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playlist HARTWURST MASSAKER vom 02.07.2019

artist title label
quiet riot metal health epic
d.a.d. time is a train afm records
grave digger heavy metal breakdown noise records
battle beast eden nuclear blast records
brainstorm devils eye afm records
the night flight orchestra this time nuclear blast records
hardcore superstar guestlist nuclear blast records
dream evil chosen twice century media records
enforcer thunder and hell nuclear blast records
dark tranquillity blind and heart century media records
krokus screaming in the night sony music
evergrey a touch of blessing afm records
armored saint march of the saint 2011 version metal blade records
avantasia lavender nuclear blast records
michael schenker fest rock steady nuclear blast records

HartwurstMassaker PLAYLIST vom 18.06.2019

artist :: title :: label
quiet riot :: metal health :: cbs
accept :: worlds colliding :: nuclear blast records
burning witches :: hexenhammer :: nuclear blast records
mystic prophecy :: evil empires (live) :: massacre records
night demon :: welcome to the night :: steamhammer
visigoth :: warrior queen :: metal blade records
pretty maids :: kingmaker :: frontiers
amorphis :: four wise ones (live) :: nuclear blast records
amaranthe :: the score :: spinefarm records
powerwolf :: nighttime rebel :: napalm records
armored saint :: reign of fire :: metal blade records
brainstorm :: divine inner ghost :: afm records
battle beast :: the hero :: nuclear blast records
hardcore superstar :: last call for alcohol :: nuclear blast records
steel panther :: death to all but metal :: umg
skid row :: riot act :: atlantic
the night flight orchestra :: barcelona :: nuclear blast records
dark tranquillity :: forward momentum :: century media records
candlemass :: black dwarf :: nuclear blast records
tribulation :: melancholia :: century media records
dust bolt :: dead inside :: napalm records
evergrey :: end of silence :: afm records

BANG YOUR HEAD FESTIVAL 2019 Special beim Hartwurst Massaker am 18.06.2019

Sommer, Sonne...Festival!

Wir sind schon mittendrin in der schwermetallischen Festivalsaison und eines der traditionsreichsten Festivals hier bei uns im Süden geht in die nächste Runde:

Das legendäre BANG YOUR HEAD Open Air in Balingen wirft seine Schatten voraus!

Vom 10. - 13. Juli geht es rund auf dem Messegelände und wir vom HartwurstMassaker sind natürlich wieder mit dabei!

Für eine ordentliche Einstimmung gibts in den kommenden zwei Sendungen Infos und massig Musik von den Bands von 2019. In der kommenden Sendung am 18.06.19 starten wir mit einem kurzen Rückblick auf die Highlights aus Redaktionssicht aus 2018 und bringen euch news zu 2019...Turn up your Radio!


HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 07.05.2019

artist :: title :: label
amon amarth :: raven´s flight :: sony music
darkthrone :: the hardship of the scots :: peaceville records
arch enemy :: shadow on the wall :: century media records
hammerfall :: (we make) sweden rock :: napalm records
bloody hammers :: now the screaming starts :: napalm records
grand magus :: spear thrower :: nuclear blast records
sabaton :: fields of verdun :: nuclear blast records
enforcer :: regrets :: nuclear blast records
queensryche :: propaganda fashion :: century media records
need2destroy :: kiss my ass :: fastball music
mission in black :: oceans of blood :: el puerto records
fateful finality :: dirt in the closet ::  
imminence :: death of you :: arising empire
warcurse :: iron veil :: svart records
new years day :: missunderstood :: century media records
papa roach :: not the only one :: eleven seven music
danko jones :: burn in hell :: afm records
liv sin :: slave to the machine :: despotz records
whitesnake :: hey you (you make me rock) :: frontiers music
the idiots :: schweineköter :: idiots records
the vintage caravan :: the way :: nuclear blast records
tyler leads :: electric wasteland :: indie
the spirit :: cosmic fear :: nuclear blast records
visigoth :: traitors gate :: metal blade records

HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 23.04.2019 - Rock Hard Festival Feature

artist :: title :: label
danko jones :: we´re crazy :: afm records
dark blue inc. :: karma machine :: el puerto records
pristine :: sinnerman :: nuclear blast records
d.a.d. :: burning star :: afm records
enforcer :: die for the devil :: nuclear blast records
gloryhammer :: gloryhammer :: napalm records
chaos magic :: like never before :: frontiers music
tronos :: the ancient deceit :: century media records
enterprise earth :: ashamed to be human :: e one
emil bulls  :: tell it to my heart :: afm records
andy black :: the martyr :: spinefarm records
five finger death punch :: blue on black :: eleven seven music
periphery :: church burner :: century media records
manegarm :: sveablotet :: napalm records
watain :: nuclear alchemy :: century media records
lizzy borden :: give em the axe :: metal blade records
fifth angel :: can you hear me :: nuclear blast records
chapel of disease :: song of the gods :: van records
skid row :: youth gone wild :: atlantic
vulture :: beyond the blade :: metal blade records
cannibal corpse :: red before black :: metal blade records
gamma ray :: last before the storm (live) :: metal is records
possessed :: no more room in hell :: nuclear blast records
symphony x :: set the world on fire :: inside out music
heir apparent :: tear down the walls :: black dragon records
anthrax :: caught in a mosh (live) :: nuclear blast records

RockHard Festival 2019 - Feature beim HartwurstMassaker am 23.04.2019

Der frühe Vogel...kann uns mal!

Aber dennoch gilt: Nach dem Festival ist vor dem Festival! Auch wenn der Frühling gerade Pause macht, legen wir in der kommenden Ausgabe vom HARTWURST MASSAKER mit dem ersten Festival Feature 2019 vor:

Wie an jedem Pfingstwochenende geht es auch 2019 wieder in den Ruhrpott - das RockHard Festival gilt als eines der entspanntesten Open Airs mit rein schwermetallischer Ausrichtung.Nur eine Bühne und von jedem Platz aus eine tolle Sicht sind nur zwei der Gründe, weshalb wir vom HartwurstMassaker hier regelmäßig zu Gast sind. Freut Euch auf eine Stunde mit Infos zum diesjährigen Festival mit Sound von den Bands 2019!


HARTWURST MASSAKER playlist vom 26.03.2019

artist :: title :: label
russkaja :: no one is illegal :: starwatch
oomph :: im namen des vaters :: napalm records
bring me the horizon :: mother tongue :: rca records
bloodbound :: skyriders and stormbringers :: afm records
delain :: nothing left :: napalm records
battle beast :: the hero :: nuclear blast records
overkill :: out on the road kill :: nuclear blast records
i prevail :: breaking down :: spinefarm
while she sleeps :: anti-social :: spinefarm
mötley crüe :: the dirt :: eleven seven music
l.a. guns :: rage :: frontiers music
black label society :: spoke in the wheel :: one entertainment
in flames :: call my name :: nuclear blast records
any given day :: savior :: arising empire records
high reaper :: bring the dead :: heavy psych sounds
a pale horse named death :: love the ones you hate :: long branch records
iron savior :: kill or get killed :: afm records
queensryche :: blood of the levant :: century media records
avantasia :: starlight :: nuclear blast records
backyard babies :: 44undead :: century media records
whitesnake :: shut up and kiss me :: frontiers music
tesla :: you won´t take me alive :: t-boy / universal
children of bodom :: relapse (the nature of my crime) :: nuclear blast records
rage of light :: away with you :: napalm records
nightrage :: wolf to man :: despotz
okkultist :: sign of the ripper :: alma mater records

Maifeld Derby 2018

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard :: Rattlesnake
Primal Scream :: Loaded
Brother Grimm :: Home Today, Gone Tomorrow
Leyya :: Drumsolo
Malm :: Sturm (Live)
Ryhe :: Phoenix
Deerhunter :: Breaker
Kreisky :: Scheiße, Schauspieler
Cocaine Piss :: (Live)
SIND :: Alpina Weiss
Kid Simius :: Surf`N`Bass
Emirsian :: Behind The Sun
All Them Witches :: 3-5-7
Neurosis :: Locust Star
The Wombats :: Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)
Editors :: An End Has A Start
Golden Dawn Arkestra :: Afropocalypse
Young Fathers :: Get Started
Alex Cameron :: Candy May
The Kills :: Love Is A Deserter
Dälek :: Numb
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club :: Ain´t No Easy Way +
Eels :: Souljacker Part 1

PRH 1.7 / OWF # 25

The Offspring :: Session
Teenage Bottlerocket :: RoboCop is A Halfbreed Sellout
Petrol Girls :: Restless
The Real McKenzies :: Due West
Jaya The Cat :: Hello Hangover
Face To Face :: Say What You Want
Pennywise :: Dying To Know + Living For Today
Madball :: DNA
Ignite :: This Is A War
Jesus Piece :: Hive Mind
Clowns :: Eat A Gun
La Armada :: Live at Double Door Chicago
Less Than Jake :: The Rest Of My Life
Der Ringer :: Orbit
Orange :: Losfahr´n
Pub Cerenkov :: Seven Sisters
Sekuoia :: Certain
Ebbot Lundbert & The Indigo Children :: Backdrop People
The Soundtrack of Our Lives :: Sister Surround
Gurr :: Walnuts
Granada :: Last Mam Standing
Steaming Satellites :: Nothing´s For Free
My Baby :: Take It As A Warning
Johnossi :: What´s The Point
Talisco :: My Home

Retrospektive Maifeld Derby 2017

Slowdive :: Golden Hair (Live)
Primal Scream :: It´s All Right, It´s OK + Sideman
Wand :: Grave Robber
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard :: Robot Stop + Gemma Knife
Spoon :: Hot Thoughts
Thurston Moore Group :: American Coffin + Rock N` Roll Conciousness
King Khan & His Shrines :: So Wild
Minus The Bear :: Invisible
American Football :: Desire Gets In The Way
Temples :: Keep In The Dark
Zeal & Ardor :: Don´t You Dare
Dear Reader :: Timbuk Too
Baby Galaxy :: Mighty Night
Bilderbuch :: Macihne
Cigarettes After Sex :: Apocalypse
Gemma Ray :: Dig Me A River (Live)


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