records
whitesnake :: hey you (you make me rock) :: frontiers music
the idiots :: schweineköter :: idiots records
the vintage caravan :: the way :: nuclear blast records
tyler leads :: electric wasteland :: indie
the spirit :: cosmic fear :: nuclear blast records
visigoth :: traitors gate :: metal blade records


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